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Modern Website With High Loading Times

Many modern websites these days are crammed with plugins, features and high resolution images. All of this slows down a website. Many users are annoyed by long loading times and prefer to switch to competitors who provide the information they are looking for more quickly.

Big Ranking Factor

Google and other search engines include the page loading times of a website in their ranking factors. If you want to be found high up in the search results, you have to optimize your website so that it is shown to the user quickly.

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page speed optimization

Website Speed Optimization

Nowadays it has become very important that a website is displayed quickly on the user's device. Even google brought out updates that focus on page speed. When a user visits your website, they don't want to wait long for your website to be fully paid for. If your website doesn't load enough quickly and provides all the elements, then the user will switch back to the search results (bounce) and look at the next website, probably the website of your competitor.

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Page Speed as ranking factor

Why Is Page Speed So Important?

Page speed is also a ranking factor these days. Google and other search engines want to suggest the best pages to the user and offer them a good experience. Google therefore rates the speed of a website as an important ranking factor.A website can quickly become slow as more and more plugins or extensions are added to a website today. The plugins are used to expand the functions of a website, such as contact forms, animations or booking services. All of these functions generate new code on the website that has to be read and loaded, which takes time.

It is also important to keep the images that you present on your website small in order to keep the amount of data low. Everything that is displayed on your website has to be transferred to the user's browser.

If the user has a poor internet connection or is using an older browser, this can cost time until a website is fully loaded and the user can interact with the website.

We want to help you speed up your website. If you commission us to optimize your website, we will optimize and also downsize the code of your website. We will also optimize the images so that these images and graphics can be delivered to the user quickly.

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