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Sell Products Worldwide

Shopping ads are currently available in more than 90 countries. This is how your products are presented on the global market. You can use the multi-country feeds in the Merchant Center to show your inventory to potential buyers around the world.

Better Results With Personalized Recommendations

The Merchant Center isn't just about organizing your product and business data - it is also helping you get better results. The Recommendations page in the Merchant Center provides tips on how to improve your product data and campaigns to get more clicks.

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What Is Google Merchant Center?

With the Google Merchant Center, you can present your business and product information to buyers on all Google platforms. This means that all information about your stores and items is available to customers when they search for something on a Google product.

Upload detailed product information

Your customers shouldn't get out of date information. With the Merchant Center, you can ensure that potential customers are always shown up-to-date product information such as price and availability on Google.

Reach customers on all Google platforms

With the Merchant Center, the shopping experience of your customers is optimized beyond advertisements. Present your products to buyers on both paid and unpaid channels by providing your information on the respective Google platforms.

Get more insights

Comprehensive reports can help you analyze the performance of your programs linked to Merchant Center. You'll get decision-making insights on pricing, merchandising, and more that can enrich your business strategy.

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Get Connected

We Can Help You Connect Your Online Store To Google Merchant Center

Sometimes setting up your Google Merchant Account can be very complicated. You need special software on your shop system that generates an XML database of your product. This XML file must be constantly updated and delivered to the Google Merchant Center. Changes to your products, such as prices, images, or descriptions, can be forwarded directly to google.

We can help you set up your Google Merchant Center Account. We connect your shop to the merchant center and ensure that all data is transferred to google in real time.

Without a connection between your shop and GMC you will lose a lot of daily visitors and you will miss out on a lot of sales. Google shopping is the world's largest database of products and online shops. Why are you foregoing this source of income?

We can connect all common e-commerce systems with Google Merchant Center, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, etc...


Example price: WooCommerce, Premium Plugin installation, 100 products, GMC setup = € 499

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