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Do you have your own online shop or do you want to create a dropshipping shop and are you wondering how to create all the product descriptions?

Product descriptions are very important. On the one hand to convince your shop visitor of the quality of your product and on the other hand to rank in the organic search results with the right search engine optimization.

But creating high-converting product descriptions can sometimes be very tiring and time-consuming. For example, if you are planning a large online shop with hundreds of products, you can write all the product descriptions yourself, which will cost you a lot of time, or you can outsource the creation of the product descriptions, which will cost you a lot of money.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could automate all product descriptions? In this article, I would like to report on exactly this topic. There is now AI technology that helps you create high-quality and high-converting product descriptions.

I also own a few online shops or am working on online shops for my clients. So I was looking for a way to simplify the creation of product descriptions, but also perfect them… I came across a very interesting plugin for WooCommerce, which I would like to show you in more detail in this article.

This plugin will help you create optimized product descriptions

For a long time, I was looking for a plugin that could help me to create product descriptions for my WooCommerce online shops. Then I came across a plugin called “Sellika“.

Sellika is based on an algorithm that helps you to create even converting product descriptions. Once installed, the plugin offers you a very detailed user interface where you can specify exact templates for how you want your product descriptions to be created.

Sellika not only creates high-quality product descriptions, but Sellika also takes care of search engine optimization (SEO) for you.

You can set specific keywords for a product or whole combinations of different keywords. The plugin thus generates an optimized product description that will quickly show the specific product in the organic search results.

Likewise, Sellika also optimizes the meta descriptions and meta title of your product. This provides excellent signals to Google to quickly classify your product correctly and present it to the specific target group.

How to install Sellika in your WooCommerce online shop

Of course, the first thing you have to do is visit the website and download the plugin and decide on a subscription package. Depending on how many products you want to optimize or have written, you should choose the right package for you.

But even if you decide on the smallest package, you can easily upgrade if you need a larger package and want to edit more products.

Sellika pricing plans

After purchasing the pack, you will be automatically directed to download the plugin. There you can download the Sellika plugin for your WooCommerce online shop.

You will then also receive your license key, which you need to activate the plugin.

After you have installed the plugin, you will find a new menu item in the left bar of the wordpress backend. There you can make the settings and also create product templates.

sellika settings

You can also define templates and specify how your product descriptions should be written by Sellika. You can predefine certain texts, as well as work with “tags” to display certain variable product properties.

Sellika product description templates

With Sellika you also have the option of importing product reviews from Aliexpress into your WooCommerce store and displaying them there. For this purpose, the Sellika offers a large number of review import settings.

sellika product review import function

After you have made all the settings for the plugin, you can import the product from Aliexpress into your WooCommerce shop as usual. (For importing Aliexpress products into your WordPress/WooCommerce store, I recommend using the Alidropship plugin)

After you have imported the product from Aliexpress into your shop, you can have Sellika edit the product description.
To do this, you have to open the product description in your shop and click on “Edit Product Info”. Then a new menu will open where you can choose the title for your product, as well as add important keywords.

edit product description with sellika

In this boy you can always see exactly how many credits you have left for this month. If your credits are used up, you either have to wait until a new month starts or you can upgrade your subscription plan and get new product editing credits.

choose the best keywords for your product

After clicking the “Edit Product Info” button, a new window will open where you can specify keywords and set a product title.

Choose the most important keywords for your product here. Sellika will use the keywords you specify to create a product description, as well as the meta tags for your product. Therefore, you should choose keywords that match your product or product category.

Once you have made all settings, you can simply click on the “Publish” button and the tool will create an optimized product description for you.

Of course you have the option to make further modifications to the product description after the product description has been created.

That was it. Sellika will provide you with an optimized product description for your products, as well as an optimized meta description for all products.


If you run a larger online shop or plan to open a larger online shop and you don’t have time to create optimized product descriptions manually, Sellika is a very good plugin to try.

Although Sellika is a paid plugin, the prices are still relatively low. And if you can increase your sales with an SEO-optimized product description, the plugin is usually worthwhile from the very first incoming order.

With the SEO-optimized product description, you can save on spending on expensive advertising such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads in the long run.

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