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Many people think that with the advent of social media outlets, the press release was relegated to dinosaur status. You may be surprised to hear that almost 75% of all reporters consider the press release contains the most useful information and public relations pro can send out.

Don’t have time to read the entire article and want a quick answer to the question of whether press releases are still worth it? Here is the answer to your question in one sentence:

Yes, press releases are worth it! A press release is a good way to announce important news about you, your company, or your products and services. Press releases have a high level of authority and are therefore easy to find.

It is important though, to write an effective press release that builds your company or product’s reputation constructively. This is not done by rehashing old news. Your press release needs to be new or newsworthy, not just to you but to your target audience.

That content is how you will attract the attention of the public. it is vital that your information be timely and relevant, has an impact as well as be worth reading and writing about.

If you can construct a press release like that, then the money you spend will be worth it.

What a press release is not

To be effective and have reporters pick up your release and write about it, you have to be careful of the type of content you put in that release. Here are some tips a for what to avoid when you write yours:

It is not:

  1. written in dry, rigid language- you are not trying to help people go to sleep. Instead, you want them to be interested in the topic.
  2. a document of facts only- add quotes and other pieces of interesting information
  3. dishonest- the best way to lose people’s interest is to be dishonest about the topic, event, and other details
  4. a marketing guarantee- keep expectations low as your content may not get the attention it deserves. There is no guarantee that any reporter will find your release compelling enough to write about

What a press release is

To get your money’s worth you need to stick to the purpose of the press release and use it in the proper manner. There are too many low-level releases that flood this marketing avenue which lowers a reporter’s interest in reading similar ones.

The purpose of the press release is to promote something that is significant and specific. Plus, you have to write the release very clearly so all reporters, etc., can understand what you are promoting without being confused.

Remember, a press release is designed to alert the media about an upcoming event in hopes that they will investigate and write a news article on the event. It is a method of advertising that can possibly reach more people than a normal newspaper, magazine or billboard can.

The money spent is worth it because the potential audience that sees the subsequent news article is great.

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Pros & Cons Of Press Releases

There are always good and bad points about anything you do in life. When the negatives outnumber the positives then you should think twice before doing the marketing activity.

Fortunately, that is not the case here and the pros tell you that the press release method is still worth doing.


  1. it is a tried and proven marketing system
  2. there is the potential of reaching a very large audience at no extra cost to you
  3. you can build links
  4. you are helping reporters check information
  5. a press release can refine your message making it very specific and clear
  6. it is possible to provide content for a variety of marketing channels
  7. they provide you and your company more visibility
  8. there are a myriad of events you can promote
  9. they can be open to immediate review or given a time delay


  1. they do not always help with your SEO strategy
  2. it is a one-way communication technique
  3. hard to gauge if they are a success or not
  4. a press release is hit-and-miss. There are no guarantees reporters, etc. will be interested in your press release and write about it
  5. this method is expensive

Topic content for press releases

The following list is just a few of the many events you can send a press release about. The key for those releases is that the topic needs to be interesting not just to the reporters but also to the audience they are writing for:

  1. releasing information from an industry leader
  2. opening a new business
  3. celebrating a company milestone
  4. announcing an expansion or relocation
  5. changing your company’s name
  6. launching a new product or service
  7. launching a new campaign
  8. changing the name of a product
  9. promoting an upcoming event
  10. offering free training or resources
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The cost of a press release

Prices will vary depending on the type of wire service you are using and the reach of your announcement. They will also vary depending on how long the press release is. The following costs are based on the first 400 words of the press release:

1. Local reach- $200 to $500

2. National reach- $400 to $800

As usual, the more words in your press release the more expensive it will be. This is the cost no matter if your release gets picked up and written about or ignored. like any advertising campaign, you have to weigh the costs against the return on investment to see if this is the right way to go.

The potential is there to reach a large audience but like any advertisement, there are no guarantees.

Some final words

To some people, a press release is like going back to pre-historic days. They feel that there are better advertising methods available that fit this technological age. However, those marketing options do not offer any more guarantees than the press release does.

The visibility that a press release gives your company or special event is well worth the effort and the expense. The key is to write the release in a compelling manner that drives a reporter’s interest.

Keep the content new, timely, newsworthy, and interesting. If you can’t write in a clear and compelling manner, then hire someone who can. If by chance one does not work out for you do not give up on this marketing option.

The best companies and PR people keep on trying to get success. This is a proven marketing step to take so use your best judgment and allot some of your advertising budgets to cover the costs.

Just make sure the event you are promoting is interesting to a large audience. If it isn’t your results will not be promising. The goal is to make people aware of what you or your company is doing and the press release is a great option to achieve that objective.

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