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Do you have a business and want to draw more clients’ attention to you and your service? Online is a very good way to reach new customers and to attract many eyes to your business. But what can you do if, for example, there are many similar businesses in your city and these businesses rank better in the various search engines than your website?

Here we would like to reassure you and tell you that there are many ways to display your company at the top of the organic search results on google or bing.

Many different companies would of course like to have many new customers and rank high in the search results for the best keywords. But many companies have a website built and then no longer work on the website and the content.

Nowadays it is very important that you stand out from the crowd with your company and your online company presentation.

For many years we have been working with companies all over the world to increase their visibility online and thus ensure higher sales.

It doesn’t depend on what you sell, there are the right buyers for (almost) everything. The only challenge is that you present your product or service to the customer at the right time. We would like to help you with this article. Here you can find out everything you can do yourself to be found online and to drastically increase your sales figures.

Actions on your own website

I am now assuming that you already have your own website. No matter if you created them with Wix, Sqarespace, WordPress, etc. Regardless of whether you built the website with a website construction kit or designed it from scatch. You always have the opportunity to make changes to your website and to improve it and make it more readable for the various search engines.

So what should you do (Tips for beginners)?

Optimize page titles (title tags)

If you’ve used a search engine before (and you probably have), you’ve definitely seen title tags before, whether you’re aware of it or not.

This is the heading of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

If you google “kitchen appliances”, the top result is from IKEA.

search result

In this case, the title tag is “Kitchen Appliances – IKEA”.

The headline is seen by searchers and search engines alike. Often times, it’s the first thing they see, which is exactly why it’s so important to put enough time and effort into your title tags.

Here’s what you need to remember: Your title tag will be read by real people

They will respond to the title tag. You will judge him. You are attracted to im. You are repelled by him. You will learn from him.

The title tag of your page sends a message to the whole world!

Title tags work together with the meta description (the text below the title tag). In the case of IKEA, in the example above, this is the meta description – a sentence that reveals more information about the page.

Tip: think carefully about the heading for each of your pages. Think about what customers google when they search for your product or service.

Use Headings Correctly

Of course you also have text on your website. This text is certainly also subdivided with various headings. To make it easier for the search engine to read your text and to understand what your website is about, you can help the search engine with the correct headings.

Also use certain keywords in your individual headings, i.e. words that your customers also enter on google.

As an example: We see many websites that start with, for example, “Welcome” as a heading. But that’s a big mistake. Nobody will search for “Welcome” on google or the other search engines.

So always use meaningful keywords in your headings, which your customers could also search for.

As a small example: if you have a shoe store in Los Angeles, you shouldn’t use the heading “Welcome” first. How about, for example, the headline, “Best Shoe Store Los Angeles” or “Beautiful shoes for women in Los Angeles”.

seo heading structure

On websites, the so-called Hx declaration is used to structure a text. These are HTML tags that are used to mark the headings of your content as such. The “H” stands for “Heading”, the “x” is a placeholder for the hierarchy level of the respective heading.

Sounds complicated? It’s not. The Hx declaration enables headings from hierarchy 1 to 6, i.e. h1 to h6. This means that the headings are subordinate to each other, with h1 having the highest ranking and h6 the lowest.

The h1 is the title or headline of your site. Like a book, your document has only one title. You should definitely mark your title with the h1 tag and use it exactly once per site.

You use the headings h2 to h6 for the topics or sub-topics that you are dealing with. In contrast to the h1 heading, you can assign h2 to h6 as often as you like.

If two topics are equally important and linked by the next higher heading, they receive the same Hx mark: The h1 is followed by one or more h2 headings. If there are subtopics, one or more h3 headings follow an h2, etc. Under no circumstances should you skip over heading levels in your text structure and, for example, follow an h1 heading with an h3 heading.

Content Is King

Search engines try to present the most relevant result for the user. In order to evaluate the relevance of a page, over 200 signals are evaluated. Among other things, the structure, type and amount of the content.

On the one hand, the entire page is checked to see how much interesting content the page has in store for the entered keyword, on the other hand, corresponding offers offer visitors the opportunity to stay longer and interact, such as sharing links, writing comments or similar on the Move page.

content for seo

The length of the stay, the clicking on links in the text or in the menu and also the interaction flow into the ranking of the website in the search results. The following applies: the longer the user is on the site, the more actively he deals with the content, the more positive and stronger the signal to the search engine.

This means all text content on a website. Titles in the menu structure are also regarded as text content. If a website is checked by a search engine with regard to the text content, this initially includes the entire scope of the text. The texts themselves are checked for structure.

In short: bring as much relevant and informative content as possible to your website. Describe your services in detail. Explain to your visitors what advantages they have with you and what makes your product or service special.

Images and other media on your website

The situation is different with content such as photos, infographics or videos. Just as search engines have image searches, the content still cannot be read. The displayed pixels cannot be evaluated by the search engines. Nevertheless, the images are important for the ranking and the content of the page.

On the one hand, you loosen up the text, illustrate statements made and ensure that the user deals more intensively with the content. Furthermore, pictures or illustrations are also often shared in social networks, as they can convey statements without words. This interaction in turn has a positive effect on the ranking of the website.

In particular, content such as videos and infographics ensure high interaction rates and longer stays. It is therefore advisable to include them whenever possible. It is important to ensure that alt tags, meaningful image titles and descriptions are assigned for all integrated graphic content, as these can be evaluated by Google.

alt tags for seo

In addition, it is important to only place images, videos and graphics on the website in a size-optimized manner, as slow loading times are severely punished by the search engines. Ultimately, the search engine wants to deliver content that is as relevant as possible to the searcher as quickly as possible.

In short: if possible, use your own pictures or videos on your website. Everyone has a cell phone with a camera these days. Take your own pictures of your products or your team. Add appropriate “alt tags” that describe exactly what is shown in the picture.

Important elements

Always make it easy for your visitors to contact you. Place the button to contact you as prominently as possible. Visitors to your website do not want to search long to find the contact details.

Make the general navigation of your website very intuitive. This way, visitors and search engines can find all of your content quickly and easily.

Keep your website clean and tidy. If you have too many elements or images on your website, it can quickly become irritating for the visitor.

Social Media Content

Social media content refers to all content that can be shared via social channels. The bandwidth here ranges from texts to small videos. Depending on the channel, the social media content is geared differently. Social media content is primarily geared towards sharing and interaction. This type of content is used to communicate, interact and connect with users or potential customers.


We hope that these tips could help you to improve your website. If you follow all these tips and optimize the individual pages of your website in this way, you will find after a while that you will get more visitors.

Now you have to optimize your website in such a way that the visitors also become buyers who buy your products or services, or carry out other desired actions.

Do you need help? You are welcome to contact us about search engine optimization. We are happy to help you.