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Developing Strategy

We develop a content marketing strategy that works! There are many factors to consider when creating content. Starting with the selection of the right topics and the right keywords. We work according to the P24 method, which guarantees quick success in content marketing, even with young websites.

Innovative Ideas

With our innovative ideas for content marketing that also works, we have already convinced many customers of us. Even in saturated niches, we can achieve quick success and generate new leads.

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Search Engine Optimization With 100% Results

To make search engine optimization successful, you need a good plan. Not every website is the same, websites and landing pages differ in many factors, such as age of the domain, page rank, page authority and much more. We analyze your website and can tell you exactly which approach is the right one and which measures lead to quick success.

But which topics should we write about to get more attention in the search engines?

Finding the right topics for a website, landing page, or blog post is not always easy! There is also the steadfast assumption that you absolutely need fancy keyword tools like Ahrefs or SemRush to find good keywords or topics… but this is absolutely wrong and can quickly be counterproductive!

The fancy keyword tools are usually ABSOLUTELY wrong with their keyword difficulty (KD) statement.

Therefore, here at Datacrypt we don’t rely on these fake and counterproductive keyword tools and have a completely different approach to keyword finding.

Here you can see a small excerpt from our keyword research for our own website. We use a complex Excel spreadsheet and manual keyword research method in combination with Google trend data.

This gives us much better results than the idolized fancy keyword tools!

keyword research the right way

We distinguish between two different categories, staple posts, and response posts. We also find keywords and topics through Google Trends Data and manual keyword research.

Of course, our keyword and topic finding method is more complex and therefore more expensive! But it would be a bit too easy if you could find good keywords in a matter of seconds with the fancy keyword tools, wouldn’t it?

With this method, it is possible for us to deliver better results.

Not convinced yet? Give us a chance and order a test article or a test landing page… you will be surprised how much better our method is compared to the fancy keyword tools!

Don’t make your life harder than necessary!


Why go for the competitive stuff, instead of going for the easy stuff with which you are able to rank really fast and drive a warm audience to your website?

Relax! We do the heavy lifting for you!

Clarifying Our Position On Backlinks

  • We don’t build backlinks because we never had to learn to create great outcomes
  • This may not be true for every niche, e.g. cancer lawsuits and healthcare (Google’s E-A-T)
  • In general, whatever earned media, you’ve accumulated is enough
  • When we work on our own projects we build web 2.0, local citations, and hustle our friends

To summarize our approach to Google

Publish content that is more valuable than any other page Google could show for the keywords we want to rank for.

Publish hundreds of pages per month!

Technical SEO we do care about

  • Mobile speed & friendliness
  • URL structure
  • Internal linking structure
  • De-indexing thin content
  • Diagnosing Google Search Console errors

Technical BS is last for a reason

  • Your biggest bottleneck is content, not technical SEO
  • Don’t spend months on technical SEO unless there is content maturing in Google
  • It takes a lot longer for content to move from the calendar to published to rank
  • Technical improvements are felt in a matter of weeks
  • Better ROI on technical improvements at higher traffic levels
  • Technical improvements don’t move the needle as much as content creation
peter griffin on the phone

There are so many little things that can stop you/us from creating really good content!

Do you have a specific traffic goal?


Let’s take a look at how we can help you with that!

We’re always shooting for 1000 visitors per month per article, and landing page!

What budget do you need in case you want to work with us?

There is no real minimum or maximum budget limit. We can start with $1000 or $10,000 per month. 

With a $1000 you can expect somewhere around 5 highly optimized articles or pages.

With $10,000 you can expect around 50 – 80 high-quality articles or pages. It all depends of course on your industry and the competition and the time it takes to find the good topics!


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Content marketing that works

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing means that we want to use content, i.e. a written word, to draw the attention of potential customers or search engine users to our website or our services.

When a customer searches for your service or product on Google, the user enters a special keyword in the search engine and searches for it. Now we have to provide the correct content for this keyword or these keyword combinations (long tail keywords). you have to provide sufficient and informative information on every relevant topic on your website that offers the searcher added value.

Google, for example, scans (crawled) millions of websites every day in order to show the user the best possible information, or to show the best possible and most suitable product.

This is why good content marketing is so important to you and your website. With our special and innovative research, it is possible for us, even in saturated niches, to have you and your website displayed high in google search results.

With content marketing you no longer need to place expensive google or bing ads, you will be displayed in the organic search results for free.

Head of Marketing and Content Publisher at Datacrypt Ltd
Tim is the head of marketing at Datacrypt and is an expert in web design, SEO, eCommerce, and content marketing. Tim loves to write informative content and give you useful information in our blog about various topics.
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