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Creating a website used to be a complicated and expensive process, but those days are gone. With web design for WordPress, anyone can create a beautiful and functional website without spending a lot of money. WordPress is a free platform that offers an incredible amount of flexibility and customization options. Plus, with the right themes and plugins, you can create any type of website you want. On this page, we will discuss the basics of web design and show you how easy it is to get started.

wordpress dashboard
This is what your wordpress dashboard looks like

Web Design For WordPress – The Advantages

WordPress offers the following advantages over other website builder tools:

  • WordPress is open source, so web design for WordPress can be customized as you wish. This includes web development and web hosting. Web designers have the freedom to choose their web host and use the web hosting services that suit them best. However, if you want to create a website with more advanced features such as ecommerce or memberships, then using a dedicated web host might be better suited for your needs. In addition to this, having your own web server means that there are no limits on space or bandwidth usage – something which can significantly affect how quickly your site loads and performs in search engines (and therefore visitors).
  • Themes and Plugins: WordPres offers an extensive selection of themes and plugins that allow to customize their web design for WordPress. Themes are templates, which allow web designers to easily customize web design for WordPress with different colors, fonts and images. Plugins can add functionality to a website such as contact forms or payment processing systems. In addition , many web hosting companies offer free plugins that enhance the features of your web software or help integrate other web applications into it (such as eCommerce stores).
  • Flexibility: Because wordpress is open source, there are no licensing fees involved in using its themes and plugins – they can be used on any type of site (even those not running on WordPress). This means you don’t need to pay any expensive yearly subscriptions just so that you have access to these extra features when needed!
wordpress theme library
In the wordpress theme library you can choose from thousands of different themes. You can mostly install these themes for free and then customize them for your needs.

Did you know that this website was also created with WordPress? Looks good right 😉

How much does it cost to run aWordPress website?

Web design for wordpress can be done entirely free of charge, but there are some costs associated with setting up and running a website. The main costs you need to consider are web hosting (domain name and web server space) and theme/plugin purchases. For web hosting, most providers offer a range of packages that start from as little as €50 per year. This usually includes a domain name (the web address of your site), unlimited storage space and bandwidth, access to email accounts and 24/365 customer support. If you want more features or increased performance, then you can upgrade to a higher-priced package. Premium themes typically cost between €40-€60 , while premium plugins can be more expensive. Some web designers prefer to purchase web hosting, themes and plugins separately while others look for all-inclusive packages; the choice is yours!

WooCommerce is a free extension that turns your website into a quality online store.

What web design services are available?

There are many web design companies that specialize in creating websites for WordPress users. The main advantage of hiring a web designer over doing it yourself is time savings: instead of spending hours learning how to build your site properly from scratch, you can have someone do it for you within just a few days (or even overnight). And if something goes wrong with one part of the process – such as installing an incorrect theme version or downloading incompatible plugins – then there’s less likely chance that things won’t work out right away because they’ve already been done by professionals who are familiar with web design issues!

When should you hire web designers?

There are many reasons why you might want to hire web designers. The most common reason is that they’re more knowledgeable on how things work than someone who has never built websites before (or hasn’t done so in years). If you need help troubleshooting problems or upgrading your site, then a professional web designer will be able to do this quickly and efficiently without having any prior experience themselves – which means less downtime for your business while its website remains operational. Another benefit of hiring web designers over doing it yourself is the cost savings: Businesses can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by paying someone else instead because there’s no need for expensive software licenses giving access only those who have such licenses.

How do web designers charge?

There are two main ways web design companies price their services: hourly or fixed rate. With an hourly rate, they’re paid per hour of work done on your site which means you don’t know how much it’ll cost until all hours are completed (unless a contract specifies otherwise). A fixed-rate web designer will set up a package deal where everything that needs to be done can be done within certain parameters -including changes as needed at no extra charge! This way there’s less uncertainty about how much things might cost and what exactly is included in each package deal so clients feel comfortable knowing they won’t end paying more than originally agreed upon before any work has even started yet (unless something unforeseen happens during production).

We can help you design your WordPress website

We have been building professional websites with WordPress for many years. Web design for WordPress is a great strength of the company Datacrypt. We would like to help you too. Contact us for web design for WordPress!

What do you need to get startet?

Hosting: You need a hosting and a domain name for your new WordPress website. You can get web hosting for as little as $50/year and a domain name for about $15/year.

If you don’t already have a domain and hosting for your new website, we can recommend Bluehost!

An idea: Do you already have an idea for your website? What should your website design look like? You can also get inspiration from other websites and show them to us.

Content: If you already have text and images that we can work with, that’s great! If not, we can find suitable pictures for you. If you don’t have good content yet, you’ve come to the right place. We create perfect copy for your new WordPress website.

Highlights: We do not only develop websites in WordPress but also online shops, multilingual websites and many more… Anything is possible! With us as partners by your side during development phase till live launch date; there’s nothing stopping us from

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