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In this article, I want to introduce you to a new and better way of dropshipping. Do you want to open an online shop, but you don’t have the money to buy inventory and products? You don’t want to rent a large warehouse to temporarily store the goods?

Then dropshipping is the best business model for you. With drop shipping, you don’t need to buy and store any products. You only order the goods when you have an order and then have the product delivered directly to your customer.

The previous type of dropshipping was that you obtained the goods from a Chinese manufacturer and then sold them in your online shop and have them delivered by sea or air to your customer directly from china.

However, the problem with Chinese suppliers is the long delivery times. Nowadays, where Amazon delivers within one to two days, it is difficult to explain a delivery time of several weeks to your customer.

That’s exactly what a few clever business people thought and improved the dropshipping model. These founders brought the best products from China to America by the container and founded their own fulfillment center in the USA.

This enables you to open a dropshipping eCommerce store and offer your customers the fastest delivery times, since you no longer import the goods from Asia, but have them delivered directly to your customers from an American warehouse.

How to build a professional dropshipping store?

WooCommerce is the best way to create a dropshipping store because WordPress and WooCommerce are completely free, unlike the various other online shop providers like Shopify that you can use to create a dropshipping store. There are only a few paid plugins for WordPress or WooCommerce you might need if you have a high converting dropshipping eCommerce store.

The other big advantage of WooCommerce is that this CMS is open source, so there is an almost unlimited number of plugins, themes and extensions to customize your online store according to your wishes.

WooCommerce also offers the right plugins to easily import products from dropshippers. For example, there are plugins for Aliexpress, but also for Sellvia.

Aliexpress vs Sellvia

Aliexpress is probably the most well-known provider of dropshipping products. There are millions of different products on the Aliexpress platform that you can sell in your online store.

Since Aliexpress is the absolute big player in the drpshipping area, you will also find many different extensions that make it possible to import products into your shop and then offer them there at a higher price.

Sellvia, on the other hand, is relatively new. However, Sellvia has the great advantage that Sellvia has its own warehouse in the USA and can therefore ship the ordered goods to customers extremely quickly. Sellvia also has a very good plugin to import goods into the WooCommerce shop.

sellvia vs aliexpress product description
The product pages from both providers look relatively similar, with Sellvia appearing a bit tidier.

I have noticed that some products are even cheaper on Sellvia than on Aliexpress. This is probably due to the fact that Sellvia imports many products in large quantities and then offers them to their customers.

Nowadays, shipping time is becoming more and more important. Especially if you want to stand a chance against big brands like Amazon or Walmart. If you use Aliexpress as a dropshipping supplier, the ordered goods may take between 20 and 30 days to reach the customer. Of course, the point goes to Selvia. Sellvia ships all products within 2-3 days within the US.

dropshipping delivery times
Probably the biggest advantage of using Sellvia as a dropship provider is that the delivery time is extremely fast because the warehouse is in the United States.

The returns are also a big problem. If a customer does not like the delivered goods, he cannot send these goods back to China. So you either have to accept the loss of the goods or you have the goods sent to your home.

Since the point goes to Sellvia again. If the customer does not like the delivered product or is damaged, the customer can simply return the product to the US warehouse. With the returned item, you as the seller will get your money back and can reimburse the customer for the purchase amount without any major headaches.

So I am of the opinion that Sellvia has a great advantage there. You can now also find the most popular dropshipping products and bestsellers on the Sellvia platform. However, if you are looking for specific items, you may only find them on Aliexpress.

Just take a look at the Sellvia platform to see if the right products are included for your store or niche.

What are the benefits of Sellvia?

Sellvia has the great advantage of being the warehouse within the United States. So you and your customers benefit from very fast shipping and hassle-free returns and refunds.

Sellvia continues to expand its product availability every day. The connection to WooCommerce is also very good, since Sellvia developed the plugin itself and integrated it optimally into the ordering process.

No import tax for your customers

If you offer dropshipping from China and a customer orders something from your online store, this product will be delivered from China directly to your customer. Depending on the value of the goods, an import duty must be paid. Your customer must therefore pay this import duty, since he is the only one who accepts the goods in the USA.

With Sellvia you can avoid this problem because the Sellvia fulfillment center and the goods are already in the USA. So Sellvia has already paid the import tax for the product and your customer is happy.

Less damaged goods

If you import goods from China, they will automatically pass through many hands. The chances are therefore high that something breaks during the long transport route or that the goods are damaged.

I myself have sold many products from China via dropshipping, and I have had many cases in which the goods arrived damaged at the customer.

The transport companies are of course not very careful with the goods since they have to handle thousands or millions of products every day.

less damaged products with a us supplier
Consignments of goods can quickly become damaged over long transport routes.

A US fulfillment center naturally asks for the advantage that the goods are checked for damage before shipping and then handed over to the logistics company. If something breaks, the logistics company that transported the package is of course liable and you get your money back.

When overseas goods are damaged it is almost impossible to get a refund as it cannot be traced where the product was damaged.

1-3 business days shipping across the US

Sellvia process all orders within 24 hours and deliver them to your customers in a flash. Just show it in your store with our smart Fast Shipping badges – and beat the competition!

Only winning products in stock

Every item Sellvia offer is on top of the latest trends and has proven to rake in huge sales. Each product comes with a top quality product page. You can import these product pages directly into your own shop. All images and descriptions are automatically displayed in your online shop. However, you should still check everything and, if possible, individualize the product descriptions.

Order tracking system

Your customers automatically get their tracking number(s) immediately after their order is shipped. So you will get fewer support requests and no longer have to manually search where the order is located. The whole shipping process is easily tracked all the way to the final destination. All tracking information will of course also be displayed in the backend of your store. So you always have full control.

Prices lower than on AliExpress

Over the years, Sellvia established direct connections with trusted manufacturers in dropshipping to let you enjoy lower purchase prices and maximum profit margins. Sellvia also has large warehouses in the USA. Extremely large quantities are bought. So the price can be kept very low and absolutely competitive.

Join Sellvia for FREE

You can browse the catalog before subscribing to see the products we are offering. No registration is required. For full functionality, install Sellvia plugin on your WooCommerce online store and work like a PRO! Sellvia is very easy to use. You can import products with only one click.

How it works

  1. Install the Sellvia plugin onto your WooCommerce online store and make the settings. Import the products from the Sellvia product catalog into your WooCommerce store.
  2. Sell products from your store, and have orders automaticlly redirected to the Sellvia warehouse.
  3. The Sellvia warehouse will process your orders, pack the items, and ship them directly to your customers.
  4. You enjoy a boost in sales, and customers – a super-fast delivery

More great benefits of the Sellvia WooCommerce Plugin:

  • One-click imports from the product archive
  • Automated order placement and order fulfillment
  • Receive pre-made high-converting product pages
  • Hot products selected by experts every week
  • Fast Shipping badges that will boost your conversion rate
  • Handy catalog presets
huge product catalog of best selling dropshipping products to choose from

What are the costs of each platform?

Cost to use Aliexpress

Signing up on Aliexpress is completely free. You can create an account on Aliexpress in just a few minutes. However, if you want to import products into your WooCommerce store, you definitely need a premium dropshipping plugin.

The cost of a plugin is around $80 (Alidropship). If you buy this plugin, you can use it for a lifetime and import as many products as you want.

You will also be provided with updates for a lifetime.

alidropship pricing

Cost to use Sellvia

Of course, to use Sellvia you first have to register and create an account. If you want to sell products from Sellvia you have two options, you can use the plugin to import the products for $39/month. (You have the opportunity to test Sellvia for 14 days completely free of charge)

But you also have the option to buy a complete dropshipping store. This store is created individually according to your wishes and costs $399 /year.

sellvia pricing
Depending on how much your shop sells or how many monthly sales you plan, the costs are very low.

Cost Aliexpress vs Sellvia

When it comes to costs, Aliexpress has definitely won. Here you only have to buy a plugin license once. But you always have to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of the two platforms. If you want to save money, you should use Aliexpress, but if you want fast delivery time and good returns, then you have to pay the monthly cost of Sellvia plugin.

sellvia product box


Sellvia is a great alternative for anyone planning to start a dropshipping ecommerce store. With Sellvia you have the great advantage that you can access products that are already in the USA and therefore have an extremely short delivery time.

With Sellvia, however, you have to accept that the product catalog is not as huge as that of Aliexpress. But you can still find many “winning products” and “best sellers” at Sellvia that you can sell in your shop.

All items are in physical stock in the company owned fulfillment center and are shipped within 24 hours. This way you don’t have to worry about long shipping times and unsatisfied customers who leave a bad review. With Sellvia you can build a professional store that your customers are 100% satisfied with.

The product descriptions are also very well written. So you don’t have to worry about bad or incorrect product descriptions. You can import the products with just one click and sell them immediately.

Also very pleasant is the return to the warehouse. If your customer is not satisfied with the goods they received, they can easily return the package to the US warehouse and you, the seller, will receive a refund. This doesn’t work on Aliexpress, for example, because the cost of sending it back to China would be far too high.

In my opinion, a look at the product catalog is definitely worth it. Especially when you want to start a new dropshipping store.

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