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Are you planning to buy products such as code and script from CodeCanyon but wondering whether you are making the right decision? If yes, then today you have come to the right place, CodeCanyon is one of the largest online marketplaces for codes and scripts. It is the best to go if you are looking for functional codes that will help you run an application.

But does CodeCanyon deliver quality products as it claims or it is just another scam? In this review, we will tell you everything you need to know about this online marketplace to help you make an informed decision as to whether you should use it or not. Make sure to read the entire article so that you don’t miss any crucial points. Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the review.

What exactly is CodeCanyon?

CodeCanyon is an online marketplace for scripts and codes. This means that you can sell or purchase scripts and codes from multiple frameworks and languages, including JavaScript, PHP, Java, and ASP.NET. The price of items on CodeCanyon is based on quality, complexity, and the use of the file. This means that the amount that you will be charged for a given product will depend on how you agree with the seller. Currently, CodeCanyon is part of Evanto which is one of the leading marketplaces for digital products. Besides being a helpful marketplace that helps people buy and sell codes and scripts, CodeCanyon also allows users to ask questions from forums and even comment on items. The interaction that CodeCanyon provides between buyers and sellers is one of the reasons why it has quickly grown to become the largest online marketplace for digital products.

What does CodeCanyon offer?

Now that you know what CodeCanyon offers, the next question in your mind is what this digital marketplace offers. CodeCanyon is the world’s leading marketplace for scripts, code, and plugins. They carefully review all new entries from their community, one by one to ensure that they meet the standards that they have put in place. Additionally, each week they usually hand picks new codes, plugins, and scripts that stand out and feature them to make them more visible.

Common products offered at CodeCanyon include JavaScript, PHP scripts, NET, plugins, CSS, HTML5, Apps, skins, edge animate templates, WordPress plugins, and much more. If you are searching for code, scripts, and plugins to help you build a successful website, then CodeCanyon is the right platform for you. This marketplace has thousands of products including eCommerce plugins, mobile app templates, bootstrap, PHP, and much more that have been built by the best developers in the world. More so, their products are available for any budget which makes them ideal for both low-paying and high-paying clients.

How to find and buy items at CodeCanyon

Finding and buying items at CodeCanyon is straightforward. There are plenty of ways to find and buy products on CodeCanyon. For instance, you can click the category list and then browse to find the product that you are looking for. You can also enter a keyword from the keyword search button and search for the product that you are looking for. You can also check the featured files that have been handpicked by their site editors. Other techniques of finding or buying products from this marketplace include checking out their weekly summary of the most popular items or browsing their user-compiled items collections.

CodeCanyon features

User friendly

One of the features that have made CodeCanyon the top marketplace for code and scripts is because of its user-friendly interface that is incredibly easy

to use. Anybody, including those who have never used this platform before, will have an easy time using it, thanks to its easy-to-use platform. The developers of this platform did an excellent job because they made this platform super user-friendly. Finding, buying, and selling products on this marketplace is very easy,

A quick and easy onboarding process for buyers and sellers

Another great feature of CodeCanyon that has made it very popular is the quick and easy onboarding process for both buyers and sellers. This means that you will not spend too much time when signing up for this platform as is the case with other similar platforms. They have made the onboarding process easy and quick. They have made the process easier for both buyers and sellers by setting up a user-friendly page that contains all the information needed for quick and easy registration. In fact, one of the reasons why CodeCanyon has so many users is that the registration process is incredibly easy and stress-free.

It has a powerful search option

CodeCanyon has a powerful search option that makes it very easy for buyers to find what they are looking for. There are multiple ways to find what you are looking for on CodeCanyon. For instance, you can click the category list and then browse to find the product that you are looking for. You can also enter a keyword from the keyword search button and search for the product that you are looking for. Additionally, you can also check the featured files that have been handpicked by their site editors. The multiple search options that this marketplace offers have made it incredibly simple to find what you are looking for. Even if you are using this platform for the first time, you will have an easy time finding what you are looking for, thanks to the powerful search option that CodeCanyon is equipped with.

Convenient checkout process

The checkout process is a very important feature in an online marketplace and CodeCanyon has done a good job. The checkout process is where the sale usually happens and if the buyer is not happy with it, they may quickly cancel and look for another marketplace that offers a smooth and convenient marketplace. The reason why CodeCanyon has so many buyers is that they have a convenient checkout process.

Great customer support

CodeCanyon has very responsive customer support. If you have a question or complaint, all you need to do is call their customer support team that operates 24/7 and you will get a satisfactory response quickly. This marketplace is fully committed to giving users a great experience and that is why they have a customer team that takes care of their customers. Their customer support usually responds to customer questions quite fast, which is quite impressive. There are plenty of communication options that you can use to get in touch with them, including live chat, phone, and social media. If you have an urgent matter that you want to be addressed quickly, you should reach them via phone.

It has customer reviews and ratings

Another great feature that CodeCanyon has included on their platform is customer reviews and ratings that allow you to read the reviews and ratings of sellers. This is important to buyers because it helps them avoid sellers who deliver substandard products. Before you purchase a product, you can read the reviews and ratings of previous buyers to know whether they are genuine and trustworthy or not. This is important because it will help you make an informed decision that will protect you from buying low-quality products.

make sure the item has good reviews on codecanyon

You can also look at the “comment section” and read about the problems with the product or the satisfied buyers.

If a code or plugin has no comments yet, you should always be very careful!

product comments on codecanyon
Make sure to read the comment section of the particular code or plugin you want to buy. There you can see the most problems and questions regarding to your desired plugin or code.

It has a wide variety of products

CodeCanyon has a wide variety of software and plugins to choose from. In fact, you will be confused about which option to choose because of the multiple options available. CodeCanyon has thousands of WordPress plugins, PHP scripts, JavaScript code, add-ons, plugins, and much more that have been built by the best developers in the world.

codecanyon has a wide range of products and categories

More so, the products available on this site have varying prices, meaning you will find the product that suits your budget. If you are planning to start an eCommerce website and looking for a marketplace where you will find everything that you are looking for to create a professional website, then CodeCanyon is the ideal platform for you. The reason why it is the largest online marketplace for code and script is that it contains thousands of products.

How much can I earn from CodeCanyon?

Are you thinking of selling WordPress plugins, code, and scripts on CodeCanyon and wondering how much you will make? Just like any other marketplace, the amount of money you will make varies, depending on multiple factors, including the quality of products that you sell, your reviews, and ratings among many other factors. For instance, if you have great customer reviews and ratings, then buyers are more likely to buy your product than if you have many negative reviews and poor ratings. But on average, most sellers make an average of between $1000 and $5000 per month.

How can you increase your sales on CodeCanyon as a buyer?

If you want to increase your sales on CodeCanyon, then you need to establish yourself as a professional.

Buyers will only buy from you if they are certain that they will get quality products that will deliver the quality results that they are looking for. Below are tips on how buyers can increase their sales on CodeCanyon.

  • Offer unique and quality products that solve the problems of your target customers
  • Create a professional-looking product page
  • Ensure that you have positive reviews and ratings
  • Market your products on social media and other suitable platforms
  • Be nice to your clients and give them quality services

Is it safe to buy from CodeCanyon?

Yes, it is safe to buy from CodeCanyon. This marketplace is a reputable platform that has proven to be reliable. However, CodeCanyon has a consumer rating of 2.4 stars from 100 reviews meaning that a majority of customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases on this platform. This means that you need to be careful when buying products from this platform because not all sellers are genuine. Before you buy a product from this platform, do your research to know if the seller is genuine. One of the best ways to know if the seller is genuine and reliable is by reading the reviews and ratings of previous customers. You can also ask the buyer some questions about the products that you are interested in to know if the seller understands them well or not. Just like any other marketplace, CodeCanyon has genuine and reliable sellers and those who are only interested in stealing from unsuspecting customers. Conduct your research to identify genuine sellers on CodeCanyon.

codecanyon product overview

CodeCanyon, is it legit or just another scam?

CodeCanyon is a legit online platform. That explains why it is the largest online marketplace for scripts and code. It is a genuine platform where you can buy or sell products such as PHP, JavaScript, WordPress, and much more. However, just like other marketplaces, CodeCanyon also has a few setbacks, including sellers who are not genuine. But, overall CodeCanyon is legit.

CodeCanyon pros

  • It has a very simple interface that is easy to use
  • The registration process is simple and stress-free
  • Convenient checkout process
  • It has a wide variety of products with varying prices. This means that you can easily find a product that suits your needs and your budget
  • It is very easy to find products
  • It is a stable and reliable platform


  • Some sellers are not genuine. They have not conducted better quality control on some developers. Make sure to always read the reviews!

Final thoughts

If you have been thinking of buying or selling products on CodeCanyon and wondering whether it is a genuine platform, we hope that this CodeCanyon review has been informative. CodeCanyon is a great platform for anyone who wants to make money by selling plugins, codes, scripts, and much more. It is also a great platform for buyers who want to buy products. The platform is user-friendly, and thus incredibly easy to use. Its powerful search option will make it easy to find and buy your preferred product. It is a great platform to use but it also has its own fair share of challenges, including having sellers who are not genuine. So, before buying from this marketplace, ensure that you research to find sellers who are genuine and sell quality products.

You should also always look at the rating of the product and the provider. If the ratings are good, you can buy the product on codecanyon without hesitation. If the reviews are rather bad, then try to find a similar product from another supplier on codecanyon.

The payment process, on the other hand, is absolutely secure on codecanyon!