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Why is a logo so important?

When you consider all the factors that go into building a business, it doesn’t seem like having a logo is a high priority. But it should!

“Maybe I don’t need a logo at all,” a small voice in your head might say.

Don’t listen to that voice; she couldn’t be more wrong. Your logo is a key part of making your brand successful – even on par with high-quality products and positive reviews.

Nowadays everyone needs their own professional logo. Whether for your company, your new website or blog, or for your new YouTube channel.

A logo is very important to build an identity.

In this article, I would like to explain why a logo is important and how you can easily create a professional logo yourself.

personal company logo

1. A logo draws attention

Attention spans are short these days – especially those of customers.

Companies have about 2 seconds to convince potential customers whether their products are worth it or not.

This is where your logo comes into play.

A logo can grab a visitor’s attention and communicate your company’s core values ​​in an interesting way. The short attention span that makes customers judge your company by looks can work to your advantage here if you have a solid logo that represents your company.

2. A logo makes a strong first impression

The logo is how the company first introduces itself to the customer. If it’s a good logo, it can generate interest and make the visitor want to know more; if not, you’ve just blocked your way to a potential customer base and ruined your company.

(A little joke – but only almost.)

First impressions are your opportunity to immediately communicate what products you sell or what niche market you serve.

Do you offer women’s basketballs with better grip? Are your consulting services particularly useful for sole traders? Your logo introduces your company as an authority in your work environment.

good looking logo design

3. It is the basis of your brand identity

Successful branding is all about spinning a story that evokes emotions in your customers—simple.

While it’s true that logo design is only part of a company’s brand, it also serves as the foundation of the entire story on which the brand is built.

Colors, hues, fonts – all of this is determined by the story you want to tell and your logo creates the framework for that story.

These elements later carry over from your logo to all of your materials—letterhead, business cards, landing pages, just about anything—leading to concrete brand identity.

4. Visual = Memorable

Your logo leads the horse (your audience) to the water (your company).

Logos are a point of identification; they are the symbols customers use to recognize your brand. Ideally, you want customers to immediately associate your logo with what your company does—and, more importantly, how they feel about it.

At the same time, since a good logo is also a visually and aesthetically pleasing element, it evokes positive memories of your brand that your brand name alone is not enough to do.

And, let’s all be honest, some of your audience will surely forget your company’s name (don’t take it personally—it’s human nature), but they’ll immediately associate your logo with memories of your brand.

5. Your new logo sets you apart from the competition

Dare to be different with your logo. Your company logo communicates to customers why your company is unique. Sure, there are probably 50 other coffee shops in your city, but yours is the only one dedicated to sustainability, and your green, and earthy logo communicates that.

A well-thought-out company logo can communicate everything from the company’s background (professional, relaxed, fun) to its mission (entertaining, efficient, and innovative) – all through the right icon or font.

In other words, your logo is your way not only to communicate your values but also to show customers why you’re not like the competition – you’re better.

pro logo design

6. Maintains brand loyalty

It is well known: customers need consistency.

As your brand grows, more and more customers will come to know your logo. This familiarity gives the impression that you are trustworthy and approachable.

Think about it: when you need new gear for your sport and you suddenly see jogging pants with the Nike hook, you immediately tend to buy them. Why? Because you know you’re in good hands with Nike; Nike is a brand you trust. Trust is based on a good logo and brand loyalty quickly follows.

Once they like you, your customers will keep coming back – and your logo is the first thing they’ll look out for.

7 Your audience expects it

Last but not least.

Your logo is the first thing your audience will look for when they receive communications from your brand. It should be central to all of your marketing materials, such as business cards, flyers, advertisements, etc.

If you don’t have a logo (or one that stands out), you’re missing out on an opportunity to get your company in the minds of your audience.

So you see – you need a logo. It is a key part of building a successful company and brand.

Now I would like to introduce you to a great tool with which you can create your own logo in just a few steps without having to download and install any software on your computer.

The tool I would like to present to you today is completely browser-based and you can work from any device, whether you are working from an iPad, laptop, PC, Mac, or Chromebook. All you need is internet access.

Logo Design Tutorial For Beginners

I found a great platform that makes it extremely easy for beginners to develop professional logos. All you have to do is go to the DesignCap homepage and create a free account there.

create a free account with designcap

After you have created your free account, all you have to do is confirm your email address and you’re good to go.

When you are on your dashboard you will see a button “Create New” on the top left, please click on this button and then select “Logo”.

choose what type of graphic you want to create

Now you can search for your favorite logo template. The program gives you a huge library of different logo styles you can choose from. You also can search for a specific style by putting something into the search box on top of the logo templates.

search for your favorite logo template

From time to time you can also see logo templates with a little diamond on the top. This means, that these logo templates are premium logo templates and they are not free. In order to use these logo templates, you have to subscribe. But there are also a ton of really good-looking free logo templates you can use.

But if you want to subscribe to the platform, you can use all the features of the program and get all premium templates.

premium logo templates

But for this logo design tutorial, we will choose a free logo template and modify this template so we can use it for our purpose.

For now, we will choose a free logo template to start with.

i choose a free logo template

To select a good-looking logo template, just click on your favorite logo design.

You can change everything in the template or logo. You can change the text, the font, the size, and even the graphic element.

customize your logo

Just click on the text element to write your own slogan or company name. You can also choose your custom design elements by clicking on the “Elements” tab. You can browse all elements or you can search for a pre made element you want.

It is also possible to upload your own graphics or design elements.

upload your custom images

For this demo, I upload a custom image, so I used my already existing logo to show you how easy it is to insert custom icons or images to your new logo.

With the free version, you can upload 5 custom images.

download your custom logo

When you have finished your new logo you can simply download your logo and save it on your computer. All you have to do is click on the “Download” button at the top right.

If you want a higher resolution of your logo, you need to sign up for a subscription plan. But it is definitely worth buying the program because this program offers so much. You can use this program for so many things, not just logos. With this program, you can create flyers, design posters, create business cards, and much much more…

If you want to get a discount, Click Here!

graphic design tool pricing plans

I can recommend you the “Plus Plan” because you will get a lot of bonus content! And for less than $6 a month, you can’t go wrong!

Check out the other templates too. DesignCap offers you thousands of professional design templates that you can use to create high-quality design elements.

The great thing about DesignCap is that the program is extremely easy to use. Everything is very intuitive and you don’t need any previous knowledge to quickly create high-quality graphics.