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Your Website Doesn't Look Good?

It is normal that you cannot implement all designs and functions as you would like with the different page builders. But we can support you with that. In order to implement layout or design adjustments professionally, you should rely on CSS coding. With CSS we can create a slim code that customizes your website the way you want it to be.

Styling And Effects With CSS

If you want to change certain styles on your website, the desired setting options are usually missing in your page builder.
Likewise, certain effects can be adjusted relatively easily with CSS.
We are happy to take over the CSS adjustments of your website!

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CSS Coding Helps With Website Design & Customization

What is CSS?

While HTML is mainly about the content of a web page, CSS is used for the appearance of it.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, which translates to 'multi-level format template'. So it is a formatting language for HTML documents. In web design, CSS provides the ability to set design instructions. For example, you can specify that each H1 heading on your website should appear in a specific size or color. This means you don't have to code the HTML elements individually over and over again. This saves effort and time.

How does CSS work?

In the past, websites were created entirely with HTML. However, the more complex and larger a website becomes, the more cumbersome it would be to work exclusively with HTML. Because: With formatting via HTML you can change individual elements, with CSS several at once. HTML is therefore suitable for small, simple websites with little content and formatting, while CSS is recommended for more complex pages.

The CSS file is embedded in the respective HTML document. You can either link an external CSS file (option 1) or insert CSS instructions directly into the HTML document (option 2).

Design Customization With CSS

Do you have an existing website or online shop and now want to make changes to the design or layout that are not supported by your page builder plugin? The problem is that most page builders, such as Elementor or Divi, have limited design functionality. Therefore you can usually not adjust every element the way you want it to be.

CSS code can help you here! Using CSS code, complex design and layout changes and optimizations can be carried out on your online shop or website.

CSS code has the further advantage that the lines of code are very slim and do not negatively affect the loading time of your website.

We do the CSS coding work on your website!

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CSS WordPress Developer

Do you own a WordPress website or a WooCommerce online shop? Then you know that it is sometimes difficult to adapt the design and layout exactly to your wishes. The various page builders like Elementor or Divi offer a lot of design options, but sometimes you are still limited and not everything can be adjusted.

For this reason you need a CSS developer to help you with the styling and optimization of the design. With changes or optimizations in the CSS area, you can customize your online shop or website according to your needs and wishes.

CSS can also be used to add certain effects or remove or move unwanted elements.

As a CSS WordPress developer, we help you to optimize your website.

Web Developer WordPress

If you need help, you can simply contact us or check out our CSS coding pricing.

wordpress css optimization

WordPress offers many design options. In order to adjust or change objects in the front end correctly, you also need CSS code changes or CSS adjustments. So if you have a WordPress website or a WooCommerce online store, we can help you make the adjustments.

We Can Help You Modify Your website with the help of Css

The Benefits Of CSS

The separation of layout and content is just one of the many benefits of CSS. The style sheet language has even more to offer:

Time saving: You can write CSS once and then use the sheet again on any web page.
Reduced loading times: If you use CSS, you don't have to use HTML attributes all the time. Write down the desired CSS rules and use them for all HTML tags in the document. This makes the page code slimmer and makes the page load faster.
Easy maintenance: If you want to make major changes that affect the entire site, you can simply make the desired style changes in the CSS and they will be applied globally.
Design possibilities: CSS has a larger selection of attributes than HTML, so thanks to CSS you can give your site a much more professional look. Compatible with different devices: Stylesheets allow you to optimize the content for more than one type of device. Use the same HTML document for different layouts, e.g. for tablets or smartphones.
Worldwide web standards: CSS is used more and more. Only a few websites can do without style sheets. So it's a good idea to start learning CSS now and start using it on your web pages. So you are well prepared for the future.
Design Optimization:The design of your website or online shop can be adapted using CSS coding. What is not possible in the settings of your page builder can easily be adjusted with CSS.

External, internal or inline CSS?


CSS is created in plain text, making it quick and easy to apply. There are several ways to add the code to an HTML document. CSS code can be embedded externally, internally, or inline. External style sheets are saved in a separate file (.css) and are mostly used to determine the appearance of the entire website. If you want to include external CSS, you must include the appropriate file in the header of your HTML page.

We specialize in designing WordPress websites using custom CSS code. If you have a WordPress or WooCommerce website and need adjustment work there, we are the right contact for you!

Internal style sheets are CSS directives embedded directly in a specific page’s header. This is useful if you have a page that should have a different look than the rest of the website.

Inline styles are code snippets that appear directly in the HTML code and apply only to the tag or attribute to which they are added. (Example: <h1 style=”font-size:40px;color:violet;”>Check out this headline!</h1>)

External style sheets are probably the most efficient way to implement CSS on a website. Internal and inline CSS should only be used if individual changes are necessary.

Why you should hire us for CSS customization

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