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You need to have a steady and reliable online presence as a business or organization. Your audience and customers have to be aware of what you are up to and any new developments that you have in the works for them. Usually, a blog is the best way to keep your customers and audiences in the loop and ensure that they are updated whenever you have something new for them.

With a blog, you will be able to provide more detailed information about topics and concepts that your readers are interested in. It is also an opportunity to market your business and give them something that will broaden their perspective and inform them about your core business.

For instance, blogging about current trending topics related to the services and products offered by your business is one way in which you will be able to keep selling to your customers. When you provide the information together with the products and services that you sell to them, you will be able to increase your profit margins and business effectiveness.

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You will also be able to market more effectively when you regularly provide new information to your potential customers. Blog posts are the best way to stay ahead of the competition and engage your audience to convert more of them into paying customers or subscribers of your services. However, preparing a blog post is not always an easy task since the blog has to be of top quality to appeal to your audience.

For instance, the amount of research you have to do for a single blog post usually means that you will often have to spend a lot of time reading about the background of the details you would like to include in your blog posts. You will have to find the facts and compare the statistics to give your readers something that has been distilled and only contains the crucial facts and information.

Quality over Quantity

Your readers are looking for value, and as such, you have to post good quality blog posts on your blog. If you do not have the time to do the in-depth research needed for a good blog post, you will have to outsource the work to someone more qualified.

Some expert writers are dedicated to writing and researching blog posts on your behalf, and these are usually the best way to start regular content generation for your blog. They work on a freelance basis and will do the whole job researching and writing the blog post for you. To find them, you will have to look for them on the platforms where they offer these services.

They are paid at a certain rate that is agreed on before starting the job. Usually, the platform that hosts these services will take a percentage out of their cut, but they generally get good pay for their work.

However, the platforms are better since they have stricter quality controls and content restrictions that ensure that the final product you receive is of good quality, free from plagiarism, and an entertaining piece that your readers will be glad to read.

Additionally, they also take care of the editing of the work before it gets to you so you can be sure that the blog post that you will be posting on your blog will be acceptable to your readers and will be able to make the kind of impact that you want to have on your audience.

Here are our top content platforms

Luckily, we have done in-depth research on some of the best platforms where you can outsource blogging and content writing jobs. In addition to blog posts, you might need to populate your web pages with fresh content to retain your audiences’ attention and engage them in new, unique, and innovative ways.

Following are some of the best blogging platforms where you can outsource a writer to do the research and create a unique and engaging piece on the topic you would like written about. You get to specify what you need, and you get the work you need in a certain time frame.

You can also ask for a revision and get some changes made to ensure that the final piece is something that appeals to both you and your readers. Let us dive into the 13 best platforms to outsource blog posts and content writing services.

Here are our top picks for content outsourcing

  1. Freelancer

This is one of the best platforms for all your content writing and blogging needs. They are a legitimate site that provides a broad range of skills to customers looking for such services. Getting your blog posts written on this platform is quite simple, and all you have to do is specify the kind of posts you need.


The website has a good user interface that makes specifying projects and working on the bids that you receive straightforward. You can also favorite several blog post writers to hire them again when you are pleased with their work. The platform makes it easy to retain talent, and as such, you can easily get consistently good quality work from the website.

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  1. Odesk

The website has a lot of tools that you can use as a contractor, and keeping in touch with the workers is also quite simple. Communications are clear on the platform, and you can easily get a qualified writer to write your blog posts and other online content for you.


The turnaround is pretty fast on the website, but you have to vet the workers you deal with to ensure a better quality of work. There is also a rating system that you can use to determine the best writers before hiring them. The website is quite useful, and you can use it for your blog posts and web content reliably.

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  1. FreelanceSwitch

This is yet another site for freelancers, and whenever you are looking for someone qualified to write your blog posts and web content for your website, this is the ideal place to be. The website’s design is one of the most interesting facts, but many other usability factors make it the ideal choice for many people. It has a great design and powerful features that will enable you to make the most out of the platform. It is recommended when you need a dedicated writer to work on your blog post and when you have found the ideal one, be sure to keep them for future blog posts and web content.

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  1. Scripted.com

This is a website for writers to find work online and one of the best places where you can outsource your blog posts and content writing work. There are plenty of freelancers that work on this platform, and they are all quite experienced and qualified for their work.


Additionally, the website has been designed to ensure timely delivery of work and to prune out the writers that do not perform according to the expectations of the platform. They maintain high-quality standards, and you are assured of getting the very best results from the writers on this platform.

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  1. Contently

This is another great website to get all your web content from. The content created on this platform is valuable and of high quality. As such, it will prove to be what you need for your blog and your website content. With this platform, you will be sure of a definite return on your investment and content that will drive results and keep your audience engaged. The website is also simple to use and has a wide community that can help you get your support. The platform is quite powerful and will get you the kind of results that you are looking for.

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  1. Read Generation

The website has one of the best collections of blog and article writers that you can find. They have a design that makes it simple to use, and you will not have a problem finding what you want with the website. The quality of the content that you can find on this platform is also impressive, and as such, you can be able to achieve better results with your blog. The content will be engaging, and your readers will come back consistently. The recommended way to make better use of the platform is to keep the really good writers that you find to ensure a consistent workflow of good quality blog posts.

  1. iWriter

This is one of the oldest content writing services you can find on the internet. They have native English-speaking writers, and as such, you can be guaranteed the best content for your blog and web pages. They have a simple design, and their prices are incredibly reasonable.


They are the best choice when you are looking for a lot of content in a short time since they have dedicated writers that will work on your blog post or a web page within a matter of hours and have it delivered for your review. The website is also regulated, and as such, you only find great quality on this website.

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  1. HireWriters

If you are looking for a consistent supply of great quality content for your blog or website, this is another website to try. You will love the ease with which you can create a huge amount of content for your website or blog using this platform.


Additionally, the website has a simple design that makes it easier to order content and review it once it is ready. The writers are also good, and they have a good command of the English language. They are also good at doing their research and will deliver the best quality of work in a short amount of time.

Visit the HireWriters content platform

  1. Fiverr

This is yet another freelancing website where you can find writers dedicated to writing blog posts and web content. The gigs that you post will get a lot of proposals, and all you have to do is go through the profiles of the individual workers to determine whether they are a good fit for your project. The hiring process on the website is also simple, and they have some of the best rates on the internet. As such, you can easily create a lot of new and engaging content for your website and your blog, thanks to the pool of talent available on the website.

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  1. Guru

This is a freelancing website with a huge selection of talent and skills that you will find useful for many of your projects. When it comes to getting a writer that will be able to create content for your website and blog, this is one of the best websites to work with.


They have talented workers who have the skills to achieve success with your blog. They are also reliable and deliver quality work on time. You will find them to e what you need for regular blog posts and steady content for your website.

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  1. Elance

Elance has a talented pool of writers and is one of the ideal places to visit when you need great content for your blog and website. It is quite a useful website with a huge pool of talent, and the quality of work you will get on this website is quite impressive. You will also get to choose the talent to keep once you have seen the results, which means that your blog will have a steady supply of new blog posts to keep your readers engaged and your business booming.

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  1. iFreelance

If you are looking for freelancers that will create the best content for your blog or website, this is the ideal platform to work with. They are a reliable platform with an extensive selection of high-quality and dedicated writers.


The website is simple and effective for obtaining the best content for your website or blog, and you will also be able to choose and pick writers from the available pool.

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  1. Problogger

If you are looking for a more specific caliber of writers, you will need this website. It has all that you need to filter the talent you get and specify the qualification that potential writers should have to apply.


The website gets the best posting of jobs which means that only the most qualified writers will be applying for a job on this website. You also get to specify the exact kind of writers you want for your project and how long it will run.

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So which content delivery service is the best?

The selection of different platforms on the world wide web for content outsourcing is very large! In our list, we have listed the most well-known and popular platforms. But of course, there are many more platforms on the net.

But it would go beyond the scope to list them all here. Therefore, we have limited ourselves to what we consider to be the best content platforms.

To name our personal favorite: We particularly enjoy working with the HireWriters platform. Since the price-performance ratio is just right there.

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We hope that we could help you with this article and given you a good overview of the different content ordering platforms.

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