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In a world where the battle against mental health issues is often fought in silence, MHSConnected emerged as a beacon of hope. This web design project aimed to create an online platform dedicated to promoting mental well-being, providing resources, and offering access to crucial psychotherapy services in North Las Vegas.

The Challenge

The challenge was clear: to design a website that not only addressed sensitive mental health topics but also provided a welcoming and informative space for individuals seeking support. MHSConnected needed a digital presence that would inspire trust, offer valuable insights, and ultimately connect those in need with experienced psychotherapists.

Project Date:

August, 2022


Web Design


MHSConnected , US

Success and Impact

The success of the MHSConnected project went beyond design. The website became a trusted resource for those seeking information and support for their mental well-being. Within the first six months of launch, MHSConnected saw a significant increase in website traffic and appointment bookings, positively impacting the lives of many.