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Press releases can be released in either Word or PDF format. Journalists obtain press releases on most companies’ websites with a newsroom or pressroom as the standard protocol. When a newsroom only has PDF releases, the public relations department loses out on conversion, engagement, and measurement.

Our recommendation is that if you want to send out a press release for publication on a press release or PR website, you should send your press release in an open Microsoft Word file.

If you want to send the press release to customers or persons who should only read the press release and should not edit it, the PDF format is recommended, since PDF files can be read across platforms without special software.

Although PDF is an excellent format for numerous applications, it is rarely employed in contemporary public relations.

The following are the primary concerns about the use of PDFs for public relations:

  • The inability of journalists to copy/paste text or use embedded images
  • Its inaccessibility via social media
  • This format is not at all search engine friendly
  • It is incapable of being measured or analyzed
  • It appears poorly on mobile devices
  • There is no interactivity or web adaptation

In other words, the PDF restricts access to company news for viewers. It also prohibits news companies from leveraging influencer participation on major communication platforms and assessing the efficacy of public relations campaigns.

Factors to consider Press release in Word or PDF format

Remember to adhere to some critical requirements while sending your press release. Consider how long you’ll wait before reaching out to media contacts as one of the initial steps. Typically, it would help stay at least 24 hours to get the necessary attention. If you need to follow up immediately, you might want to send a more extended version.

The most important thing to remember when drafting a press release is to format it correctly. If your work necessitates specific formatting, you should avoid PDFs and instead use Word. If PDFs are required, use plain text instead. On the other side, you may wish to prevent attachments completely. When submitting your press release in PDF format, you should never send it as an attachment. Few people have the time to download and open such attachments.

Should I send my press release in Word or PDF?

A press release delivered as an attachment may have a lower open rate. The majority of writers receive hundreds of press releases daily and are always running out of room. This raises the likelihood that a journalist will disregard your press release. This straightforward method will help you spread the news about your business or product much more successfully.

Never send a press release in PDF format since it is too difficult to format and less likely to be reported. The ideal is to send your press release in Word format. Unless you have Microsoft Word, you must copy and paste the document into the email. Microsoft Word will maximize the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. The additional work is genuinely worthwhile.

Utilizing a consistent template is a wise decision. When writing a news release for publication as a PDF, adhere to the below guidelines.

  • Include a copyright statement if you compose your press release in Microsoft Word.
  • Include your name and contact details when uploading a PDF.
  • Make sure to save your PDF press release as an attachment if you’re using that format.

Why do press releases continue to be relevant?

Press releases boost brand visibility, brand awareness, and lead generation. Numerous businesses utilize press releases to attract media attention. After creating a press release, you can distribute it to reporters who may be interested in covering the subject, resulting in coverage.

Press releases have been a component of the public relations toolset for a long time. They enable firms to disseminate their most recent news and can be linked in various ways to marketing and sales.

Let’s examine why press releases should be an integral part of your public relations, marketing, and investor relations strategies.

a) A press release aids in bringing key stakeholders on the same page

Writing a press release may help employees from all areas of a company get on the same page, which is one of the many reasons they remain such an integral part of a company’s communications strategy. It requires members of several teams to collaborate on a paper that contains only the most important core messages.

b) The Media and reporters also utilize the press releases for their research and verification

Press release dissemination is of equal importance to the media. Frequently, reporters will request one. Why? Because it provides them with all the information, they need to cover a particular story.

c) Typically, a press release distribution is part of a more significant effort

Often, a press release is one of the initial components of a broader campaign. The message is then incorporated into a multichannel strategy.

d) A press release facilitates communication with non-media audiences

Utilizing multimedia brand narratives in your press release will increase media and audience engagement. As companies battle to retain current employees and recruit new talent, sharing your brand’s story with internal and external audiences is more vital than ever.

e) Press releases boost brand recognition, visibility, and lead generation

Numerous businesses utilize press releases to attract media attention. After creating a press release, you can distribute it to reporters who may be interested in covering the subject, resulting in coverage.

f) Press releases can be utilized in numerous ways

With good press releases, you can show your customers that your business is constantly developing and is interested in progress and evolution. You should not only publish the press releases on your website but also send them to press release platforms and publish them there. In this way, people or companies with whom you would otherwise never have come into contact can become aware of your press texts.

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What can you do once it has been written?

Numerous businesses distribute their press releases via a wire service, which is one of the first things they do.

In addition to being distributed via a newswire provider, the announcement can be linked to other marketing, sales, and branding operations.
You may, for instance:

  • Distribute it to the media: Distribute the press release to journalists who write about your industry.
  • Post the press release in the news or pressroom section of your website.
  • Incorporate it into your newsletter: Include the material to reach a larger audience if you distribute a newsletter.
  • Develop supplemental content: Based on the press release, consider producing a blog post or describing a customer experience.
  • Utilize it to increase sales: Ensure that your sales team has access to it to share it with existing clients and prospects.
  • Use it as a recruiting tool: In certain circumstances, your human resources department may find a news release valuable for recruitment efforts.