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WordPress Page Builder Spectra is the ultimate successor of the Addons for Gutenberg plugin. It is a block collection for the Gutenburg editor, similar to the Kadence blocks plugin. The plugin is made by Brain force, a web developer that distributes the popular Astra theme and other plugins.

What is Spectra page builder?

Spectra page builder is a WordPress plugin that extends the default WordPress editor Gutenberg with many advanced features and additional blocks. The plugin in the block editor allows users to switch to a smartphone, tablet, and desktop view at any given time. Moreover, it features ready-made templates. The plugin is available in both a free and premium version. So with the Astra bundle, you can get the spectra at no cost.

Design Anything, Build Everything

Themes compatible with Spectra plugin

Spectra plugin has no specialization on a particular WordPress theme. This implies that all modern themes without a page builder are compatible. Some of these themes include the Kadence theme, generate theme, and Astra theme. Astra is the most recommended combination with Spectra because it comes from a similar provider.

Spectra settings

The spectra plugin comes with many setting options, which include.

Collapse Panels

This setting option allows users to collapse the other panels in the block settings apart from the clicked one. This helps you save a lot of space.

Copy-paste styles

This setting allows users to copy and paste the styles from Core Gutenberg and Spectra Blocks.

Default Content Width

This setting option allows users to override the editor width; if not, the width will be gotten from the theme.

File generation

The file generation setting loads the JS and CSS file inline on the page by default. This option is ideal if a user wants to generate separate JS and CSS files for Spectra.

Enable template button

The spectra plugin features an impressive library of block patterns and page templates. Users can access the library while editing the editor through the templates kit button.

Asset regeneration

This is an option that users can use to regenerate javascript and CSS assets whenever there is a problem with color, layout, style, or any page element.

Enable beta

This is a spectra setting option for professionals only. For beta updates, you can use this setting option to allow those updates and get notifications whenever a new beta spectra version is available.

Rollback to the previous version setting

This setting helps users to jump back to the previous spectra version if they have problems with the current spectra version.

Load google fonts locally.

Users can use this option to download google fonts and store them on the server. This is to improve the website’s speed and comply with the GDPR guidelines.

Allow only selected fonts.

SPectra plugin gives over seven hundred google fonts. If they seem too much, the allow-only selected fonts setting can help users display only a few fonts in the settings.

Preload local fonts

The setting helps in loading fonts immediately as the page loads. Local font preloading increases the website speed.

Form Google reCaptcha

The form Recaptcha option in the settings enables the Recaptcha feature in the form blocks.

Enable coming soon mode

The setting allows users to set to the coming soon mode, which means the website will remain offline until it is launched.

Spectra plugin features

Spectra page builder plugin comes with some unique features that I will show you here.

spectra block builder

Responsive design in Gutenberg

WordPress offers no good features for a responsive design. The spectra plugin can help solve the problem. The editor displays three new buttons which show the design on smartphones, desktops, and tablets.

Templates, patterns, and wireframes

The Spectra plugin has many ready-to-use templates, wireframes, and blocks. The top of the editor consists of the Template Kits inscription, which displays a pop-up with templates once clicked.


These are ready-made templates with many subpages ready for download. This gives users a fast start that is interesting if you design landing pages or make new websites.


Patterns are made of spectrum blocks that are created for specific purposes. Users can use these patterns and customizes them to meet their needs.


These are simple, white, and black designs and can be used to create pages to be finished for clients later.

Blocks with schema markup

This is a feature only offered by the spectra page builder. These FAQ and REview blocks provide full support, allowing Google to read the metadata and list posts in the search engine. The spectra plugin offers this function for free.

Modern and fast with Flexbox

This modern element arrangement layout method arranges elements in columns or rows. Those elements can be shrunk to fit in smaller areas or expanded to fill the extra spaces. The Flexbox replaces the float designs that often slow down your websites.

50 presets for blocks

These are block templates that allow users to create custom designs in a few clicks. The feature will enable you to create and add professional-looking layouts and styles to your website by just selecting the presets.

Copy and paste styles

The feature allows users to keep a consistent design across the website to save time. Copying block styles from one site or block to another can help you save time.

Spectra starter templates

These templates are the ultimate add-ons for Gutenberg and strength for Astra. Spectra enhances the WordPress website templates and even builds them with high-performance blocks.

Toolset dynamic block

The toolset dynamic block aids WordPress professionals in building advanced websites with programming. The feature is similar to the meta box and advanced custom fields. The feature allows users to create extra fields to enrich your site.

All spectra Gutenberg blocks

The spectra block features more than thirty-five blocks that users can individually enable or disable. To do this, go to setting, then spectra block, and you are good to go. The blocks are all available in the free version, but more will be included in the spectra pro version. The blocks include

Info box

This is a secret weapon for the modern block editor that allows users to build cool designs. Moreover, with this, you can use images rather than icons.

Advanced heading

The heading helps users create impressive headers that Gutenberg won’t allow.


Container blocks make spectra a real webpage builder. You can use this block to access various options like custom, full range, and the entire width of Flexbox options. You can set the shadows, backgrounds, spacing, shape dividers, and background in the style tab.

Call to action

This block allows page builders to ask readers to act.

Advanced image

You can create images with masks, overlays, and frames with this block for your start and landing pages.


Tabs enable web builders to present information beautifully.


The form block saves users the plugins like Fluent forms and WPForms, thereby saving on costs and extra resource guzzler.

Other spectra blocks

  • Icon list
  • Block quote
  • Share on social media
  • Posts grids
  • How to
  • Inline notice
  • Table of contents
  • Google maps
  • Star ratings
  • Content timeline
  • Responsive conditions
  • Masonry gallery
  • Documentation
  • Taxonomy list
  • Review
  • Marketing button
  • Advanced row
  • Lottie Animation
  • Toolset Dynamic Block
  • FAQ
  • Testimonials
  • Team
  • Content timeline
  • Star ratings
  • Documentation
  • Buttons
  • Search
  • Toolset dynamic block
Pre-built Website Templates
When you’re using Spectra, you will get more then 75 pre build website templates. Click here to view all pre-build starter templates for spectra.

What are the benefits of a spectra page builder for WordPress

Spectra provides great layouts with many benefits compared to all other kinds of page builders for WordPress.

a)Page Flyability

Spectra page builder has more features in terms of page and content flexibility. For example, you can create the page you want from pre-existing components instead of using a predefined template to fit your narrative or content. In other words, you have endless layout possibilities to use on your page instead of having a few templates to restrict you.

b)Great control

As you don’t need to write code as this Spectra page builder is more friendly, you will find more control over whatever you need to do. For example, you may not need a web developer in content editing and make changes to the site. You may need a web developer only when you need to add new functionality or a change in component workability.

c)Enhanced Consistency

Page building with Spectra means working from an invented, professionally created website with great components. Therefore, all your pages are designed from the same spectra building blocks. Due to this feature, the user experience for visitors will be improved because of what the visitors expect they all know. Besides, you will find it easy when rolling out changes on your pages. For example, when you need to update a component, the Spectra builder’s functionality will automatically replicate the command across the website.

d)Pattern Libraries and Component-based design compatibilities

The spectra page builder offers great reusable components and patterns for websites. In other words, this page builder’s pattern libraries and design systems have the best feature to catalog and document every design. Spectra easily complement the components’ design and functioning and can integrate directly with a pattern library. This particularly helps reduce maintenance occasions. Besides, developers, product owners, designers, and content editors are kept in sync.

e)Content editor user-friendly

With Spectra page builder, you don’t need to understand coding to create featureful and rich pages. This page has a functional drag and drops features, making the editor experience for users simple.

Spectra vs Elementor vs Divi – where’s the difference?

All these page builders provide tremendous and unique results in a created website. However, they have some slight differences in particular aspects.


Spectra page builder

The Spectra page builder is typically a back-end editor when it comes to the user interface. It naturally functions in a variety of different themes and essentially the entire WordPress ecosystem. Such a feature comes along with the code design that is typically integrated with all ideals related to WordPress.


However, this is not the case with the Elementor plugin for WordPress. In other words, Elementor is not good as a WordPress plugin. The way it functions is like it is on top of WordPress. Along with other several functions, it has a front-end editing feature. Its interface may not be specifically intuitive due to such complexity and, therefore, prepare for the learning curve.


This page builder exists in two forms, the front-end(visual builder) and the back-end (standard builder). These two user interfaces will allow you to create similar types of sites using the same elements for content and settings.

However, the Divi interfaces have slight differences. For instance, the standard back-end builder is integrated inside the dashboard of WordPress. For you to access it, you can use all the other settings of standard WordPress. Inside WordPress, this builder sits in the UI and works as a standard WordPress post editor. This builder makes Devi preferable because it makes it easy for you to make changes while on the dashboard. Still, the dashboard confines it to be rendered as a block-based for your site representation.

b)Key Features


  • Easily create modern layouts
  • Mobile friendly and responsive
  • No coding needed to use
  • It is entire block-based
  • It uses a lot of blocks like paragraphs, images, and headings
  • Rearrange and move blocks around quickly.


  • No coding needed
  • It is entirely self-contained
  • It has tons of headers and widgets
  • It has a large library of add ons
  • Features galleries and other design features


  • Global modules ad settings
  • Full-width functionality
  • Advanced Module design settings
  • New footer and widget styling
  • Increased usability advanced tit effect
  • Responsive layout


Spectra vs Elementor vs Divi builder

Now with the above, which builder should you opt for. If you are currently using Elementor or Divi builder on your website, it is not a good idea to switch to Gutenberg because it might cause havoc with the existing layout. Likewise, spectrum is a new version, so it is simple to replace the other two.

However, if you are new to using page builders, spectra are the ideal choice. For flexibility, use Divi or Elementor for an initiative and user-friendly interface, use Divi. Use spectra for day-to-day designs but switch to Divi or Elementor if you need more power.