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Did you know that thousands of websites fall victim to hacking attacks every year? For example, hackers try to gain access to your website using “brute force” methods and then capture important data or redirect the traffic on your website.

But of course, there are other types of attacks against websites that take place on a daily basis. Since the internet is becoming more and more important in our daily life, there are of course more and more people who want to exploit it and attack websites or databases.

Here are the most common attacks against websites

DoS and DDoS attacks

Behind the term, Denial of Service (DoS) is the idea of ​​making something inaccessible or putting it out of service. This is exactly the goal of a so-called denial-of-service attack. But what exactly does the technical implementation look like in the background? In such an attack, a server is overwhelmed with so many requests that it can no longer process them and, in the worst case, “collapses” under the load.

how a DDoS attack works

A distributed denial of service attack, also known as a DDoS attack, is a “distributed” DoS attack. This means that not individual systems, but a large number of different systems carry out a jointly coordinated attack. For this type of attack, several hundred to a thousand unprotected computers are infected with the attack software and these attacks are often particularly effective due to the large number of “attacking” systems.


The term malicious software or malware summarizes software that was developed to cause damage to the attacked users. The forms of malware can be very different. Two well-known forms are explained below.

Malware on website


Behind a computer virus is a program code that attaches itself to a host file and multiplies independently. When calling up the host file, which can also be a program or a boot sector, the program code of the computer virus is also executed. The function of such a virus can take different forms. For example, files can be deleted, the operating system can be prevented from running or the hardware can be damaged.


Ransomware restricts or completely blocks the victim’s access to the system with the aim of demanding a ransom from the victim in order to unlock the system again. Whether the system will actually be unblocked after paying the ransom is not guaranteed for the victim, which makes dealing with such an attack even more difficult.

Man-in-the-middle attacks

In a man-in-the-middle attack, the attacker tries to take part in a communication between two or more parties unnoticed, e.g. to read information or to manipulate the information transmitted. He proceeds in such a way that he goes to the “middle” of the communication and presents himself to the sender as the receiver and to the receiver as the sender.

Man-in-the-middle attack

Brute force attacks

Attackers often aim to obtain users’ passwords for certain platforms. One form of these so-called password attacks is the brute force method.

Brute force attack on a wordpress website

With the brute force method, different username and password combinations are tried out – usually with the help of an automated tool – until the right one is found by chance. Instead of using a special strategy, “brute force” is used to find out the password and “crack” the account. However, it should be borne in mind that this method can be very time-consuming, depending on the complexity and length of the password. Brute force attacks also come in different forms. One form of brute force attack is the dictionary attack.

If an attacker uses a dictionary attack, all words in the given dictionary are tried. These words can then be supplemented with numbers or special characters in order to be able to map an even larger range of passwords. Against these brute force attacks, there are some countermeasures we can implement.

We take care of the security of your website. You don’t have to worry about anything and you don’t have to worry about cyber attacks anymore.

Therefore, effective protection is particularly important

Do you have a complete backup of your website or online shop? It is very important that you create a full backup of your website on a regular basis. If the worst comes to the worst, you can use a backup to completely restore your entire website in just a few minutes. We can install and set up software that completely automates the backups. A complete backup of your website and the database is stored on a server weekly or daily. If your website is hacked or compromised by malware, everything can be restored in just a few minutes.

Of course, you should think about protecting your website before an attack occurs. If an attack on your website or your website’s database has happened, it’s usually too late… or it takes a lot of time and money to restore the website.

Therefore, we naturally recommend adequate protection of your website and all sensitive data as early as possible. If your website or online shop is currently running well and without any problems, you should invest in the right protection NOW!

Of course, this applies to small websites or eCommerce shops as well as to large corporate websites or online stores.

We offer the right protection. We offer you different cyber security packages that we can integrate into your website and thus protect your website.

A protected website makes it extremely difficult for attackers to find any weaknesses in the code and exploit them. Therefore, a hacker will quickly turn away from your website or your online shop when he notices that your website is well secured against cyber attacks, and he will then look for an easier victim.

Even with cyber attacks against websites, the attackers are of course only interested in money. And if the attacker or hacker notices that your website is too well protected, it quickly makes no financial sense to continue the attack against your website or online shop.

We can also ward off DDOS attacks with our protective measures. DDOS attacks can be very expensive for the attacker. And if the attacks on the website can be repelled, it also makes no financial sense for the hacker to continue attacking your website and he will look for an easier victim.

A cyber attack on your website is much more expensive than effective protection against these attacks.

How can we help you make your website safe?

We can help you make your website totally secure! We can take various measures on your WordPress website or WooCommerce store to protect you and your customers.

For example, we install a suitable anti-virus program and set it up correctly for you.

We can also protect your website or online shop against spam. Nothing is more annoying and takes more time than deleting spam comments and spam links.

We use suitable countermeasures to protect your website against brute force attacks. These attacks can only be effective if login pages or passwords are not properly protected.

For emergencies, if something should happen, we recommend installing and setting up backup software. This backup software backs up all files and databases at regular intervals. Should something ever go wrong, you can have your website completely restored in minutes.

Against DDOS attacks we can set up a CDN network (Content Delivery Network) for you, which immediately recognizes and prevents attacks. So you can no longer be blackmailed in DDOS attacks.

If this sounds interesting to you, you can check out >>Our Cyber Security Service Pricing<<. You will also find further information there.

Do you need any further business cyber security consultation?

We would be happy to advise you and your business on further security measures and countermeasures against cyber attacks.

Of course, there is always the danger of being attacked by other species. Companies, in particular, are often targeted by hackers and phishing attacks.

It can easily happen that a malicious email is unintentionally opened. Many emails have harmful file attachments or contain harmful links to harmful websites or programs.

Opening or executing these files can quickly infect or even encrypt an entire network. Blackmailers then demand a high ransom, usually in Bitcoin, in order to decrypt the files again.

This can happen to any company, no matter how big or how many employees a company has. Hackers are becoming more and more imaginative and can easily fake e-mail sender addresses in order to pretend safe senders (fake names, fake companies, etc).

We also provide security packages for companies

There are various ways to protect yourself against such attacks. For example, there is the possibility to save important files automatically on a regular basis and thus create a backup of the important data. In the event of an attack, everything can be restored.

There is also the possibility of creating a “safe environment”. For example, employees work in a kind of “sandbox area”.

There is also the option of converting the frontend to a Linux environment. Linux probably offers the most comfort and protection.

Are you interested in consulting on cyber security for businesses?

Then you can easily contact us and we will advise you on these topics free of charge and develop a tailor-made plan together with you.

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