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Stepn is a token of the Web3 app of the same name and actually has everything that is important for the success of a cryptocurrency: a sophisticated business model, a large fan base, and a lot of hype on social media. One of the most exciting features of Stepn is the form of mining, for

Dodgy, wicked, dangerous: The image of the Darknet is, as the name describes it: dark. Anyone who talks about it usually only knows it from hearsay and thinks of a swamp of criminal activities and illegal business. But is the dark web really as bad as its reputation suggests? We wanted to know more about

The choice of typography for the presence on the web has a major impact on the final web design and should not be underestimated alongside images, graphics, and the like. In addition to design aspects, technical aspects must also be taken into account. In this article, you will learn what you should pay attention to

Data Entry means a person who enters specific data into a database or medium. As a data entry, you have to do qualitative work, because mistakes can have serious consequences. A data entry is either an inexpensive office worker or an external employee. As a data entry, for example, product catalogs are created, documents are

Google Site Kit is definitely one of my favorite plugins for WordPress. Installing this plugin is routine for every website I create. This plugin does the boring work of registering the website with the various Google services. Version 1.78.0 is now available and can be downloaded free from Google Site Kit for WordPress now

How to Plugin: The best way to find and use WordPress plugins WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in the world and offers countless useful functions for every need. WordPress websites get their functionality in particular through function extensions, the so-called plugins. Plugins are small programs that integrate additional features into

In general, you can optimize an online shop for search engines just like any other website. But there are a few additional SEO techniques that you can use with your WooCommerce shop to achieve top rankings on Google & Co. WooCommerce SEO success for your online shop Basically, it’s very simple: You have to get

Divi page builder is a popular WordPress plugin that works with virtually any WordPress theme, including those that have not been built by the developer. It is mostly used in premium WordPress themes and can allow you to build just about any type of website. Although the Divi Page builder has revolutionized the way we

WordPress Page Builder Spectra is the ultimate successor of the Addons for Gutenberg plugin. It is a block collection for the Gutenburg editor, similar to the Kadence blocks plugin. The plugin is made by Brain force, a web developer that distributes the popular Astra theme and other plugins. What is Spectra page builder? Spectra page

Are you planning to buy products such as code and script from CodeCanyon but wondering whether you are making the right decision? If yes, then today you have come to the right place, CodeCanyon is one of the largest online marketplaces for codes and scripts. It is the best to go if you are looking

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