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Would you like to use your website to acquire new customers? For this reason, every company probably has a website… but how well does your customer acquisition work with your website?

If you can only reach a few new customers with your website, this probably has its reasons! On this page, I would like to show you a few simple tips on how you or we can optimize your website so that you get more visitors and then get these visitors to call you or otherwise contact you.

google page ten
If your website ranks on the back pages of the Google search results, then you will probably get very few visitors. Here we want to show you how to bring your website to the top spots.

You don’t have to be a web design professional to spot and fix a website’s errors! You have to understand that Google is just a machine and needs your help to understand what your website is about or what services or products you want to sell with your website.

Google always wants to offer the user the best possible result in a web search. Therefore, Google and other search engines must be able to understand your website.

You have to provide the search engine with very clear and well-structured data so that Google and the other search engines can understand your website and also be able to classify it correctly.

You may be the absolute professional in your field… but unfortunately, Google doesn’t know that… so you need to have a website that clearly tells what you do and why your website should be displayed at the top of the search results.

Here I have summarized the biggest errors and how you can easily fix these website errors (of course we will help you to fix these fundamental errors if you wish. You can find the contact form at the bottom of this page).

Here are the most common mistakes a website owner makes

Missing SSL

SSL means your website is safe and secure. With a valid SSL certificate, you protect the data on your website. If someone visits your website and there is no SSL certificate, then in the worst case the website visitor will receive a warning and be asked to leave your website.

website missing ssl certificate
It’s very important to have a valid SSL certificate installed!
website warning because of missing ssl
In some cases, you also get a warning from the browser that the website is insecure. You won’t get any visitors that way.

An SSL certificate is also an important ranking factor these days. Google and other search engines want to direct the user to a secure website. If your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate, your website may not show up in search results.

How to fix this problem?

To get an SSL certificate you have to log in to your hosting company and either create an SSL certificate yourself or ask the hosting support to install an SSL certificate.

Bad Web Design

Bad web design will prevent your website from ranking high. Web design must be easy to navigate and allow your website visitor to easily navigate and find specific content within your website quickly and easily.

Good web design is not characterized by great colors or high-quality images. It is better if you keep your website simple and allow the visitor to find certain pages quickly.

Bad Web Design
Have an attractive website design. Make it easy for your visitors to navigate and also make sure that the texts are easy to read. Less is often more!

Usability is the ultimate goal of good web design. If the visitor cannot quickly and easily find certain content or pages on your website, they will quickly leave your website and visit your competitor’s website.

Google knows exactly how long users spend on your website. With good web design, we need to keep visitors on the site for as long as possible and send good signals to the search engines.

How to fix this problem?

Websites must be clear and simply structured. The menus must be easy to navigate and the content you are looking for must be found quickly. Optimize your web design to make it easy to quickly find the most important pages on your website.

Website Title Tag

A title tag is the title of your website. For example, if you search for a specific term on Google, the title tag will appear as the title of the website.

Many website owners don’t know how to change this. For example, if your title tag has never been changed or tweaked, the title of your webpage will probably read “Home”.

This is very bad in the area of search engine optimization but also click-through rate.

bad title tag example bbc uk
Searching the web, I came across the BBC UK homepage. As you can see, the BBC doesn’t care much about its SEO. “BBC – Home” is of course a very bad title for the website.
another bad title tag example
This is another example of a bad title tag. Don’t name the title tag “Welcome to…”, nobody is searching on Google for “Welcome to…”. Fill your title tag with your most important keyword!

How to fix this problem?

Choose an optimized title tag for your website or every subpage of your website. If your title tag currently looks like this: “Home – Welcome to Company XY” change that title into a relevant keyword such as “Dental Clinic New York”.

This optimized title tag serves to show potential website visitors what your website is about, but also to show search engines exactly what the topic of your website is.

Meta Description

Meta Description of a website is what a user sees as a description of the page in search engine results when searching for a specific keyword.

A good meta description of a page tells the user what to expect from your site. With a good meta description, you can increase the click-through rate.

bad description
This page description or meta description isn’t optimized. Make sure you write a catchy meta description for each page on your website. This way people want to click on your website because you wrote something interesting or informative.

How to fix this problem?

Create a good and attention-grabbing meta description that explains exactly what the user can find on your page.

Content Heading

The headings of each page on your website are very important. The headlines not only explain to the user what they can find and expect on the specific page, but they also show the search engines exactly what the specific page of your website is about.

bad website title
The title of this website isn’t optimal, because the title of this page is right now “Investment Service Providers”. This long tail keyword is very competitive. Use something specialized and lower competitive like; “Investment Service Providers For Small Businesses”.

How to fix this problem?

Create good and descriptive headings for each page. For example, if you are a dentist and have a subpage on your website that deals with “overbite”, you should not name the heading of that website “overbite”. Instead, name this page something like “How to fix overbite”.

Your users can see exactly what this page is about, but search engines such as Google or Bing also know what this page is about and what you want to help the user with on this page.

Thin Content

You’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king” before, right? This is also true. With content on your website, text, video, and images, you provide visitors to your website with helpful information. But the content also enables search engines to classify your website correctly. If you don’t have enough content on a page, Google can’t understand what the website is about.

But your visitors won’t understand what you’re trying to tell them on the site either, or won’t find the right information and will go to your competitor’s website and look for (and find) the information they need there.

With good and detailed content, you can convince your visitors of your expertise.

If the visitor feels comfortable on your website, they will most likely take the next step and contact you or buy a product or service from you.

How to fix this problem?

Create high-quality, unique, and informative content for your website! With content, you can help the visitor to solve problems or to recognize yourself as an expert and to book your services, or contact you.

You can provide content with images, videos, and written text.

With sufficiently detailed content, you also enable the search engines to understand your pages and index them correctly and rank them correctly.

Missing Call-To-Action Button

You have good content on your website, your web design is beautiful and easy to navigate… now what? If a user is on your website and would like to work with you or use your service, you must provide the user with an easy way to contact you.

Many websites leave a lot of money on the table because users just don’t take the next logical step because they just don’t know what the next step is…

clear call to action button
On our website, we have a clear call to action button on each of our pages. This is how we show our visitors exactly what to do next.

How to fix this problem?

With a clear call-to-action button, you can show your user exactly what to do next. You can place a call to action button in the header, footer, or sidebar of your website, which clearly says what to do next. Make a button with the text: “Call-Us-Now”, “Book An Appointment”, or “Contact US”. This is how you guide your visitors and potential customers through the process in a very targeted manner.

Are these optimizations possible with all website builders?

Yes, you can carry out these optimizations with all common website builders. Whether you use Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, Shopify, and so on…, these tweaks can be done on almost all of the modern website builders.

For example, you can search on Google “how to create title tags on Wix”… or you can contact the website builder service and ask how you perform each task in the backend of your website builder.

But the most important thing is that you carry out these optimizations, otherwise you are missing out on organic search traffic and you’re leaving a lot of money on the table!

Can you fix my site for me?

So you can see which basic optimizations are important for a website in order to optimize the website for your potential visitors but also for Google or other search engines.

If you don’t have time to optimize your website, we can of course help you with it!

For more than 20 years we have been the experts in web design and website optimization. We work for customers all over the world. No matter where you are, we are always just an email or a phone call away.

We are able to optimize your website in such a way that you will be found better in the organic search results and will receive more visitors.

It is also not that expensive if we optimize your website for you. With relatively simple optimizations, the price starts from as little as $150! We can also further optimize your website and, for example, write high-quality content that will bring you even further forward. If you need an offer, you can contact us at any time.

By increasing your number of visitors and optimizing your website, you will of course be able to generate many more leads and thus increase your revenue enormously!

What are you waiting for? Contact us today and let’s talk about the potential of your website!

You can write us a message via our contact page or send us an email directly. You can also contact us via WhatsApp, you can find the WhatsApp button on the left side at the bottom of this page.

We look forward to you!

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