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Creating a great voiceover for your video content is one of the vital factors that influences your audience, traffic, leads, and conversion. However, many fail to produce high-quality voiceover content because they feel uncomfortable recording their voice and they are not fluent in their language vocabulary. Or, the microphone doesn’t produce a high-quality voiceover.

But the innovation of Text-to-Speech {TTS} software has made the conversion of text to speech seamlessly easy for YouTubers as it mimics actual humans’ voices. Nonetheless, it can also be customized to suit your preference and improve its quality. One of the best TTS software out there in the market that can help you convert text to speech is Speechelo. This text to speech software has become the industries standard right now! For more details, below is a review of Speechelo.

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Why Is Speechelo the Best Text-to-Speech Software?

Speechelo is Artificial Intelligence (AI) text-to-speech software that instantly transforms any text into a 100% human-sounding voiceover. The Speechelo software was developed by The Blastersuit Company, which is also behind Thumbnail Blaster, Videly, and Marketing Blaster software. But, why is Speechelo the best TTS software?

Currently, Speechelo is among the best TTS software that can allow you to produce a smooth and realistic voiceover of high quality. You can choose between female and male voiceover with Speechelo to make your content natural and more realistic. Nonetheless, it can add inflections to the voice, works with 24 languages, and can produce over 30 human-sounding voices. Lastly, you can also use it straightforwardly from its official website because it is cloud-based. That is to say, you can use it at any time, and can be used on a variety of devices. Hence, you can sign in remotely and it is not necessary to install it on your PC, unlike other TTS software. Therefore, if you are a serious YouTube voiceover content creator, then Speechelo is your best assistive technology tool rather than using your voice or when you have a broken microphone.

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What makes Speechelo so Great?

Since Speechelo is an AI, it is integrated with features that make it so great in converting your text content to voiceover and can work with any ant video editing software. This is because of the following reasons;

There is Gender Choice including over 50 Voices Collection

With Speechelo it gives you an option to choose between a male and female voice to help you register based on your gender. Due to this, your voice will sound more natural and thus anyone listening to your voice will automatically assume it’s you. Besides, there is also over 50 human-voice collection available you can choose to help you customize Speechelo to read your script to sound natural rather than robotic.

It is available in Multiple Languages

The Speechelo software is integrated with over 24 languages that are most common around the world. They include; English, Spanish, French, Welsh, Polish, Norwegian, Korean, Arabic, Danish, Mandarin, Portuguese, Turkish, etc. The availability of multiple languages makes Speechelo unique and allows you to create voiceover content in different languages thereby improving your traffic and increasing your conversion rates.

You can Convert words into Captions

The Speechelo software can understand language and sounds and convert them into captions. Thus, it allows you to define video and transform it into a variety of items thereby simplifying your voiceover content creation work to be effortless.

It can Read Text in Three Ways

Besides converting words into voice and video into a caption, Speechelo can make the voice sound natural because ut can read the text in a joyful tone, normal tone, and serious tone. Nevertheless, the text-to-speech engine can also add inflection in the voice to improve the accent of any voice language to sound more realistic and help you emphasize certain words within your script content. Thus, without inflections and a text-to-speech engine, the speech would sound artificial.

It is Seamlessly Compatible with Video Software

What makes Speechelo great with turning text-to-speech is that it is compatible with any video editor software. Video editor software that can easily integrate with the Speechelo includes; Premiere Pro, iMovie, Camtasia, Audacity, or any other video creation software.

There is an Option to Choose to Breathe and Take a Break

The option to choose to breathe and take a break is also the best factor that makes the Speechelo software vital in creating a natural speech. That’s because it can read like a human and detect the punctuation marks to make text-to-speech sound natural after each phrase. Moreover, you can also customize the reading speed and pitch. The significance of this feature is to make people more engaged in your content and sound professional. Thus, no one can discriminate the voiceover whether is fake or natural.

You can Work with it Wherever you are on any Device

Speechelo is virtually stored on its website because it is a cloud-based software. That is to say, you can use it wherever you are at any time and on any device including your PC, iPhone, IPad, or Android device. Or more to the point, it doesn’t take up much space in your device. However, in order to work, you must have an internet connection before using it.

They offer the Voiceover Service in Different Plans

The Speechelo software is available in two plans which you can choose if you see is fit for both your budget and needs. The Standard version will cost you $47 annually and the Pro version will cost you $47 quarterly. However, the Pro version comes with an unlimited number of words and voices, and languages, unlike the Standard version. In addition, there is also a Speechelo version for YouTube called Speechelo Tube. The Speechelo Tube will help you translate your YouTube scripts into any language you want. Speechelo Tube is affordable, but it too is only a one-time payment like the Standard version.

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Speechelo gets the best ratings from customers and is now an industry standard!

Why do You Need Speechelo?

Speechelo software is an exceptional tool that is vital in this digital era due to several reasons, including;

To Assist Visually Impaired Individuals

The Foremost purpose of TTS software like Speechelo is to assist individuals who are visually impaired to translate written information into voiceover. This makes conveying the message or your content to the visually impaired individual easier, more fluent, and audibly rather than writing.

For Professional Voiceover Artist

If you are a Professional Voiceover artist, Speechelo is your best weapon for creating high-quality sound effects with perfect pitch and accent. The significance of voiceover is to help professional artists create Salesforce videos or review books and build a better brand awareness video. Professional voiceover artists include; content creators, online marketers, freelancers, video marketers or podcasters, social media marketers, entrepreneurs, and agency owners.

To Increase your Traffic and Conversion rates

Creating quality voice content increases your traffic, leads, and conversion rates because your audience is satisfied with how your voiceover is audible and perfect. Due to this, you will get more subscribers and get highly ranked on the first page of the search engine.

It is Cost-Efficient

Did you know that a one-minute voiceover can cost you up to $225 if you hire a freelancer? But if you employ Speechelo on behalf of a freelancer, you can thousands of dollars. Moreover, Speechelo is cost-friendly and it comes with three plans you can choose which one suits your needs the best.

It saves Time

Instead of waiting for the freelancers to record and deliver the voiceover, we strongly recommend using Speechelo as it allows you to convert your script to speech straightforwardly. Waiting for the freelancer to record and deliver the voiceover can take weeks because of the cumbersome process of editing it to match the tones and pitch. Furthermore, you may not like the result and thus wasting time and funds.

It is Versatile and Reliable

If you are not confident to appear on YouTube, recording your own voice or you have a microphone that is broken, then Speechelo would be versatile and reliable to your needs. That’s because Speechelo is integrated with all the above-mentioned features which make it perfect for creating voiceover. Nonetheless, if you also want to appear in the video, you can use lip-sync to help you create a quality voiceover.

Why is Paid Text to Speech Software Better than Free Software?

Paid TTS software is better than free TTC software because of the following reasons, they include;

  • Paid TTC Software like Speechelo is excellent in converting text into speech because they do not have bugs. Hence, producing an excellent voiceover result.
  • They can seamlessly integrate with any video software and are very easy to use.
  • They do not sound robotic.
  • You can easily customize the voiceover effect according to your language, voice accent, and pitch preference.
  • Free Software has limited languages, unlike paid software which comes with unlimited languages that can help you target your audience all around the world.
  • Since the voiceover doesn’t sound robotic with paid TTS software, it can improve your conversion rates.
  • Paid TTS software can allow you to choose from male or female voices similar to your voice.