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Plaid enables you to securely connect and share data from your financial institutions with the apps you choose. Plaid is a great tool for many people and businesses all around the world. But what happened if you’re not satisfied with the service anymore or you want a second or alternative solution?

Plaid is a great open banking API and if you’re looking to try something new ie., a new API, then this article is for you. The article comprehensively explores multiple plaid alternatives that function almost similarly to Plaid. Some are more sophisticated than others. So, essentially it will boil down to your specific needs as outlined here.

Let’s take a look at the best Plaid alternatives out there

We’ve scoured the web and researched the various alternatives to plaid to bring you the best possible article here. We have researched all the information for hours to offer you a professional overview of the alternatives to plaid.



  • It allows your customers to reap the benefits
  • Makes banking relatively easy
  • Makes relevant and customer offerings


  • Limited opportunities for fintech companies

Yapily Homepage


If you’ve never seen a complete definition of future-proof high-performance open banking, you should check out Yapily. According to the platform, they don’t compromise, they don’t use legacy technology, and most importantly, no reverse engineering. That most definitely qualifies it as one of the most considerable plaid alternatives.

Those who’ve used this one-of-a-kind banking platform say it has helped them run their day-to-day activities effortlessly. Yapily will let your product catch the public eye as they do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes. Notable, this platform has a scalable infrastructure that spans 17 countries. Moreover, they plan to continue expanding into many territories as possible.

Using this single open banking API as your ideal plaid alternative will help you transform the user experience to a whole new level. You’ll be able to access all the data efficiently. Also, it will grant your business access to account information and provide personalized financial advice such as; enriching, aggregating, categorizing, transactions, and facilitating payments.

Turnkey Lender


  • Reliable tech stack
  • Lower rates and high borrow rates
  • Easy to use interface
  • It will help your business scale-up


  • Maybe a hotbed for hackers

Turnkey Lender Homepage


If you want a digital financial system that automates the lending process in the palm of your hands efficiently, Turnkey Lender is one of the best plaid alternatives that will grant you just that. Essentially this platform will boost your portfolio’s profitability by converting more borrowers from online lending platforms without any risks.

Generally, It will aid you in targeting new and existing borrowers alike with a sophisticated criterion with minimal risks to ensure you outperform your competitors with attractive interest options.

Turnkey Lender is a loaning platform that will scale your business. Since it’s in a position to get everything done appropriately and efficiently, it embeds the lending into your SME to your lending model and automates credit for global banks.

Not to forget, Turnkey Lender is a platform that will make quick and accurate loan decisions to make your work easier as you run your business. Through its machine learning algorithms and AI-driven decision-making system, rest assured that it will grant you the best results in your profit-generating quest.



  • It is easy to use
  • Helps with targeting potential client’s
  • Its services are super reliable


  • Difficulty in customized reporting

FPS Gold Homepage


The FPS GOLD platform also falls among the best Plaid alternatives. Also, its been in the financial industry for more than five decades, and through that time, it has managed to create a solid reputation among its customers. The software is flexible and robust with all the features to make your work more manageable.

One of the main aims of the FPS GOLD software platform is to ensure it meets your customer’s needs with their modern core banking system. Its core banking system includes a teller system with all your customer’s information, accounting, depositing, lending, etc.

Also, it facilitates the opening of new accounts, which gives your customers two options, in person or online loan application. Loans servicing grants your customers the following loans;

  • Mortgage loans
  • Commercial loans
  • Construction loans
  • Consumer loans

Other services falling under the core banking system include; custom reports, Banking CRM, and accounting.

As one of the most popular plaid alternatives, the FPS GOLD makes wire transfers relatively easy and efficient, allowing your customers to make wire transfers at their convenience. Other products offered by the FPS GOLD aside from the core banking system and wire transfer are;

  • General ledger system
  • Online mobile banking
  • Content management system



  • Amazing customer services
  • It is well documented
  • It’s relatively easy to use


  • Contacting the support staff may not be easy
  • There’s no major difference between the premium version and the previous one.

TrueLayer Homepage


It’s no surprise for TrueLayer to fall under the best Plaid alternatives. Like other open banking systems, this one offers exceptional levels of robustness to ensure your customers have ample time transacting. TrueLayer has many financial and technological tools to help transform your business by smoothening all transaction processes for your customers.

Essentially, they have three categories for rendering their services. They include; developers, products, and resources. Under the products category, there’s payment, which lets you make withdrawals and instant payments through a single click. There are also reduced operational costs revenue growth with high conversion rates.

The TrueLayer aids in use cases such as account top-up, which generally lets users make payments efficiently and effortlessly. Account verification is also instant and it’s based on the bank information of a particular user. Instant payments ensure a secure and effortless transaction for your customers without the need for manual data entry e.g., a manual bank account.

Generally, this is one of the best plaid alternatives to include in your list of considerations. Other features making this a powerful open banking API are; bank-grade security, combating fraud, and increasing the speed to the market.

Green Dot


  • No overdraft fees
  • Guarantees a 2% cashback on mobile and online purchases.
  • Competitive APY on savings accounts


  • Doesn’t offer joint accounts.
  • High paper checks fees

Green Dot Homepage

If you want a suitable mobile banking API to smoothen your business operations, then Green Dot is the ultimate answer. Green dot has some of the best first-class businesses solutions that will generate you more profit like never before. Plus, it will ensure your customers are satisfied with your services.

So far, the green dot has garnered over 33 million users. Consider joining the Green dot bandwagon if you want to transform your business to another level. Some of the business solutions they’re offering are;

Banking as a service: the service comprises program management and integrated banking service and management. With this tool, you can leverage RESTful API, large-scale cash deposits at the retail level, and integrated bank charter among others to grow your business.

Payroll services: here there’s a payment card that initiates the disbursement of payments conveniently without the need for paper checks. Generally, payroll services are a single tool that will handle all your payouts singlehandedly effortlessly.
Tax services: if you want an easier way to prepare for tax payments, then the fact service tool in this platform has got your back. It ensures fast and secure payment and fast e-filing without any upfront fees.

Final takeaway

Since we are headed towards enhancing our financial activities, these open banking APIs might just be, the tip of the iceberg on the best systems to come in say, a decade. Either way, these plaid alternatives still offer some of the best banking services ever seen.

If you want to transform your business by attracting more clients and improving your users’ experience, consider either of the plaid alternatives. With either on your side, rest assured that you won’t be disappointed.