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If you want to get your brand or product known quickly, it’s often a good idea to do influencer marketing. With influencer marketing, you have the opportunity to quickly introduce new and previously unknown products or brands to a large audience and quickly boost your sales. No matter what you sell or what services you

If you are in the marketing team of an online casino or running an online gambling website, you need to focus heavily on the topic of online marketing to stay up to your competition or even surpass the competition online. There are now many online casinos and gambling sites that are all trying to attract

Would you like to give your business an extra boost this year and increase sales? Then I would like to give you a complete guide to your new marketing strategy. In this article, I would like to show you different possibilities and ways how to plan and execute your optimal marketing concept. Here I will

Anyone who needs to optimize their website quickly asks themselves what search engine optimization (SEO) actually costs and which price models are necessary or which services they even need. If you don’t know much about SEO, it is difficult to estimate the prices for search engine optimization. If you have already searched the internet for

The content of a website is extremely important because with content or text you explain to the visitor what you offer on your website, which services you offer, or which products you want to sell. Only with the right content can you inform your website visitors and encourage them to buy your products or services.

What is SimilarWeb? SimilarWeb is a company that provides business analytics to websites and apps. The data they report is based on traffic, demographics, engagement, and site or app usage. This information can help companies make decisions on how to optimize their website. Similarweb is one of the most accurate tools to measure website traffic

When launching a new website, many only concentrate on the website itself and forget about ranking or ranking losses and SEO. In order to avoid this, a few rules must be observed beforehand! Most of the work can be done in advance using SEO tools such as Sistrix, Google Analytics, or Google Search Console. These

How do visitors read the text on a website? The answer: They don’t! You may have heard this statement before when you have dealt with the topic of content creation. And you may have secretly thought: “Great, then I don’t have to bother writing good texts for my website!” But well, as is usually the

Your online calls presentation, YouTube videos, and other videos will stand out with efficient screen recording and video editing software. Do you like your current video editor for such projects? Does it capture high-resolution images and maintain high voice quality? Worry not; this is an in-depth comparison of ScreenFlow and Camtasia video editor software, the

You need to have a steady and reliable online presence as a business or organization. Your audience and customers have to be aware of what you are up to and any new developments that you have in the works for them. Usually, a blog is the best way to keep your customers and audiences in

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