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The typical course of a web design project: From the initial meeting, the concept phase, through implementation and tests, to putting your website online – and beyond.

Initial Meeting

You contact us by phone, email or using the contact form. We will then make an appointment for an initial personal meeting. The first interview is primarily about three things:

First: We get to know each other, see if the chemistry is right and how we can work together.

Second: We learn to understand your project and your idea, to understand you as a person / company. They tell us everything that is important and, happily, a little more. We will ask you everything you need to know to develop a clear perspective and a comprehensive understanding of your idea.

Third, we answer all of your questions about the development of your new website.

If you live or work further away, we can do this by phone or email. Many of our customers have never seen us personally and are still enthusiastic.

Offer And Placing Of Order

If you feel that you are in good hands and competently looked after after the initial meeting with us, we will make you an offer for your project.

This offer contains a definition of the project goals, a list and description of all required functions, a time frame for the implementation, and of course a binding price for the implementation. This offer is also the specification sheet according to which we fulfill your order.

So far, of course, everything is completely free and without obligation.

If you like the offer, please confirm the order by email. You will then receive an invoice for the the payment (Full payment of the order value) as well as a specific schedule for implementation, and then your project will start.

In the next step, we will send you the access data to your personal project dashboard. In this dashboard you can easily communicate with us at any time, exchange files or send us texts for your website. You can also follow the progress in the project dashboard.

Concept Development

It is no accident why some websites do their job well and others just don’t want to. With a clear and proven system, we develop the concept so that your website is one of the “good” ones.

Target group analysis
The most important thing about your website is the target audience: the people who should visit your website. Design, layout, structure, functions, …

Navigation structure
The structure of your website: main pages, sub-pages, categories, news, dates …

Page structure
Which content area is displayed where, how and when? To do this, we will design a rough page layout in a wireframe and send it to you for approval.

Design concept
According to your existing corporate design, redesign of your old website or completely new – the design is also well thought out and tailored to your target group.

Marketing concept
If necessary, we will of course also develop the concept for your online marketing channels, advertising opportunities and platforms, social media, landing pages,…

Design Development

Now the implementation processes start, screen design and server setup in parallel.

You will receive graphic drafts of your website from our graphic designers. We will make changes to these drafts based on your feedback until you are completely satisfied. This works according to the fair use principle, two to three revisions are usually sufficient until you say: “This is what my new website should look like”.

The people who are responsible for graphics and programming are already working closely together here so that everything fits perfectly and design and functions work together perfectly.

Hosting Access, Content, Images

Please send us the access data to your hosting provider. You have to register your desired domain with a hosting company (if you don’t already have a domain and a hosting provider). Then please send us all your data, pictures and texts (you can do that via the client dashboard or by email).

Don’t you have a hosting provider yet?

We can highly recommend Bluehost to you, we had very good experiences with Bluehost. The hosting provider is also very inexpensive, but still offers very good and sufficient performance.

Web Development: The Content Management System

In parallel to the design process, we take care of the technical side of your website. We install the content management system on the server (you don’t need to install anything on your computer, everything runs on the web), set up the system, create the page and menu structure, and program functions.

On the basis of this prototype, which still looks “naked” and unfinished, we can test functions and – if things have to go particularly quickly – we can even start adding certain content. The strict separation of design and content allows us this flexibility.

Design Implementation

After you have approved the design, we will create a template for your website from the graphic file – handcrafted from a blank sheet of paper and with great attention to detail. We use all current technologies that make sense – no more and no less. These are things like HTML5, CSS3, jQuery … that make your website look good, feel good and work everywhere.

We are putting this design on the previously bare scaffolding of your site, and since dresses make not only people but websites as well, you will smile happily when you see the result.

Training In The Content Management System

The content of your website can now be entered. Thanks to the easy-to-use content management system, this is quick and easy.

We explain all relevant functions of the content management system to you. The instructions are also available as a PDF so that you can read them at any time. And if at any point you have any questions about the operation: You have our telephone number and email address. We are also reachable in the client-dashboard!

If you wish, we can also have the texts or photos for your website created for you, revised, your handwriting typed, or whatever is necessary. That is of course not included in the package price.

Tests And Fine-Tuning

Now we are going to extensively test your website – is everything working as it should? Really? Everywhere and in every system environment? Does the presentation fit?

We then transfer your website from the development server to your server or activate it there. At the risk of repeating myself: But now it’s time to test. The whole test program again, just to be absolutely sure.

And: GO! – You Are Online

When all content has been entered and everything has been completed for the launch on our part, we will ask for your approval to start – and go online. Now lean back and look forward to it. But not too long:

Congratulations, your website is ready and online. Now your customers can visit your new website. Give your new website some time to rank organically in the search engine results. For brand new websites, about 3-6 months, for rebranding and existing websites about 4 weeks until Google and Bing indexes the new content and directs the first visitors to your new website.

…and what happens after that?

The fine tuning

In the first few months after the launch, experience has shown that there are always a few subtleties that are adapted according to user feedback.

One or two such changes are included in the price (depending on the scope).

Online marketing

In accordance with the existing marketing concept, we have probably already started preparing your marketing activities in the background.

Now these activities start to drive visitors to your website.

Support and optimization

Even after your website has been completed, we are at your disposal to further improve your website, carry out search engine optimization, implement new functions – just take good care of your website. If you want to achieve more organic visitors in the long term, professional search engine optimization is very important. You can find more information on the topic of SEO on our website.