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Traffic to your website is a measure of the number of people who have accessed it. Pages viewed as well as unique pageviews are frequently reported by analytic tools. Pageviews represent the overall number of individuals who have viewed your site, whereas unique pageviews represent the number of people who have viewed your site only once. The more people who visit your website, the more likely it is that they will become customers. However, it’s common to witness a decrease in conversion rates with an increase in traffic. Although more people are visiting your website, they may not all be highly qualified leads who are likely to buy your product (s).

How to get more traffic to your websites? Use our cheat method!

There can be various reasons why your website gets very few visitors. Organic website visitors are very important if, for example, you want to sell your products or provide information about your business.

Here I have listed the most important factors that you should definitely consider in order to optimize your website or the online shop in such a way that it attracts as many organic visitors as possible.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Your blog and online store pages should be based on keywords that represent your niche while you’re just getting started. On a typical webpage, you’ll want to concentrate your efforts on one or two primary keywords. To help you locate appropriate keywords, you can use SEO tools like Keywords Everywhere, AHrefs Free Keyword Generator Tool, or the Ubersuggest Chrome extension.

these are the most important seo factors

Focus on terms with fewer than 10,000 monthly searches at the outset. A few months into blogging and optimizing product pages, you’ll be able to target more competitive keywords. The key to increasing traffic to your website is to start by establishing a solid foundation of relevant keywords. The blog on your online store can have the most impact on increasing organic traffic to your website, so be sure to take advantage of it.

Experiment with content freshness

Content freshness is a popular SEO tactic that can help your website gain a lot of traffic. Keep your material current by removing out-of-date content and adding new parts to your website. The only thing that’s changed is a little bit of old webpage material.

Having a product review app is an easy method to keep product pages up to date with new content. Customers can submit reviews on your product page, which tells Google that the page is active and has new information, which helps it rank higher in search results. Take the most prevalent customer feedback and incorporate it into one of your product descriptions.

Build out your backlinks

SEO also relies heavily on backlinks. An external link is a signal to Google indicating that your site is trustworthy and relevant to the words contained in the anchor text (clickable words). In addition to SEO, backlinks can bring traffic to your store on their own. Those visitors may click through to your site and make a purchase as a result.

backlinks explained

But be careful: When looking for backlinks, you will always stumble across extremely questionable offers on the subject of backlinks. Promising “High DR Backlinks” are offered on various freelancing platforms such as Fiverr or UpWork. Here I would like to warn you about these backlinks. These backlinks are usually more harmful to your website than they can help you.

These backlinks are touted as “100% safe and white hat SEO” techniques. But these are definitely not. These backlinks then come from very questionable and irrelevant websites.

Professional backlink building costs hundreds to thousands of dollars per backlink… so stay away from the “cheap” backlinks. You should also ignore emails that offer you guest posting.

Publish a press release

Do you have anything to report? A press release should be written and distributed. The announcement should be shared with a syndicated site like EINPresswire or eReleases in addition to your own channels. Your press release and brand will be exposed to new audiences through these platforms, increasing your website’s overall traffic.

You shouldn’t merely post your press releases on a press release syndication website and wait to see whether they are picked up by the media. Sending the press release out to industry-relevant websites and periodicals is a must. When we want to share positive news about a client, we send it to magazines and blogs in the industry that their target audience frequents. As a result, we will be able to generate dozens of new leads and increase the client’s referral traffic.

High-quality press releases, on the other hand, are a good and safe way to get backlinks. You should only make sure that you publish your press releases on a trustworthy PR platform. Otherwise, your press releases will not even be added to the index by the various search engines and will therefore be displayed in the organic search.

For this reason, I would like to show you two of the best and most secure press release platforms in this article. I linked these two PR platforms above.

Why websites are struggling to get website visitors?

There can be various reasons why your website does not get enough or very few visitors. Here I would like to show you the most important points.

Your content is not good enough

Despite what you may think, search engines, particularly Google, are getting better at recognizing high-quality material. Your website’s chances of ranking high in the search results and attracting visitors are greatly reduced if your material is of poor quality and your website is of low quality.

If you want high search engine ranks in the past, you could “simply” do so by sending a few hyperlinks to your material.

Let’s not forget about social media’s indirect impact on search engine ranks and traffic. It is quite improbable that low-quality content will do well on any of the many social media platforms.

You are targeting high-competition keywords

Many websites fail to attract enough visitors due in large part to the fact that they do not have enough content (at least from search engines). For any search, there are only ten spots available on the first page of the SERPs. Pages from reputable websites that match their ranking requirements are prioritized by search engines for presentation there.

Websites that are less reputable than others will not appear in the first few pages of search results, whether they are new or mature (if you are both targeting the same keywords). You will have a difficult time achieving a high search engine rating if you solely focus on popular keywords.

To find low-competition keywords you can use free keyword tools like Ubersuggest or AHrefs Keyword Tool. But always try to target “long-tail keywords”. It is easier to rank for these long-tail keywords. Especially if your website is still relatively young and has little domain authority.

Your backlink profile is whack

Backlinks have a significant impact on your search engine results. Most of the pages that appear in the top three or so of the search results are linked to high-quality content. If nothing else, their domain has a slew of authority, indicating that the greatest in their business have linked to them in their link profile. The chances are that you have few backlinks if you have never attempted any link-building in the past. You may be missing out on a lot of traffic from Google if this is the case.

Use press releases to get instant traffic to your websites.

Writing a press release is a popular method for attracting attention to a certain website. Writing press releases is perhaps the best approach to acquire more targeted traffic to your website because it allows you to reach a wider audience. Using an internet press release is a great way to get your message out to an enormous audience. Journalists will be drawn to a press release that has been carefully crafted and is also well-suited for dissemination to a specific audience. Increase targeted website traffic with these three methods of well-written and optimized press releases.

The benefits of press releases and why you can boost your website traffic with press releases.

It is possible to get hundreds of backlinks to your website by distributing press releases. By submitting a press release to a number of news wire services, you can earn links from other high-ranking websites. Additional links referring to your website will be created as a result of press releases being picked up by other sites with similar content.

Increasing a website’s page rank is as simple as building links to it from other websites. The higher a site’s page rank rises, the more visibility it will have in search engine results. As a result, search engines will direct more traffic to the website.

The name of the website will be etched into the brains of the public through regular news release distribution. The greatest approach to marketing a business is to keep it in the public eye, and a press release is an excellent tool for doing so. Websites that surface frequently on the internet are seen as more knowledgeable in their field. Press release websites have more authority and so you can rank your content fast in the search results on Google.

How to draft an excellent press release

You should have a solid start: Make sure your title and the first few paragraphs of your essay convey what you intend to say. The rest of your press release should be dedicated to providing more in-depth details. Repeated placements of your service or product’s name will make it more prominent. If you write “Search Engine Optimization” instead of “SEO,” for example, your product will gain a lot more recognition.

Write it for Journalists/Media Agencies: Your press release will be picked up by media agencies and journalists, who will then print it in their publications, possibly with some editing.

Your press release should be written in a style that is understandable to the audience you’re trying to reach. If you were a member of the audience, would you want to read the press release you’ve written? Consider the practicality of your press release: As readers are already so well-versed in determining ‘what’s true and what’s not,’ why not give them the facts about your company/organization?

Make a narrative that is based on the truth: Avoid using instances that aren’t based in fact. If you discover anything that has been heavily embellished, keep it simple and authentic. The passive voice is inappropriate for a press release. Your press release comes to life when you use verbs in the active voice.

Use only the words that are absolutely necessary: Avoid employing unneeded words like “The most powerful” or “Superior” in your writing. Your material will be better served if you use fewer words to tell your tale. Avoid the use of terminology: However, if you want to optimize your press release for Internet search engines, limited use of vocabulary is permissible. Using plain language and speaking neatly are the best ways to get your press release across. To avoid damaging your press release, avoid excessive use of the exclamation point (!). Only use one exclamation point if you absolutely must.

If you want to do something, you’ll have to get authorization from the corporation. So, before including any company-related material or quotes, be sure to obtain formal permission from the appropriate individuals at the business. A concise overview of your company, its products, and services, and a timeline should be included in the press release. Now that you’ve discovered that press releases are an effective way to drive targeted traffic to your website, you might want to add them to your arsenal of marketing tools.

Pointing back to your articles or services from the press release.

In the past, the purpose of a press release has been to provide background information to journalists so that they might use it as a starting point for an article. Press releases, while still serving that purpose, are now much more than that. If you’re using a press release to get the word out about your company, you can do so much more than just announce and inform. Putting your press release on your own website and incorporating your major keywords into the content, is an excellent opportunity to boost your search engine rankings. An off-site SEO purpose is served by using a PR firm to distribute your press release, which places your keywords on a well-respected news site. Building quality backlinks is much easier if the material includes links to your site.

Although statistics demonstrate that readers place a higher value on news than advertising, your material will still be perceived as being part of marketing, no matter how hard you work to establish its authority. But a press release is trusted since making untrue claims in such a prominent forum is a surefire way to bring your company to its knees. Using a press release is a terrific approach to educate your readers in a medium that they are more inclined to believe. If your press release includes a link to your website, it will generate traffic wherever it appears. You can persuade people to sign up for your service and acquire access to their contact information by providing links that lead to the choice to download more stuff. Research by PR Newswire found that news releases that included additional information saw an increase in website traffic of up to 77%.

The press release’s original goal of attracting media attention is still being met. Telling people about your company, product, or service is a tried and true strategy. However, there is no assurance that they will, but it is usually the only way to get your business in their face. It’s possible that a writer will get in touch with you if he or she likes the tone of your press release. Press releases that are well-written are also more likely to get picked up by media outlets and published as articles in their original form, particularly on slow news days. In addition to the expense of the news service’s dissemination, this provides you with a lot of free publicity.

A press release that is disseminated by a news service becomes a part of the public record. As a result, the news service’s website will continue to host the article for years to come, giving the site an advantage in search engine results. In this way, even after being buried by fresher content, it could continue to generate page views on the news service’s site long after it is no longer visible on your site. It’s extremely likely that when someone searches for your major keywords, the news site’s version will appear on the first page of the results.

What is the best and most effective press release service you can use?

You should only use eReleases or EINPresswire because they assist small and medium-sized businesses, startups, and authors in gaining media exposure and attracting higher-quality clients. They produce and distribute press releases to journalists, trade magazines, and key industry influencers, enhancing your visibility and reputation, while bringing you more cash from your dream clients. eReleases optimize press releases for all major search engines, but we don’t do any false SEO stuff. To ensure that your press release is properly coded for search engines, we only use white hat distribution techniques.


Most people’s biggest challenge isn’t how to build a website or blog; it’s how to get others to visit that digital destination floating in cyberspace’s bits and bytes. When it comes to web marketing, it can be difficult to get your message out there if you aren’t an expert yourself. As long as you grasp some of the fundamentals of how traffic works, you can generate visitors to your website and really make money. Things like search engine optimization (SEO), writing and distributing press releases, and making use of social media and email marketing are on the table. In order to make the most of the traffic you’re getting, you must capture those visitors as leads and funnel them into your sales funnel, where they can become customers on autopilot.