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When it comes to keyword research and topic research, there is no better method than the Project24 topic research method from Income School® !

With this topic research method, we are able to find topics and questions that real people are actually searching on the internet and not just individual keywords.

The topic research according to the P24 method is extremely time-consuming. But also the best way to find real questions or topics!

If you buy an SEO package from us, topic research is of course included. We find the best questions and topics in your niche or industry.

topic research with the project24 method
Here you can see an example. The topics are all searched for manually, using Google search. This topic research method is extremely time-consuming, but offers the best results!

We filter these topics by monthly search volume and competition. When we have found a topic that has a high search volume and low competition, we will write an article for you and place it on your blog on your website.

As a result, this article will achieve a high ranking in the organic search results extremely quickly.

Of course, we write the article after extensive topic research in order to be able to offer the reader the best possible information.

Depending on the SEO package or monthly budget, we write about 7-20 (…or more, depending on the budget you give us) low competition posts for your website. These articles will quickly bring you lots of organic visitors and increase your industry authority. Per article, without research, we need about 3-4 hours. This takes so long because we need to collect all the necessary information, structure the article, write the article, and find the appropriate images or graphics.

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