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If you’re thinking of putting your eCommerce website on the web, hosting is a must requirement; also, if you want your customers to explore your products fast and efficiently, then WooCommerce is what you need. This article will explore some of the best WooCommerce hosting management companies to help you get your e-commerce site up and running. If that sounds profoundly interesting, then continue reading.

The difference between managed and unmanaged hosting

If you don’t know what managed and unmanaged WooCommerce is, this section of the article will guide you to decide on the ideal WooCommerce hosting plan to boost your business’s profit margin.

Managed WooCommerce hosting

Generally, a hosting plan has multiple and different components. And the server hardware system is the most basic of all its features. Essentially, this software has the operating system and other software which aids your website to run efficiently. Some hosting companies offer services malware scanning, automated backup system, etc.

The mentioned features are additionals categorized under the “managed hosting plan.” Generally, the managed hosting plan holds some of the best features and benefits. Also, the hosting company will take care of all the heavy lifting. You don’t have to worry about lifting any finger trying to implement the features.

Unmanaged WooCommerce hosting

Compared to the managed hosting plan, the unmanaged one has very few features that might not catapult your website to the heights of your desire. However, that doesn’t mean it offers bad services.

Suppose you choose the unmanaged hosting plan, then expect a sever with an operating system only. You’ll have to install some of the necessary software to ensure your website runs as per your specifications. The implied software includes; WordPress and Drupal. That also includes PHP or Drupal.

The term ” unmanaged” means that once your website is up and running, the hosting company doesn’t offer services related to server maintenance of your website. Generally, with this hosting plan, you do everything yourself to ensure the success of your e-commerce website and company as a whole.

If these two terminologies, i.e., managed and unmanaged WooCommerce hosting, then consider managed hosting plan a plot of land with an already built house. However, unmanaged hosting is like an empty plot of land which you build a house according to your preferences. Conclusively, then that means you can host your website as per your requirements.

What makes managed WooCommerce hosting good

The chances are that if you’re using a shared hosting plan for your WooCommerce website, you’re missing out on a lot. You should know that a WooCommerce store requires a lot of resources to run efficiently and successfully. As your business grows, regular hosting plans may not be the best suit.

Suppose you want to ensure that your website runs completely per your specifications. In that case, you’ll need specific plugin solutions, for example, support for problems related to WooCommerce systems, specialized configurations, reports, etc. A convenient option would be, looking for a dedicated server.

However, this might be expensive, but cloud hosting and VPS hosting are among the best considerable alternatives. The only problem is that they’re not optimized to handle WooCommerce websites, and that’s where WooCommerce hosting, specifically managed alternative, comes into play.

Hosting CompanyAutomatic BackupsFree SSLIntegrated CDNAverage Loading TimeMonthly CostsLink
SiteGround✔️✔️1.18s$19.99/mo.Visit The Website
Nexcess✔️✔️2 seconds or lessStarting at $19.00/moVisit The Website
WP Engine✔️✔️✔️3-4 seconds$19/moVisit The Website
Pressable✔️✔️3 seconds or less$25.00/moVisit The Website
GreenGeeksNot automatically✔️✔️1.035s$9.95/moVisit The Website
WooCart✔️✔️4.2 seconds$49.00/moVisit The Website
DreamHost✔️✔️1.54s$10.95/moVisit The Website
Kinsta✔️✔️412 msStarting at $30/moVisit The Website
FastComet✔️✔️✔️1.47s$47.95/moVisit The Website
Pagely✔️✔️✔️3.5 seconds$299/moVisit The Website
CloudWays✔️✔️✔️135 msStarting at $12/moVisit The Website

Here are the top 11 managed WooCommerce Hosting companies

Now that you know what managed and unmanaged hosting plans are, what are the most reliable platforms offering managed WooCommerce hosting? The platforms reviewed below will point in the right direction for those who don’t know where to start looking for hosting solutions for their websites.


SiteGround logo

SiteGround is among the oldest hosting companies, almost as old as the internet itself. Since then, the company has established a significant reputation mainly because of the magnificent hosting services they provide.

SiteGround is a hosting platform with vast experiences across multiple categories —for example, creating custom WordPress themes and plugins. Due to their diversified areas of expertise, their hosting plans are 100% reliable, especially for WooCommerce hosting.

Navigating your way around SiteGround is relatively easy, giving you the freedom to continue or start your hosting plans anew. Some of the SiteGround features you can take advantage of to make hosting your website a phenomenal experience include:

  • Automated updates: if there are any required installation updates for your WooCommerce store, SiteGround will automatically install the updates.
  • Daily backups ensure you can reinstate your e-commerce store data. Essentially SiteGround keeps a copy of your website every day.
  • Free SSL certificate: if you want to protect your site from attackers and other malicious intent, then the SSL will ensure that.


Nexcess logo

Like SiteGround, Nexcess has been hosting since the early periods of the web’s inception. Moreover, they have a high level of expertise alongside reliable developers who ensure your hosting process is easy and efficient.

Most importantly, Nexcess has integrated its system with external platforms and other tools to aid you in making extra tweaks for an increased profit margin. Also, the company is operational 24/7 with a reliable support service.

Nexcess welcomes everyone with open arms regardless of whether you’re experienced or a beginner. That is reflected in their plans, e.g., the starter plan is mainly suitable for beginners. On the other hand, expect to pay $190 annually for the hosting plans. Some of the tools you can use to Customize your hosting are;

  • Image lazy loading, which is free via Jetpack
  • Stripe payment gateway.
  • WooCommerce extensions.
  • Direct link tracking
  • Astra Pro
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WP Engine

WP Engine logo

WP Engine is among the most trusted hosting platforms that guarantee you high-level security for your WooCommerce site. Not only does it help you host your website, but it also helps you create one from scratch.

Some WP Engine features to help you create your website are; set up wizards, ready-to-use custom themes, and plugins. With these tools, regardless of whether you’re a beginner, you’ll find it easier to add products to your e-commerce website efficiently.

If you want to assist your customers in getting what they’re looking for quickly, the instant search feature will ensure you’re driving up more sales. Plus, the “did you mean” option is a feature that’ll attract more customers. Essentially the WP Engine will add marketing copy of the highest quality to help you build your brand and solidify your reputation in the cooperate industry in general.

One Unique importance of using WP Engine is that you can transfer your website to their servers. In that case, you’ll use their automated migration plugin. Other advanced features of this platform include;

  • SSH access
  • Activity logs and user permission
  • Starter store – quick installation
  • Cloud CDN
  • Optimized WordPress WAF
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Pressable logo

Notably, the WooCommerce hosting network of Pressable is similar to Worpress.com. This means the two share the same network, ranked as the most reliable network in the market.

One of the main focuses of this network is security issues such as brute force and malware scans to prevent cyber-related attacks on your website. Jetpack premium is what holds these features, and it comes with free hosting. Like the WP Engine, site migration with Pressable is easy and efficient.

You can use their automated migration plugin if you want to migrate your site from another platform to their server systems. Alternatively, you can have their team do the whole thing for you. Like other hosting platforms, they have a service team that’s always on standby to help you with any inquiries or if you are experiencing any difficulties.

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Green Geeks

GreenGeeks logo

GreenGeeks came into the hosting business in the late 2000s. Over the years, it has managed to command a significant reputation. Currently, GreenGeeks powers more than 300,000 websites worldwide. That shows reliable this platform is. On the managed WooCommerce hosting department, GreenGeeks excels with flying colors.

Though old, GreenGeeks is coupled with the latest technology, making your website fast and eco-friendly. Some of these latest technologies are; PHP CDN and SSD. Other advanced features of the platform are; automatic updates, automatic daily backups, security control, etc.

On the other hand, if you opt for their premium plan; you’ll enjoy the following features;

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Site performance boost, i.e., four times.
  • Unmetered data transfer

You can rest assured that opting for this platform as your ultimate choice will yield significant brilliance to your site. Like other platforms, GreenGeeks has a reliable 24/7 reliable customer care service team that will hold your hand if you experience any installation process problems.

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woocart logo

WooCart is among the first hosting companies to set its foot in managed WooCommerce hosting. Since its inception in 2017, its been steadily gaining a significant following primarily because of its services. Moreover, they offer a wide range of customization features that will have your WooCommerce website up and running in no time according to your preferences.

With WooCart’s managed hosting services, you don’t have to worry about maintenance or management issues with your site, as the platform will do all the heavy lifting. Essentially the WooCart support team will help with all the hosting requirements, .e.g, installation processes.

Parts requiring your manual input are your site’s styles, e.g., color, fonts, and settings. Also, if you’d like to migrate your website to their platform, the support team will do it for you for free. WooCart uses google’s back-end hosting services to help scale your site’s progress to a whole new level. WooCart also does random checks on the plugins your site uses to ensure top-notch performance for your site.

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DreamHost logo

When it comes to managed hosting and WordPress, DreamHost doesn’t disappoint. So if you have a word press that you need taken care of, DreamHost is the ideal choice. Generally, they provide dedicated managed hosting plans for these sites to ensure they are easily manageable.

Most importantly, if you have a WooCommerce storefront that you want to put on the web, DreamHost is one of the best options. The platform makes setting up your site from scratch a piece of cake with its WooCommerce themes and plugins. Additionally, they have server-side security features that’ll prevent malicious hacking intent and slow speeds and even manage an abrupt spike in traffic to the site.

DreamHost has one other unique feature, i.e., VaultPress, that automatically backs up and protects your site’s data. Moreover, it gives you additional disk space for different usages. On the other hand, the Jetpack professional plug-in is among its valuable features that enable you to upgrade your online store’s performance. The best thing is, it comes for free. Other advantages you’ll get out of this plugin are;

  • Downtime monitoring
  • Customer login authentication
  • Shipping rate calculations are instant
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Kinsta logo

Kinsta offers wide many options for securely and efficiently hosting your site on the web. From premium personal hosting plans to complex solutions like high-performance WooCommerce.

As you already know, a typical WooCommerce storefront processes a lot of data simultaneously and receives many requests. It can be overwhelming to manage such a site, so this is where Kinsta comes into play. Generally, they’ll place your needs at the top of their priorities, especially if your site receives significant traffic.

If your site performance is poor or slow, you risk losing many potential customers. However, Kinsta has all the bells and whistles needed to ensure that your site performs efficiently. Other features such as the SSL certificates offer the best protection against malware attacks or other potential cyber-attacks.

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FastComet logo

FastComet is a platform that offers many hosting solutions such as basic shared hosting, WordPress hosting, etc. WooCommerce hosting is among its essential services, attracting many to the platform. Features making this platform reliable are as follows;

  • Free migration: for those who want to move their sites from another hosting platform to FastComet, they’ll quickly make that happen.
  • Cloudflare CDN integration: FasComet offers this service for free, enabling you to operate your website in the nearest location closer to your customers.
  • Free domain migration: the same way you can transfer your site from another platform to FastComet, so is the domain. It’s free along with free annual renewal for a year.

FasComet might be offering World-class hosting services; surprisingly, the starter begins at $10, which is relatively cheap and affordable.

Notably, 15GB disk storage guarantees you up to 25,000 visitors per month. That’s in addition to your immediate access to your website’s account. Other privileges include a dedicated dashboard with WooCommerce and C-Panel.

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Pagely logo

If you’re seeking to scale your business with WooCommerce hosting quickly, then Pagely is the right choice that’ll do just that. Their hosting infrastructure is unique from other platforms, making it ideal for WooCommerce hosting. Note, Pagely only uses Amazon Web Services with separate databases compatible with Amazon’s web services platform. Also, it does not use shared hosting of any form.

Pagely guarantees that your business will scale quickly with the mentioned superior features. Some of the key features of this platform include;

  • Dynamic image resizing for best-optimized performance.
  • Let’s you encrypt your SSL certificate
  • Redis custom engine.
  • Automated WordPress updates
  • Global WordPress CDN.

Pagely is an easy-to-use platform. Essentially it’s user-friendly even for beginners. The outlined Superior service offers mentioned above have plans’ costs beginning at a reasonable price of $199 per month.

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Cloudways logo

Cloudways provides you with space for building an e-commerce website, in this case, WooCommerce. Moreover, the managed WooCommerce hosting services of cloudWays are state of the art. Aside from WordPress, the company offers hosting services also to PHP-based platforms. Features provided by CloudWays include;

  • CloudWaysCDN to maximize the performance of your site from anywhere in the world.
  • A single click for SSL installation
  • Automatic file backups
  • Many cloud solution options
  • Dedicated security firewalls
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In conclusion, finding the ideal hosting platform that provides your forefront with all the bells and whistles to boost your profit margin can be an overwhelming task. If you have a midrange budget, Kinsta and WP Engine are the best options to settle for.

However, if you’re tight on budget, then SiteGround is the best fit for your website. SiteGround has all the necessary features you require to run your business inexpensively. If you need extra features to drive more traffic to your site, Pagely and Nexcess are ideal for the job. Factors such as finance and features are then the primary key elements to focus on when deciding on the best hosting platform. Generally, it all boils down to your website’s requirements.