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Take Advantage Of Opportunities

No matter in which industry you or your company is active, the metaverse opens up completely new possibilities for you to make your products or your company known.

Sell Digital Products

By selling virtual products (NFT) you can open up a whole new source of income. In the metaverse it is very important to place your brand optimally in order to sell products that can be used by the users.

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virtual reality in the metaverse

What is the metaverse?

Mark Zuckerberg says the Metaverse is the next big thing on the internet. Accordingly, Facebook will no longer be a social media company in the future, but a metaverse company.

He even says, “The Metaverse is no longer just the internet you look at. You take part in it, you move in it.” More on that in a moment…

The topic has also played a major role in certain scenes for a long time. Young people and gamers in particular have been dealing with the topics AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) combined with virtual, digital goods - e.g. also on the blockchain as NFTs - for a long time. They enter virtual worlds through special glasses.

And that's exactly what can now go mainstream - and also come across as completely different: The Facebook platform has made so many companies big worldwide - now they use their own power to make their new baby big!

But the important thing to understand is that this Metaverse issue isn't something that only Facebook will claim or control.


The ultimate feature of the Metaverse is decentralization. In other words, there won't be one, two or three big platforms like Amazon, Google or Facebook controlling the market. This new virtual universe works in a decentralized manner and everyone can in principle network with everyone else in this virtual world and move around in it.

The metaverse is going big!

At the moment it looks a bit small and insignificant, but the metaverse is still in development. The metaverse will transform into a huge universe in which it is possible for everyone to interact virtually with other people, products, or even companies.

It is important that you prepare yourself and your products in good time to become really active in the metaverse, to find new customers, or to do marketing.

We would like to help you to use the metaverse correctly and to present your products or your company correctly.

Web 3.0 – The (R-)Evolution of the Internet

Zuckerberg defines the metaverse as follows: “The metaverse is an embodied internet that you’re inside of rather than just looking at.”

The whole development started with the Internet 1.0. You basically only consumed from the screen. We surfed websites, looked up contact details and when it came up, we might drop by some chats.

Web 2.0 was the whole social media and mobile revolution. Here we move on centralized internet and social media platforms. Above all Facebook, Google, Amazon etc. On these platforms we are mostly mobile with our cell phones. But we continue to look at the Internet, i.e. at the computer or mobile phone screen.

And now comes version 3.0: The Metaverse. In doing so, we become part of the Internet, we are part of the Internet.

Decentralization – the heart of the Metaverse

As already mentioned, the very, very big feature of the Metaverse is its decentralization. There is no platform like Web 2.0. So no centralized Google, no centralized Facebook, etc. where everything runs on the platform of a company. Everything is completely decentralized.

In principle, each of us can create new worlds and spaces. For example, every person can decide with their avatar in which world, in which room, in which environment, in which social interaction they go and with which other people or avatars they meet.

And this is completely independent of the platforms of the big tech companies.

The whole thing can always take place peer-to-peer, without anything or anyone – without an intermediary in between. You and I could communicate, interact, meet directly with each other in this metaverse. And this is where the next key topic comes into play: the blockchain.

The topic of the decentralized blockchain is already known from the area of ​​cryptocurrencies. Here people interact, communicate and trade directly with each other without any bank, any intermediary, any state, any platform in between. Incidentally, this gives us a huge opportunity to regain sovereignty over our data.

We offer individual consultations on the topic of metaverse

Make money in the Metaverse?

Place your company and products in the metaverse.

Due to the decentralized design, it may even be possible for every single person, i.e. you and me, to earn money in the Metaverse.

how does it work

Nowadays, Facebook pixels or Google tracking are built into websites. Our complete surfing behavior is tracked with it. Who makes money from it? Not us, but the big tech companies.

The decentralized service on a blockchain does not belong to any company. For example, you could now agree to having your behavior tracked in the metaverse. With the condition that each of us earns money from advertisements that are displayed there.

Suddenly everything is controlled peer-to-peer decentrally, each individual has sovereignty over their data and can – if they wish – even benefit directly from it.

Perhaps with these developments we are currently experiencing the greatest democratization in human history. At the same time, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the metaverse naturally also harbor great potential for disruption:

Not only in the direction of companies but especially in the direction of the state with all its classic institutions such as banks, insurance companies, etc. It will be exciting to see what will happen here in the next 30 to 50 years. This development cannot really be stopped…

We can implement all of this for you and your company around metaverse!

Opportunities in everyday life

Travel suddenly for everyone
Traveling is something that probably 95% of humanity on this planet these days cannot really do. But consider the following possibility:

You go into the metaverse and can suddenly look at Neuschwanstein Castle. Inside, outside, everywhere. And that even when I’m in India.

This not only has the effect that you can suddenly travel around the world. It also has the effect that it is much more resource-efficient, sustainable, and ecological. More and more people on this planet can then experience other parts of the world.

Walks with friends who are far away
My absolute favorite use case and a real eye-opener for me: you can quickly make an appointment with friends who are far away. Maybe they are in Australia or the USA, in Hamburg or the Rhineland. No matter.

You just make an appointment in the Metaverse, go for a walk together and chat about everything and everything. You think about in which room, in which world you want to meet. Then our avatars go for a walk together. We beam ourselves digitally into this world, so to speak, and have a great time together!

Experience live concerts right in the middle
Imagine your favorite band is playing and you can be there. And not just like now, by watching a concert on the computer screen or on the mobile phone screen. But really live in 3D. Right in the middle.

Telemedicine instead of full waiting rooms
A visit to the doctor may no longer be necessary. Because doctor and patient can meet in the metaverse and talk and interact with each other there.

At least, for example, many necessary steps before an important operation in the metaverse can be clarified. Maybe even investigations with devices that we have not even suspected so far.

An important point: Everything is more resource-saving and sustainable!

Opportunities for companies and our everyday work

Let’s take a look at what could be possible when it comes to business, teamwork, and leadership…

Team meetings today via Zoom, soon in the shared meta space

Meta room instead of meeting room:

The Covid-19 pandemic has probably also given the Metaverse a real boost. Suddenly so many more people are working digitally via zoom, teams, etc. Of course, we also know about the disadvantages. You just don’t really sit together at a table.

And that’s exactly what a meta-space can solve. You sit down together at a table in the metaverse. It’s almost as if you were meeting live.

And probably there are many more advantages and possibilities. Just the thought of which software and tools you could integrate that you might not have at a live meeting.

Customer talks and guided tours completely independent of location
Customer meetings and employee meetings are no longer a problem, even if remote teams are spread all over the world. You just meet in the Metaverse and work together there.

Guided tours through companies, production halls or through team workspaces – that’s no problem at all. It will be exciting to see how this will look technologically.

How will this work? How will we enter this world? how will it feel All future music for 30, 40, 50 years. We will see …

Opportunities in Marketing

New playground Intellectual Property (IP)

In the new Metaverse worlds, companies can create their own worlds and digital products – and then sell them. The Metaverse visitor can then interact with their characters and avatars. A small example:

Instead of watching Mickey Mouse on TV, you jump into a world and interact directly with Disney heroes.

Create and sell digital goods

Digital goods are a huge topic and are making more and more headlines with NFTs. And here, blockchain-based digital artwork and trading cards from our favorite soccer players are just the beginning of the possibilities.

In order to move and reside in the metaverse, an avatar is necessary. Such a person wants to be dressed naturally, he wants to be equipped, and he wants to own certain things. Just like it is in the real world. Accordingly, there will also have to be the possibility of buying various digital goods in the digital world.

This is no longer just a pipe dream. Young people in particular are willing to spend a lot of money on digital products. It may be difficult for us older people to identify with that, but it’s absolutely normal for younger people.

Product demos and fashion shows: new, fascinating possibilities

Product demos play an important role in marketing. This topic can also be implemented brilliantly in the Metaverse.

The Metaverse opens up fascinating possibilities for fashion shows: not only fashion shows for physical clothing for the physical world are possible. But also some related to the virtual world. Because of course we also want to communicate socially there and equip ourselves accordingly with clothes and things that we own.

We help you create and sell your digital products in the meterverse or create your own world in the metaverse. Everything is possible, contact us and let us advise you!


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