How Much Do Freelance Writers Charge For A Press Release?

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Do you have new products, are you offering a new service or do you have other news that you would like to announce with a press release?

A press release is a great way to spread news like this. Especially if your own website doesn’t have its own blog or news area.

A press release article costs between $50 and $100 and should be between 700 and 1000 words.

Press releases also have the advantage that they can be found and indexed relatively easily and quickly by various search engines such as Google or Bing. Because of this, the chance is very high that your press release will quickly be found in the organic search results.

But the problem is usually that it takes a lot of work to write a press release and that it takes a lot of time to write a good text. Many company owners or company employees simply don’t have time to write a press release during their regular work.

So it makes sense to outsource the writing of the press release to a freelancer. Freelance writers have the great advantage that writing is relatively easy for them and they are used to producing creative and good content.

How much does it cost to hire a freelancer to write the press release?

If you have decided to publish a press release and you don’t want to write the press release yourself, you should outsource the work to a freelancer.

You can find freelancers on different platforms who are able to write press releases. For example, you can use platforms like Fiverr, UpWork, or HireWriters to order a press release.

The biggest problem is that there are mostly non-native English-speaking freelance writers on these platforms. So I would advise against Fiverr or UpWork. Since you will mostly find people there who don’t speak English well enough.

We have had very good experiences with the “HireWriters” platform. There you will also find many native English-speaking freelance writers who can write your press release.

How much you pay for a press release always depends on you and how much you want to bid for the text.

You can get a press release for as little as $20, but we’ve found that when you offer so little, the quality of the texts is often not satisfactory.

For example, on the HireWriters platform, you can choose different “Writers Skill Levels”. We have had very good experiences with “Expert Writers”. Then the badly rated writers are sorted out.

writers skill level

Now you have the option to set a price. By default, the system suggests about $25.40 for a 700 to 1000-word text. In our opinion, however, this is not fair for high-quality text. We recommend that you correct the price. Here you should enter a price of about $50 – $100. The higher price also increases the motivation of freelance writers and you will get a better article.

set your price for the article
Here you can set your price or what are you willing to pay for the article. The more you’re willing to pay, the better the article will be.

How long should a press release be?

It turns out that a good press release should be around 700-1000 words long. It is important that you do not scare off the potential reader with too much content. So avoid walls of text.

Your press release should focus on what matters most. Try to inform your readers about all important facts in the shortest possible time.

You should definitely work with headlines, bullet points, and bolded text lines. So you can highlight the most important passages of text.

Many readers of articles on the Internet or readers of press releases scan the texts rather than reading the entire article. Therefore, you need to make it easy for your reader to scan the text and still highlight the key points of your message.

press release template

Where can I find a good freelance writer?

There are many different platforms for freelance writers on the internet. The most popular platforms for finding a freelance writer are probably Fiverr, UpWork, or HireWriters.

We have had the best experiences with the HireWriters content platform because you get good quality at fair prices there because you can set the price yourself that you want to pay for your content.

On this platform, you can also choose the “Skill Level” and make a pre-selection. We recommend that you choose the Skill level “Expert Writers” on the HireWriter platform.

So you can be sure that you will receive a good text.

Is there a press release template that I can give to the freelance writer?

Yes, of course, there is a kind of template that you can add to your job in order to clarify the structure of your article in advance and to tell the freelance writer which specifications he should adhere to.

If it should nevertheless happen that the writer does not write or format your content according to your specifications, you have the option of rejecting the article and giving it to another writer.

Here is a template for how you should structure the press release:

The headline

Your headline or heading has one of the most important functions. Remember the 3 seconds. Because if the headline doesn’t work, no matter how beautiful the text of your press release is, it probably won’t be read anyway.

Therefore: The headline has to reveal something about the content and arouse curiosity. Headlines always have a message. In this way, an editor can already assess whether your information is relevant for his readers when looking through his mail. Be sure to avoid asking questions here. Because questions in the headline are in many editorial offices
frowned upon: After all, the newspaper should provide answers and offer informative added value.

Write a short version of the press release: Teasers and fillers

With the flood of messages that invades editors, there is no time to read each message carefully. Our tip: In addition to the actual message, write a quick message in short form: the lead or lead-in. On the one hand, this helps the editor gain a quick overview of the crowd.

On the other hand, the short report can be exactly the chance for your press release to slip into the newspaper a second time. Because short messages are ideal as gap fillers. And such fillers are needed by journalists – who often work with editorial systems today – when there is just a little space available.

State the number of characters in the press release

If you include the character count, you make it even easier for the editor to estimate whether your story can be used as a “white space” filler.

The short message is your first paragraph, i.e. the entry into the long text. As the word already says: It should be short. And concise. And lead directly to the topic. The essential information is already included. Definitely not rambling. Sound difficult? Don’t worry, because the seven “w’s” are here to help you. With the help of these simple questions, you create a structure for short reports and long texts.

You must answer at least the first four of these seven W-questions in your short message:

  • Who? → causer, agent
  • What? → event, news
  • Where? → place
  • When? → time
  • As? → procedure, manner
  • Why? → reason
  • From where / what source? → Source of the message when quoting third parties

The press release applies: Facts, facts, facts …

… that’s what editors and readers want. To provide up-to-date information that adds value. This can be a contribution to your company, an announcement of new products and services, or a notification of important personnel changes. “Currentness” is the magic word here. Provide facts, get to the point quickly, and don’t rehash long-gone events.

And above all: Do not send any product advertising. Journalists don’t want to advertise. You want clearly structured, sophisticated, informative reports and discussions with competent PR professionals. Offer something worth knowing – preferably with specific dates, names, and numbers.

channel press release template
This is an example press release. There you can see the structure of a press release.

What are the differences between the various writer skill levels?

If you have decided to publish a press release and have it written by a freelance writer, we recommend the “HireWriters” content platform. In our opinion, you will receive high-quality content there at fair prices.

Once you’ve registered with HireWriters and deposited money, you’re good to go. You must first enter your title, such as: “Press Release: Our New Product”.

After that, you can choose your preferred skill level. You have a total of four different skill levels to choose from: Beginner Writers, General Writers, Skilled Writers, and Expert Writers. From our personal experience, you should choose the Expert Writer, because then you can be sure that you will receive a high-quality text that you don’t have to laboriously correct.

We have the best experiences with it “Expert Writer” skill level. There you can be sure that the writer was rated positively on average from previous jobs.

Of course, it is important that you read each article again and make corrections. It actually always happens that you have to correct or adjust small things. But this is absolutely normal. Therefore, never send an article received from a freelance writer without re-reading it and correcting it if necessary.


In summary, there is no precise answer to the question “how much do freelance writers charge for a press release”. You can set the price for your press release yourself.

But we recommend that you pay your freelance writer appropriately. We recommend paying between $50 and $100 for a 700-1000 word article or press release.

$100 won’t break you, and the writer gets decent pay for the job. You must not forget that the writer may have to invest several hours of work in your press release.

He must first do the research, write a rough layout of the text, and then perfect the text. This can take a few hours!