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Do you own a yoga studio and need a website or a redesign of your current yoga studio website? Then you are exactly right with us!

We have been the top contact for web design for more than 20 years. We have developed many yoga websites for clients all over the world.

With a yoga website, it is important that your website has an excellent design and that the potential customers who land on your website are convinced of your quality.

we can build your new yoga studio website

We Create Beautiful and Professional Websites for Yoga Studios!

We want to build your new yoga studio website

We offer you an excellent web design for your new yoga website. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know exactly what is important.

On point SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is very important if you want to be found in Google searches. Many potential yoga customers search Google or Bind for a yoga studio nearby.

We optimize your website so that you are displayed in the top positions in the organic search results and get so many new customers.

With a top notch search engine optimization, your website will rank at the top spots in Google search and bring in new customers every single day!

First-class design

The design of your yoga website is extremely important. The web design of your new yoga website must convince your customers directly. Studies have shown that visitors decide in a maximum of three seconds whether they want to stay on a website or leave the website and click on the next search result.

With a premium web design, we can keep the visitor on the website longer and thus convince them of the quality of your yoga studio and turn them into new customers.

100% Responsive Design

Of course, all our yoga websites are 100% responsive. That means your new website will look great on all devices. It doesn’t matter whether your customers visit your new yoga website via mobile phone, laptop or tablet, your website will always be displayed perfectly.

The functions

The functions of your new yoga website must also be extensive. Starting with a contact form, which offers your potential customers the opportunity to get in touch with you quickly and easily to clarify any questions, to the on-page yoga class booking module, which enables your customers to book a yoga class directly online and to pay.

No matter what function you are looking for, we can make it possible for you.

Online timetables for yoga classes

On request, we can also create online timetables for your yoga classes. These yoga timetables can then be viewed by your students.

we can implement yoga class timetables

So you can easily and professionally display your yoga classes. This will give you a significant boost in trust among your customers and also attract new customers.

Security and Backup

Of course, when we create your new yoga website, we also integrate various security tools that protect your website from hackers and malware.

We also integrate a backup tool that automatically backs up your website at certain intervals. So should anything go wrong, we can quickly restore your website without any loss of data.

The domain name

We can also help you with that. A domain name and website hosting are essential for a website. Website hosting is important because that’s where your website’s data is stored.

The domain name (www.YogaStudio.com) is the public address at which your new website can be reached.

your new yoga website

Want to sell online yoga courses?

On request, we can also integrate modules that enable you to sell yoga classes online.

Your website visitors can choose the right yoga course on your website, pay online, and view the yoga course online.

Once you create these yoga classes and put them up for sale on your website, you can sell that class over and over again.

You can publish and sell as many yoga classes as you want!

Do you want to sell yoga equipment online?

We also offer you the option of integrating an online store into your new yoga website. With your own online store, you can sell yoga equipment directly online.

The online shop function can be integrated into your new website on request and you can manage it yourself.

You can decide for yourself what you want to sell and at what price you want to sell it.

sell yoga equipment online

Would you like to make changes to your website yourself?

When we have completed your website, we will offer you extensive training. We show you exactly how your website works and how to add new content or operate the backend of your website.

So you don’t have to contact us for every little thing. We offer you a one-hour website training via Zoom call. This zoom training is automatically included when you order a website from us.

You don’t have to be a professional to manage your website yourself. The platform on which we develop your new yoga website is easy to understand after we have given you a briefing.

You can also contact us after the completion of your website if you have any questions or need a new function.

book a zoom call with us
After we finished your new yoga website, we will give you a in depth Zoom call where we show you how to use the backend of your new yoga website. After the call you will be able to manage the website yourself. You will be able to add new content, add images, add pages, and many more!

We develop your new yoga website with WordPress

WordPress has a great advantage in that WordPress is absolutely free. With WordPress, you don’t have to pay any monthly fees.

WordPress also has a great advantage that it is an open-source content management system (CMS). Thus we have full control over all functions and can customize it so that it offers all functions.

WordPress is the better alternative to well-known page builders like Wix or Squarespace.

With WordPress, your website is 100% yours. You don’t have to rely on the providers.

Here is what you get (basic package):

  • Web design according to your wishes and ideas
  • 100% responsive web design
  • On-page SEO
  • Security and backup tools
  • One hour zoom training
  • Contact forms
  • up to 10 pages

What you can book additionally:

  • Live yoga training
  • Webshop
  • Yoga course timetable
  • Class pages
  • Various infographics
  • Logo design
  • Stock images
  • Content creation
  • Additional contact features/live chat
best yoga web design

How much does a new yoga website cost?

The development of your new website is not even that expensive! Of course, it always depends on the range of functions. What features does your new website need? How many pages do you need? Do you write the content yourself or should we write the content for you? Do you send us the pictures or should we buy the pictures?

So you see, there is still a lot to be clarified 😉

You also have to decide whether you need an online shop with which you can sell various yoga accessories.

But to give you an idea, our web design for yoga studios starts at $800. Of course, before that you have to take care of hosting and a domain name. You can get this in a package for less than $3 per month from Bluehost.

Sounds good, does’t it?

If you would like to learn more or order a website for your yoga studio, just fill out the form or use our contact page and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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