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When it comes to education, entertainment, and the internet, videos continuously develop into important assets. With the appropriate tools, you can generate more interest, engage more individuals, and embrace your audience.

Chromebook users have discovered video editing as a ubiquitous need in the modern world. With the advent of the content creation phenomenon and the rise of social media and video sharing platforms, the number of people using their devices to create content has increased significantly.

Content can range from gameplay videos to how-to videos and tutorials, which are not only used by the content creators, but often by others as well, to teach how a particular piece of software works or to share information. All over the world, users need a video editor that will help them create videos and post them on social media and other platforms in the most professional way possible.

Chromebooks are essential for your 2D or 3D video creation and editing needs. Chromebook uses the Google Chrome browser to perform its tasks and stores most data and applications in the cloud. If you’re looking for the appropriate animation software for your 2D or 3D videos, you’re right in the right place.

This article outlines the 10 best free animation software for Chromebook.

In a hurry? Want a quick rundown of the best animation software for your Chromebook? Then we have listed all the animation software for you here, including a link to download the software.

Let’s take a detailed look at the best 10 free animation software for your Chromebook

  1. WeVideo
wevideo chromebook

It’s one of the leading online software for your content animating needs. WeVideo allows you to create videos and animations at any location and time. It provides over one million pieces of different stock media, like videos, music tracks, and images. The software comes with features that allow you to create a horizontal, vertical, or square video for your various needs. WeVideo is the best option for your Chromebook as it offers more uploading options, collaborations, backgrounds, and music tracks. >> Go To The Website <<


● Offers quality video creating and editing features like fonts, titles, etc.

● It comes with user-friendly interfaces.

● Provides numerous music tracks, backgrounds, frames, and overlays


● You can only publish a 5-minute video

● The free version doesn’t come with a webcam or recording screen

  1. Blender
Blender video

The blender is the best option when looking for free 3D animation software. This tool comes with critical tools, such as editing, rigging, compositing, motion tracking, and simulation features. Furthermore, the tool incorporates the Python API important for customizing the user interface to allow for quick navigation while having your different tasks. >> Go To The Website <<


● Provides essential features to enhance quality rigging, soft body, smoke, and fluid simulations

● Blender allows seamless video editing and composition

● Allows you to develop video games

● It’s seamlessly customizable


● It may become overwhelming with its numerous incredible features

● You need a lot of time and training to learn how to use it

  1. Powtoon

It’s a web-based video creation and presentation software you can choose for your needs. You can use it to make presentations, advertisements, informative videos, tutorials, and manuals. Powtoon has the best online user-friendly to help you create and share animations easily. You can also get tools and presets like voice-overs, soundtracks, images, and clips essential in various projects. >> Go To The Website <<


● The best option for producing professional videos

● Has a user-friendly interface

● Comes with numerous incredible features

● Provides excellent tools for automatic storage, easy handling, and presentations


● You need to update to a premium version to get new features

  1. Toontastic

Toontastic is a top option and quality 3D animation software for your Chromebook. The providers designed the tool with a user-friendly interface to execute various animation objects or characters. It provides numerous 3D drawing tools you can use for designing characters, sharing options, and custom photos of characters. >> Go To The Website <<


● It’s easily available and free to use

● The numerous features encourage imaginative play

● Most engaging, exciting, and motivating software

● Makes it easy to share your content

● Provides unlimited animation choices


● The mood music generally overpowers character voices

● Lacks text tools

● Difficult in recording group content

  1. Animation Desk
Animation Desk

It’s the best option for your animation needs to help create animated stories or cartoons on your Chromebook. The animation desk’s user-friendly nature makes it easy to create various animation videos from scratch. You can use more than 45 brushes to create numerous forms of unique animations and import external photos and clips. >> Go To The Website <<


● Provides options for numerous project needs

● Essential for beginners

● Support various frame rates and backgrounds

● The straightforward and easy-to-use interface


● Require a lot of time to learn how to use it

● The free version has limited features

  1. Adobe Character Animator
Adobe Character Animator

Adobe character animator is the appropriate choice for the best Chromebook video creating and editing tools. It offers simple, amazing, and stunning features for various animation tasks, like facial, cartoon character, and gesture recognition. The platform designers provide features that suit both beginners and experienced individuals’ needs. >> Go To The Website <<


● Offers various sophisticated features

● Has a user-friendly interface allowing faster and smooth processes

● Provides high-quality output

● Provides a variety of features and options


● You must upgrade to a premium or paid version to get all the sophisticated features.

  1. YouTube Studio Video Editor

It’s an essential tool for Chromebook users with different video creation and animation needs. YouTube studio video editor allows you to have new and animated video production using various video creation and editing tools. The software offers an easy-to-use platform and the best interfaces for your video editing and trimming needs. >> Go To The Website <<


● Cost-effective option for your video and music editing needs

● Produces content without any watermark

● Comes with simple interfaces that are easy to learn

● Allows you to upload videos easily on YouTube


● Offers basic editing features only

● Doesn’t allow you to merge your videos

  1. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is the best alternative for creating and editing videos on your Chromebook. This browser-based creator and editor provide numerous features for your video needs. It’s the best option when recording, editing, converting, and compressing your files. Many users prefer Clipchamp as it offers a fast and flexible video editing experience. Furthermore, Clipchamp comes with numerous ready-to-use templates and a huge audio files and footage library. >> Go To The Website <<


● Works seamlessly with various cloud storage providers, like Dropbox, OneDrive

● The platform is compatible with stock content and gypsy libraries

● Provide a user-friendly interface

● Has text to speech tools for automatic narration generation


● The free version limits you to export with a watermark and at 480p resolution only.

  1. Kdenlive

It’s a popular and user-friendly software for your different animating needs. The platform is usually open to all machines, but it best suits Chromebook computers. Kdenlive has numerous features that make it a top priority among most chrome book users. The platform features multi-track editing, no watermarks, customizable shortcuts, and user-friendly interfaces. >> Go To The Website <<


● Provides efficient features to create numerous montage videos

● Offers color correction tools

● Has numerous subtitle and animation keyframe features

● It supports rotoscoping in your video creation and editing


● It has limited output options

● Provide low-speed effects

  1. Kapwing

It’s an essential and free online video editor on your Chromebook. You can easily use the different features to record, edit and merge your videos or tracks. It’s a good choice for Chromebook users as it enhances faster uploading of media to your link on YouTube. The free platform also provides basic video editing tools for trimming, cropping, changing speed, and adjusting your videos. >> Go To The Website <<


● Provides numerous editing tools with a user-friendly and intuitive interface

● Has automatic subtitles, entertaining themes, easy-to-use settings

● Generates subtitles automatically


● Allows only up to 720p file exportation for the free version

● It glitches in the auto-generated subtitles

● Limits up to 250 MB on the free version

Our personal recommendation

The right video software for your Chromebook is very important if you want to create high-quality videos. You can of course test and use the free video editing software from our list, but if you really want to use all the functions to the full, sometimes you have no choice but to use paid software.

We use Video-Maker from VMaker. This video software offers all the features you need to create and export high-quality videos.

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The video software only costs $7 per month, making it the cheapest full version on the market.

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So if you are looking for a video editing software for your Chromebook that can really do everything then you should take a closer look at Video Maker!

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Final Thoughts

Animation software is essential for your video creation, editing, and animation needs. Choosing the appropriate tools for your video animation on your Chromebooks will be vital. The above are the top 10 free animation software for Chromebook. These tools allow you to animate characters, draw computer images or videos, and create soundtracks with numerous sophisticated features.