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Traffic to your website is a measure of the number of people who have accessed it. Pages viewed as well as unique pageviews are frequently reported by analytic tools. Pageviews represent the overall number of individuals who have viewed your site, whereas unique pageviews represent the number of people who have viewed your site only

Press releases are an essential part of any public relations or marketing campaign. Crafting a well-written press release can be challenging, but the effort is worth it when you consider the return on investment a successful press release can provide. Assuming you have something newsworthy to share with the world, here are some tips on

Do you have new products, are you offering a new service or do you have other news that you would like to announce with a press release? A press release is a great way to spread news like this. Especially if your own website doesn’t have its own blog or news area. A press release

Have you heard that many people make a lot of money online with affiliate marketing and Clickbank? Sounds good, doesn’t it? But you don’t have your own website, blog, or YouTube channel to market products? No problem, in this article we will show you how you can market Clickbank products without your own website or

You’re probably already aware of the many ways you can market your business. You’ve got your social media accounts, website, and newsletter, right? But how many of those marketing channels are working for you? Not nearly enough, it seems. That’s where third-party marketing comes in. A third-party marketing campaign is an umbrella term that refers

A press release is a short and compelling news story drawn by professionals in the public relations docket of a firm and delivered to specific media houses. Its main aim is to get the interest of a publication or a journalist. It contains such information as is essential to the story in the topic as

Press releases can be released in either Word or PDF format. Journalists obtain press releases on most companies’ websites with a newsroom or pressroom as the standard protocol. When a newsroom only has PDF releases, the public relations department loses out on conversion, engagement, and measurement. Our recommendation is that if you want to send

In the context of public relations, it is a notification sent to news outlets and other publications with the specific goal of informing readers about new developments at a company. It can be a crucial part of obtaining media attention. It can be sent for a variety of reasons, including the debut of a new

Press releases are a powerful tool for getting quick exposure and high authority backlinks. But with so many press release sites out there, it can be hard to pick just the right one to ensure your release gets the attention and the intended coverage. But why press releases? Benefits of press releases Studies have shown

Many people think that with the advent of social media outlets, the press release was relegated to dinosaur status. You may be surprised to hear that almost 75% of all reporters consider the press release contains the most useful information and public relations pro can send out. Don’t have time to read the entire article

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