How Do You Market A Press Release?

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You’re probably already aware of the many ways you can market your business. You’ve got your social media accounts, website, and newsletter, right? But how many of those marketing channels are working for you? Not nearly enough, it seems. That’s where third-party marketing comes in.

A third-party marketing campaign is an umbrella term that refers to all the different tactics businesses use to market their company to the public. These include everything from advertising to public relations to content marketing. Through third-party marketing, businesses can reach out to people who are already interested in their services or products and encourage them to spread the word about their business.

It’s a great way to get your name out to new people and create a mutually beneficial relationship with all your existing customers. With these several ways, you can market your press release to get maximum exposure online.

Make your press release easy to share

Whether you’re distributing your press release on a company website, email, or social media, you want it easy for your audience to share with their customers. You’ll have much better results if you provide a link or embed code so your readers can easily re-post your release on their websites or blogs. You’re not just promoting yourself; you’re also promoting your customers. Make it easy for people to share, and you’ll be amazed at how many people you reach.

Use a keyword-based press release service.

Sending your press release to a general news outlet is a great start, but it’s not enough. You need to make sure your release is relevant to the topic the media outlet covers, not just any old topic, but the topic you’re targeting. It’s not enough to just send your release to a local news service covering the topic of your product.

You need to send your release to a service covering that topic that includes that specific media outlet as one of its clients. For example, let’s say you make a dating app. Your ideal customers are women between the ages of 18 and 35. Sending your press release to a general dating service may not be enough. You need to send your release to a dating service that includes The New York Times as one of its clients. A service that does this is a keyword-based press release service.

Create a blog post featuring your release

You don’t necessarily have to write your blog post featuring your press release. If you have an agency or marketing team on your side, they can write a blog post for you. That being said, there are some huge advantages to blogging about your press release.

For one thing, you’re not just promoting yourself. You’re also promoting your customers. By featuring a press release from your business in a blog post, you encourage your customers to share that post with their networks. You can also add photos and other media to make your posts look even more compelling.

Use a news service

Advertising is one of the oldest forms of marketing. It’s also one of the least effective. Many traditional advertising methods have fallen out of favor over the years. We’re not just talking about the newspaper industry. For an advertisement to be effective, you have to throw money at it. So now, most companies spend millions of dollars each year trying to create successful advertisements that barely reach anyone.

Soliciting reviews from traditional media outlets like newspapers, radio, and TV has become so expensive that most companies don’t bother anymore. But good news releases are a great alternative. Countless news services cover thousands of outlets, meaning you have a better chance of getting your release seen than most traditional advertisements.

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Use a lead magnet to build trust with your ideal customers.

One of the biggest problems with getting new customers is building trust with your existing ones. This is a long process that can take years. The best way to do this is through lead magnets. Lead magnets are free products or services that you give away for free to your best customers.

These customers become advocates for your business, which allows you to build up trust with them one by one. There are many different ways you can build trust with your customers through lead magnets. You can invite them to exclusive beta programs, give them free products, or invite them to exclusive discount events.

Ask influencers for a review.

You can also use press releases to solicit reviews from influencers. Influencers are people with a large number of social media followers. The more followers they have, the more likely they will post about your product on their accounts. In return, you can get reviews from them. There are countless blogs and websites out there with millions of readers. They’re the perfect place to post your press release. Once again, you’re not just promoting yourself; you’re also promoting your customers.

Ask Writers To write About Your Company.

Another great way to get your press release in front of a wider audience is to ask writers to write about you. You need to find writers in your niche who publish content on blogs, websites, or social media channels. Once you’ve found their profiles, send them a direct message asking if they’d be willing to write about your company.

Note that the best time to send this message is when you’re close to launching your product or service. This is because it’s at the point when you have the most information to share and the most to sell. Once a writer agrees to write about you, you can also ask them to add a link to your press release in their post.

Host An Event Or Conference For Writers

Another great way to market your press release is to host an event or conference for writers. This allows you to directly reach out to and speak with the people who are most likely to feature your company in their content. And what better way is there to do that than in person? There are many press conferences, events, and summits specifically geared toward connecting with bloggers and journalists. These can be very expensive, but they’re also very valuable. And they’re also a great way to create a strong relationship with influencers.


As you can see, there are many ways to get your press release in front of the right audiences and create great exposure for your business. It all comes down to making sure the content you publish on these channels is engaging, interesting, and unique. All you need to do is leverage the right marketing channels to get the results you want.