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Elementor is a free visual WordPress website builder (Elementor has a Paid version either) that supports website building by dragging and dropping templates on WordPress editor. Elementor helps you make better, more professional, and customized WordPress websites fast and efficiently.

Elementor is excellent for non-tech savvy website builders because it lets you drag any content such as star ratings and progress bars without writing any code. With Elementor, you can build anything as the platform is compactable with numerous themes. Let’s explore about WordPress theme and its compatibility with Elementor.

Key Focus of the Article

  • How to identify if WordPress is compatible with the Elementor website builder?
  • Beginners Guide to Using Elementor in WordPress
  • How to know if a WordPress theme can work with Elementor?
  • How to make any WordPress themes Elementor compatible
  • Developing a WordPress theme compatible with Elementor
  • Changing your WordPress theme on an Elementor
  • How to customize your WordPress website with Elementor
  • How you can customize your WordPress theme with an Elementor style theme
  • How does Elementor page builder work?
  • What is the cost of Elementor?
  • Difference between Elementor free and Elementor pro
  • Pros and cons of Elementor page builder
elementor overview

How to Identify if WordPress is Compatible with the Elementor Website Builder?

Many beginners and even experienced website builders face several questions about WordPress themes and Elementor. For example, what determines the compatibility of a WordPress theme and Elementor? Is Elementor compatible with all WordPress themes? In reality, Elementor is selective and thus not compatible with all WordPress themes. Therefore, you cannot use all WordPress themes with Elementor. Additionally, for the WordPress theme to be compatible with Elementor and give the desired results, the user must follow the WordPress guidelines.

Here are a few ways to identify the compatibility of Elementor website builders with WordPress.

Note: The user needs to download Elementor first.

Installing Elementor

Elementor is free and available on the WordPress website, where one can directly install it on their device. To find Elementor, go to plugins, add new, and search for Elementor. The process is easy to use and understand.

Installing Elementor Pro

Purchase a copy of Elementor pro. When you complete your purchase, you can download Elementor Pro from their Elementor dashboard. When you finish uploading it, activate Elementor Pro by going to the license in your WordPress dashboard.

Beginners Guide to Using Elementor in WordPress

Today, there is no back-and-forth chaotic involvement with developers to create a website due to the various site builders available. Here is how one uses Elementor in WordPress.

  • Start with installing Elementor into your device. Elementor is easy to use and beginner-friendly when building your website.
  • After creating a new post or page, click the edit with Elementor button to launch the Elementor editor.
  • Preview-On your screen; you will see a preview of your design on the correct file; your Elementor sidebar will be on the left. There are pre-made templates available to insert if you want to save time.
  • If you choose to insert the templates, click the gear button in the bottom right corner on the top of the page and select Elementor full width from the page layout drop-down to make your page full width.

To start editing, you will see several structures of Elementor that are made up of three essential parts: sections, columns, and widgets.

Let’s have an in-depth look at the parts.
  • Sections: Divide the page into horizontal rows
  • Columns: Divides the sections into vertical columns
  • Widgets: What you will use to add content, you can place your device inside a column. You can add a widget and delete it from your queue. To add a new widget to your Template, you can drag the widget from the sidebar. To delete an existing device in your Template, click on the widget and select delete.
Elementor Page builder

How to know if a WordPress theme Can Work with Elementor?

You can test the compatibility of WordPress with Elementor using free plugin sites, as compatibility issues can break your site. Compatibility between WordPress theme and Elementor should go hand in hand to create unique websites.

Some of the excellent ways to test for compatibility

  • Post a copy of your theme on GitHub: You will get various feedback from the community at GitHub, which will solve your compatibility issue.
  • A plugin such as Theme Check: With Theme Check, you will be able to run automated testing on your site, which is used by the Word Press review team. How to use this plugin:

Visit the Appearance tab in your admin area, click theme check, select an installed theme from the list and click the Check it button. Information about the theme chosen will appear, showing a pass or fail notice.

  • Using a Duplicator plugin, pull down a live site for development and manage to test out the compatibility of every theme installed on your site before going live.
  • Better Plugin Compatibility Control helps test the compatibility of all installed plugins on your website. If the WordPress theme cannot work with the Elementor, one is notified.

Simple Ways to Make Any WordPress Themes Elementor Compatible

Most people love to use Elementor on their websites because of its excellent features and simplicity. If one is not a developer, they are advised to use WordPress themes that easily work with Elementor. For you to make the WordPress theme compatible, it has to be built per the WordPress guidelines.

You are always recommended if you are making a new theme to use a beginner’s theme such as the Underscores theme. Here is how you can customize your article:

  • First, get rid of the container class on the theme code: All Word Press themes utilize the container class. Make sure you delete the container class in the main content of a theme to make it compatible with Elementor. The container class will be removed if Elementor is removed and activated.
  • Delete white spaces on the custom CSS: Remove the content padding when using the Elementor template. You can choose to use CSS over the style.css file.
  • Overridable Design: You will need to make your theme well-suited to the theme of your Elementor. The style of Elementor can override the style of your central theme. You can add a code to the style.css file of the theme.
  • Confirm and use Elementor templates and Features by creating a new webpage and link it to Elementor Canvas.
  • At this point, you have followed all the needed steps and the next thing is to test the all features one by one.
  • In case your theme is still incompatible with Elementor, you can select another appropriate WordPress themes that work with the Elementor, such as Astra.

Changing your WordPress Theme on an Elementor

With a step-by-step guideline on designing your WordPress site using the Elementor theme style quickly and uniquely preserving your style choice. With Elementor, you can manage some global settings, for example, images, buttons, backgrounds, and form fields.

When all the settings are combined, you can have a foundation for your website. Customizing your WordPress theme will elevate your design.

With Elementor, you will start by:

  • Creating a header template
  • Modifying the basic header design by hovering it and clicking the edit button
  • Customize header elements
  • Add available elements to the header
building a website with elementor

How to Customize Your WordPress Website with Elementor

After one has built a website using Elementor, they can now customize it how they see fit. The process includes; defining layouts, changing colors, creating logos, and many other things. Here is how to customize your WordPress website with Elementor.

  1. Customizing color and fonts

Go to the Elementor editor Menu, select Default Colors, and select the color palette you wish to use on the website. If the list of colors on default colors is not satisfactory, there are other alternative colors under More Palettes you refer to.

To customize your website fonts using Elementor, go to Menu and select the Default Fonts option to select your website’s different typography styles, body copy, and text.

2. Finishing touches

On the page admin, change the page template from either the Elementor Canvas to Elementor Full Width and vice versa. One can use flip boxes, a premium element of Elementor, to create blocks with extra information on every rollover. When one clicks the fourth Flip Box, many options appear, enabling them to choose the background image, and colors, use animation, and many other things.

Elementor enables one to use something referred to as “Blocks,” which provides you with content from the library or has you create yours. The Folder icon is where you press for the Blocks option to appear, offering you a collection of blocks to use. Save the block as Template and have it saved under My Templates in the library, where you can reuse it to create other pages.

How You Can Customize Your WordPress Theme with an Elementor Style Theme

Using Elementor is an alternative to customizing your WordPress without using codes. Elementor can enable you to do easy theme customization easily from its user interface with a click of the mouse. You can customize your WordPress theme by changing different style settings from the Elementor panel instead of editing CSS codes with varying theme customizers.

It enables you to customize every part of a WordPress theme from its user interface. While using the Elementor panel, you can learn how to set backgrounds, body text, headings and links, form fields, buttons, and images. You can use the dynamic content and preview and have the ability to visualize your page customization and see how the page customization will affect the actual content.

How does Elementor Page Builder Work?

The creation of complex layouts done visually requires an able WordPress editor like Elementor to make things easier. Elementor offers you the privilege to create designs without CSS, code, or assistance from developers. These responsive designs are excellent on all devices. The user interface for Elementor is user and beginner friendly which means beginners will not struggle with using it.

The Elementor interface is one of a kind as it is speedy, and with the lag-free designs, one will love using it. There is no worry about you facing glitches when creating designs, as nothing is slowing you down.

What is the Cost of Elementor?

The cost for Elementor is free, and one can get it at To enhance the capabilities of your Elementor, one can add advanced features by purchasing Elementor Pro, for which you will pay about $49. This is the cost for the Elementor pro meant for a single website.

What Can You Build with Elemantor?

Elementor seems to preside over other website builders as it is a tool one can use to build any pages and websites. Promotional sales, custom-made, design sales pages, and many others are the different pages Elementor can enable you to create. For an entire website, this is the perfect choice as it offers you unlimited design options you can use better for the appearance of your site.

Difference between Elementor free and Elementor Pro

The Elementor free version offers various widgets, a drag-and-drop visual editor, and styles to design your website. This version is best for basic landing pages and some styles for your blogs. The free Elementor version has 25+ widgets while Elementor pro has 50+ of them.

To design a full website will require you to look for another alternative like Elementor pro, which has unlimited designs, new elements, and templates. Creating a whole theme needs powerful tools like Elementor pro, as the Elementor interface is at your conveyance to assist you in making this happen fast and easily.

Elementor Pro has support that is available 24/7. New features like visual form builder, plugins like Toolset and pods, widgets like portfolios, post lists, sliders, and pricing tables come with Elementor pro allowing you access to pre-built templates.

Pros and cons of Elementor Page Builder

Elementor page builder pros do outweigh the cons, and here they are;


  • Compatible with most themes
  • Regular updates for security
  • The free version has adequate features for users
  • Live previews are available when editing
  • Easy to maneuver interface
  • Easy to customize for mobile phones, laptops, and tablets
  • Attractive animation options and pop-ups


  • For support, one must upgrade to Elementor pro
  • Slower page loads (compared to the Gutenberg editor)
  • The pricing option is not for a lifetime

Elementor is one of the best WordPress plugins that do everything for website builders. Elementor works well with most WordPress themes to quickly build dazzling and safe websites with no coding experience. All the user needs is to add it to your theme. Elementor comes with over 150 professional templates, giving users unlimited options to design websites with all the features they desire.