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In principle, you know where you stand with your website – but is there something wrong and you need an expert view from the outside? Our audits offer you exactly that: an external perspective, result-oriented, and objective. We uncover the construction sites and errors of your website and propose individualized measures.

A website audit is not a daily project, but a complex process that requires patience, the right tools, and know-how – because often up to several thousand URLs have to be checked for various aspects and errors. Our audits are therefore specifically tailored to your problem in order to deliver precise results: be it too few visitors to your website, poor ranking compared to your competitors, long loading times, or simply the competent assessment of your web design. After the audit, we make specific recommendations that you can use to fix errors and make your users happy.

These are the main steps in a website audit

User experience and usability audit

If you can’t understand why things aren’t going as they should despite the traffic, let’s look at where the user experience (UX) and your landing pages are stuck. The web design and the structure of the website play a central role here. Our user experience and usability audit provide an action plan that leaves no questions unanswered and you can make your users happy.

SEO audit

An SEO audit is a restart for your search engine optimization. Our in-depth analysis significantly improves your ranking in the search engines. We provide you with an action plan that shows exactly what you need to do to get back on track in the SEO area.

Conversion Rate Audit

With our conversion rate audit, we ensure maximum exploitation of potential. If the problem isn’t a lack of effectiveness, but a lack of efficiency, let’s look at what needs to be done to get the ROI back on track.

Google Analytics Audit

When an incorrect setup limits the data quality, the wrong data is collected in the right way, or vice versa. With our Google Analytics audit, we help you structure your data and avoid errors in the future.

Why does a website audit help your online business?

A good website audit is important to analyze the factors that take your website to a new level. However, the factors to consider when trying to improve your website’s ranking and conversions vary enormously. The quality of the content, the web design, the loading time of the website, and user satisfaction, but also the competition can play an enormous role in the optimization process. A website audit is not a task that can be done alongside your day-to-day work. The problem is often not a lack of tools or a lack of expertise – rather the entrenched view of one’s own website. In this way, mistakes that have a negative effect on your ranking are quickly overlooked.

A website audit is therefore the general analysis of your website and aims to optimize it at all levels. And this is exactly where the crux of a website audit lies: there is a wide range of possible factors that make your website, not rank. For this reason, it makes sense to look at the sub-areas of your website and break them down into individual audits:

Our SEO audit improves your search engine rankings. During the SEO audit, we crawl your website or online shop to analyze it in depth and uncover errors on the start and subpages. After the SEO audit, you can then work with a fact-based report in which we have compiled our optimization recommendations. We are convinced that only an individual review can achieve the best possible success in the search engine and enable good indexability for the crawler.

With our Google Analytics audit, we not only get an overview of the data quality of your website but also ensure that you can rely on your Google Analytics data. After our audit, we will also show you all the functions of Google Analytics that make sense for you. With the help of valid data from the audit, you will receive measures that are suitable for your business and can be implemented immediately.

We want to know why your traffic isn’t converging. That’s why our conversion rate audit is based on in-depth analysis, from content to structure. Because only numbers can produce fact-based optimization approaches and push your conversion.

In our UX and landing page audit, we analyze your websites step by step in terms of structure, content and keywords, information architecture, usability, and web design (user interface design). Because let’s be honest: Even better than increasing traffic is increasing sales.

Which audit makes sense for my website at all?

Whether you need an SEO audit, a Google Analytics audit, a conversion rate audit, or a UX and landing page audit clearly depend on the problem. Our audits show you where your website needs to be optimized and how optimization can succeed.

Who conducts the audits?

The Datacrypt team performs the in-depth website audit. Through our many years of experience in the field of SEO, conversion rate optimization, and content marketing, we know exactly what is important to get more visitors and increase the conversion rate of the website.

Why are audit guides and checklists not a good solution?

Checklists, tools, or instructions only consider a condition as right or wrong and therefore often fall short.
And various online tools also promise an automated SEO audit that shows potential for improvement and keyword rankings that are updated daily. However, the analysis is usually not sufficient. After all, the influence certain aspects and conditions have on your website can ultimately only be assessed by an experienced human eye.

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