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Setting up a business and growing it to a multi-million empire requires capital, audience, and patience. All these factors make a business very labor-intensive and costly difficult to manage and sometimes frustrating when you are an inexperienced entrepreneur. However, if you know how to tap opportunities and maintain the satisfaction of your clients, then that’s a milestone for you. But you can escape all the frustration, build your brand and minimize the cost of building your brand seamlessly with Seamless. AI. Well, this article will help you understand in detail to help you connect to every opportunity possible.

What is Seamless.AI?

Seamless.AI is a marketing intelligence platform with a large database of professional information that is relevant to help you find and develop sales leads and grow your business. With you can search and quickly access professional information about your clients, connect with them and build profitable relationships. Nonetheless, you can acquire new clients and minimize the most complex technical sales challenges.

The data information you can get from includes; phone numbers, emails, biographies, interests, location, employee lists, competitors, technologies, marketing trends, and more. However, it does not include private information about the people/clients. Having access to this information is vital because it helps you seamlessly navigate the marketing strategies and difficulties. Thus, maximizing your sales, income, and potential.

Who is the Creator of Seamless.AI? was created by Brandon Bornancin, an entrepreneur, author, serial salesperson, strategist, and speaker. His will to develop was driven by his obsession to help people maximize sales, income, and potential beyond their horizons. Besides, he has also offered his marketing strategies advice to the world’s top-performing companies to help them build reputable, scalable, and predictable sales teams. Due to this, he is recognized among the topmost influential sales and marketing leaders in the world.

Find-Companies on seamless ai
Easily find B2B company contacts with the Seamless Ai tool!

Why you should use the Seamless.AI

There are several reasons why you should use Seamless.AI due to its versatility and convenience to allow you to increase your clientele base and grow your business. They include;

Find Contacts

The Seamless.AI features the search tool to allow you to search for companies or people by using titles, keywords, or names. You can filter the search result any way you want and it can also provide a message with tips to improve your search results. That’s because it can refine filters, remove any quotes if you had used them and you can add them to the Chrome extension to help you find social contacts from social platforms. For instance, if you do a contact search for any company, it will automatically provide you with the company’s name, image, title, URL links to the company’s website, phone number, email, etc.

Create a Profitable Contact List

If you want to quickly build lists of your most profitable contacts, then is your best tool. In the interface, there is a dropdown box in the right corner labeled “Set Default List” which you can use to create lists to tag your contact and companies as many as you want. And, you can also filter them, save, export, download, and more.

Track your Goals

Besides searching for contact info and creating a contact list, you can also track your goal with using the Sales Income Calculator feature. Setting goals is vital for any business because it provides insight into the growth of your business and helps you stay on the course/target. Simply, enter your sales and commission targets data into the sales income calculator to set up and track your goals. Nevertheless, you can set your sales quota and choose to provide you with data on sales goals, leads, what a lead is worth, and appointments. This will provide you with an insight regarding the number of leads to contact based on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Seamlessly makes it Easy to Target Audience in Real-Time

With Seamless.AI you can get the detailed location of your prospect with robust and incredible data on each contact to help you easily target them more precisely. Thus, allowing you to segment them by market. Also, you can effectively target your ideal prospects in real-time while they get alerts wherever they are.

For Customer Relationship Management {CRM}

Seamless.AI can seamlessly integrate into all your CRMs which gives you the advantage to expand your market and dreams when prospecting for leads. Syncing to CRMs is a well-thought idea that will help you build a sales funnel and turn your prospect into potential customers and advocates. It also makes the outbound sales process easy and cost-effective. In addition, it verifies the email before displaying it which makes it more accurate in replenishing the database.

It Helps you Build a Sales Development Representative Team {SDR}

If you want to build a sales development representative team is your best tool. Because it allows you to identify employees list who are decision-makers and influencers for SDR. Moreover, rather than searching their contact and data on LinkedIn, makes it incredibly easy to locate their data and import them into Salesforce in two clicks.

To help you Capture Attention and Build Trust

If you have a new product in the market Seamless.AI will help you capture your audience’s attention as it allows you to list your terms through social platforms like LinkedIn, E-mail, Twitter, etc. Hence allowing you to effectively interact with them which allows them to share their dissatisfaction and more. This will give you the ground to handle them, advertise your products, and issue discounts, coupons and campaigns through digital marketing. Thus building trust in your audience might improve the lifeline of your business in years to come.

You can Track your Competitors’ Progress can also offer intelligent information from news and press release about your competitors. This will give you a better opportunity to understand your competitors and track their progress. Hence, you will be able to up your game and deliver solutions to win and bridge the gap between you and your competitors. In addition, increases your competitive advantage in any marketplace by doing more while there is still a chance and being adaptable to changes.


Pros and Cons of Seamless.AI

Now I would like to go into the advantages and disadvantages of Seamless.AI in more detail. Here I describe in detail when it is worth switching to Seamless.AI or creating an account. Maybe you will find a few points here that are of particular interest to you and your business.

Pros of Seamless.AI

Seamless User Experience

The Seamless.AI provides a lightweight interface that is easy to use and trains others on the team to use it even if they are not tech-nerds. Or more to the point, it has most integrations to many CRMs and allows you to browse through to find real-time information.

It is cost-effective in the long run.

Rather than employing a team to search your audience contact, will effectively harvest your audience data and push your campaigns or agenda. Thus, saving you can do more in a short amount of time and save the expenses of employing a research team or a third-party service.

It Provides Accurate Contact Details

If you want an accurate contact detail, then we strongly recommend using because it allows you to link it to Chrome Extension and social platforms like LinkedIn. This will offer you the opportunity to find their contact details including their URL links to connect with them straightforwardly.

It is Suitable for Every type of Business

Whether you are a blogger, consultant agent, running an E-commerce platform, small business, or selling physical or digital items, will effectively work to your advantage. That’s because it can harvest all the data you need from your audience and help you push your campaigns through your favorite CRM and email marketing. This will drive leads to your business and get high conversion rates.

It Tracks your Competitor’s Progress

Apart from making lead generation a breeze, can provide news updates and analyze your competitor’s progress. This will help you to stay embrace the changes in the marketplaces, encourage you to work on every opportunity, and up your game.

It allows you to Download your Contact Info

Seamless.AI can allow you to download the contact info, segment them and list the contacts to your preference, unlike LinkedIn which does not offer a download and listing option.

It configures with Most CRMs and Salesforce

You can enjoy the worth of your hard-earned money when you employ because its integration to most Salesforce and CRM systems is simple and effective. You can also customize it to your preference when configuring a wide range of products.

Makes it Easy to Create Surveys

If you maximally utilize the Sales Income Calculator feature included in the you can create an accurate survey of your performance. This survey data from the Sales Income Calculator feature is tracked depending on your progress. That is to say, you can trust the survey and improve on the areas you are weak in.

The Credits Cost is Quite Reasonable

The cost of credits from is quite reasonable compared to the big players like ZoomInfo and others. Hence, you don’t need to be overly cautious when you assign credits to users. Besides, being very cheap it offers you the ability to lookup email addresses in real-time.

However, they also offer a free version that can help you generate leads and offer insights that are ideal for small businesses. But the free version’s features are limited making it unreliable when you want to conduct more research. Therefore, for more research capabilities it would be helpful if you upgrade your account and sign up for either an unlimited annual plan or monthly plan.

Good Quantity and Quality of Leads

The ability and effectiveness of to harvest accurate audience data depending on the industry you work in it will provide good quantity and quality leads depending on your target prospect. This will provide your team with easy time to push the prospect’s info into a salesforce within two clicks of a button without wasting time.

seamless ai in comparison

Cons of Seamless.AI

Since Seamless.AI is still developing to earn the top spot among the bigger players in the marketplace there are drawbacks reported from its users on various platforms. Therefore, it would be wise to be aware of this issue to help you decide whether you want to use it or not. They include;

Customer Service is not Good

According to, they mention you can reach for support through Email, Phone contact, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. However, users have complained that their customer service is not good as most of the time they are unresponsive and it can take days before you get a response and get your issue resolved. But we think this will change in the near future. The platform is evolving every day and so will the support get better quickly.

You cannot Work from a remote drive when Seamless.AI is down

Unfortunately, when is down you can’t access your seamless account will be denied from a remote drive. That’s because it thinks you are accessing your account through multiple users making it inconvenient and unreliable when there is an emergency. Therefore, if you want to work outside your remote you need to figure that out to avoid inconveniences.

Inadequate UI {User Interface}

Well, the interface layout of Seamlessly.AI is easy to navigate, but its user interface is not richer than the big players. That is because it lacks quick videos and Webinars to improve training and help new users or novice users to access and understand the functionality of the seamless.AI better. Besides, the UI is not mobile friendly and thus limiting your to access service while you are away from your PC. Therefore, it could be a milestone for many users if the company unveils a mobile/phone version of UI.

It does not Auto-update the Contact Info

Users have highly rated Seamless.AI when it comes to providing accurate contact info for your audience. But if you already have a contact in your CRM it does not automatically update the contact info, unlike ZoomInfo does. For instance, if you updated your CRM six months ago, the current data CRM data might be off by a few months or weeks.

Limited Number of Contact to Retrieve Each Day

The number of contacts you can retrieve each day is limited depending on your plan subscription. Therefore, if you exceed contact data research the system might lock up temporarily for about 48 hours.

Seamless ai is a relatively new and very innovative platform. Seamless ai is actively developed and constantly receives new updates. Therefore we assume that in the near future all negative aspects will be eliminated by the developers and the team behind Seamless AI!


Seamless.AI is your best tool that will enable you to find contact data seamlessly and import them directly into your CRM for developing sales leads. Nonetheless, it is also more cost-friendly and more effective than most tools available.