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If you’re looking for a powerful SEO tool that can help you find keywords and analyze websites, Shine Ranker is the tool for you. Shine Ranker allows you to find “low-competition” keywords, which can help you rank quickly in organic search results. Additionally, Shineranker can help you identify errors on websites so that you can make the necessary corrections to improve your website’s ranking.

Who builds the Shine Ranker SEO Tool?

Shine Ranker is made by Chase Reiner from Chasereiner.com. Chase Reiner is an SEO expert, living in Santa Barbara,CA , USA.

Chase Reiner is also known for his YouTube channel, where he regularly gives expert tips and tricks on SEO and site audits.

chase rainer
Chase Reiner from Chasereiner.com

What features does Shine Ranker include?

The Shine Ranker tool lets you track keywords, analyze websites, and do keyword research. You can also map keywords and see how you rank for them. You can also assign content writers to work on associated keywords. Plus, there’s a lot more than the Shine Ranker can do! Manual SEO audits are no longer necessary; let the Shine Ranker do all the work for you.

shine ranker seo tool
Dashboard of Shine Ranker SEO tool

Keyword research: Find the best keywords for your website. Find keywords that have low SEO difficulty (low competition) and high search volume. Use the Track All Easy Keywords feature to make it easy to find these keywords.

Check Your Competitor’s Website: See how much traffic your competitor’s websites are getting. Likewise, Shine Ranker can analyze which keywords offer how much monthly search volume, this is particularly important for planning your content correctly.

Rank Tracker: The Rank Tracker feature lets you see what keywords a website is ranking for. You can use this to see the same keywords that your competitor is targeting.

Audit Function: The Shine Audit tool can help you see how your website is doing. It will show you if you are meeting certain parameters and metrics that will help your website rank higher in search engine results. You can also use these “site audits” to optimize your customers’ websites and fix any errors on the respective site. You can also save this “Site Audit” as a spreadsheet and send it to your customers, for example, to draw their attention to the errors.

Project Management: Shine Ranker allows you to easily share your keywords with your favorite content writers. This allows them to write better content that will rank higher on organic search results, like Google or Bing.

If you’re looking for an SEO tool that can help you find keywords and analyze websites, Shine Ranker is the tool for you. Shine Ranker allows you to find “low-competition” keywords, which can help you rank quickly in organic search results. Additionally, Shine Ranker can help you identify errors on websites so that you can make the necessary corrections to improve your website’s ranking.

Shine Ranker Traffic Checker
Shine Ranker Traffic Checker Tool

Can Shine Ranker be compared to AHrefs?

No, you definitely cannot compare the two tools. Shine Ranker contains some other functions than AHrefs but also missing some functions that AHrefs offers. AHrefs is a very complex and a long-established SEO and keyword research tool. Shine Ranker does not offer quite as many detailed functions but does a good job with the special functions, such as site audit or low competition keyword research.

Shine Ranker is also more aimed at the target group who want to set up an SEO agency and are looking for a tool that makes their work easier by evaluating the websites in detail. You can also use Shine Ranker to find keywords that are ranked according to the KGR formula “Keyword Golden Ratio” (invented by Doug Cunnington).

In addition, Shine Ranker offers you the practical function of creating keyword lists and sharing them with external writers without them having access to the tool or account (this is a really handy feature that no other SEO tool offers).

Shine Ranker Site Audit
With the Shine Ranker Website Audit Tool, you can check your customers’ websites for potential weaknesses and then sell the optimization of these weaknesses.

The Best Shine Ranker Alternative

Shine Ranker is still under construction and is constantly being improved. What we don’t like about Shine Ranker is that Shine Ranker accesses the Google API and gets the data and volume for each keyword from there.

If you are looking for a good alternative to Shine Ranker, then we can recommend the “LongTailPro” program.

keyword research with longtailpro

LongTailPro has its own database and can sometimes provide even better suggestions for keywords with which you can quickly and easily rank in the Google SERPs.

As the name “LongTailPro” already suggests, the program shows you keywords that are easy to rank based on a decades-old and constantly updated database.

You can find our complete blog post about LongTailPro >By Clicking Here<

Or visit the website of LongTailPro and take a look at the program!

How much does the Shine Ranker tool cost?

Shine Ranker is also a SaaS (Software as a Service) tool that you can subscribe to on a monthly basis, or you have the option to subscribe to the tool for a full year.

If you choose to subscribe to Shine Ranker monthly, it will cost you $75 per month. If you decide to subscribe to Shine Ranker for a full year, it will cost you a whopping $750 per year (as of March 2022).

If you are looking for a relatively cheap SEO tool, and the SEMrush or AHrefs are too expensive, then you should definitely check out Shine Ranker!

shine ranker pricing
Pricing plans of shine ranker (march, 2022)

That depends on what you’re up to? Shine Ranker offers a fairly simple and intuitive user interface that makes it possible even for beginners to quickly find the function they need.

Shine Ranker is definitely not as comprehensive as AHrefs or SEMrush, but it’s not meant to be. Shine Ranker has also been developed for a partly different purpose.

With Shine Ranker you can find the weak points of websites more easily and thus offer a “website optimization service”, for example.

shine ranker seo tool
Keyword research in Shine Ranker

Since Shine Ranker accesses the Google API (Google Keyword Planner), the keyword information is not quite as extensive as you are used to with AHrefs or SEMrush, for example.

But it is enough to find out the rough difficulty of a keyword or a long-tail keyword.

As the development of Shine Ranker continues, you will always find new features. The development of an integrated AI writing tool is currently planned, as well as a text optimization function as you know it from surfer SEO.

My personal opinion is, just try it out and see if you like the tool and the functions. However, if you are a professional in the field of SEO and website optimization, you should definitely also have an AHrefs or SEMrush subscription. Luckily, you can also find a 10-day free trial of the Shine Ranker tool.

I am also very excited about the development of this tool! With the developer and owner, Chase Reiner, constantly working on the optimization and features of Shine Ranker, the future can be really exciting! We will keep you posted here!

In this video, the owner and developer, Chase Reiner, explains the Shine Ranler tool in detail.