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Visitors but no buyers?

We can help you with a professional conversion rate optimization to convert your website visitors into customers. It is important to follow special rules to get a shop visitor to buy.

The layout decides

If you have created your online shop yourself or had the shop created by an agency, it is usually packed full with great graphics, colorful buttons and fancy navigation menus... But that usually does not lead to success. When optimizing the conversion rate, we focus on the optimal buyer's journey.

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Conversion Rate Optimization Service For Online Shops

A goal that should go into every digital marketing strategy? Clearly: Conversion Optimization! After all, costs that go into marketing and sales funnels have to be profitable in the best possible way. Effort that flows into the brand image, including functional digital services, is a wasted effort if users leave the offers unused and end their customer journey. The devil is in the details. From lead generation to purchase or conclusion of a contract, it is often just the little things that make the transition to the next phase fail. What could be more frustrating than great measures failing because of something like this?

A current study on the future of B2B sales makes a forecast that hits exactly this line: the proportion of digital sales interactions in 2025 should be a whopping 85%. (Study: B2B Buying Journey, Gartner, 2020) The customers of the future will be won and retained on digital channels. The little things mentioned above can quickly become real differences in ROI, sales and profit! We therefore want to show which simple measures contribute to a great digital customer experience and at the same time ensure conversion rate optimization (CRO).

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Combine Conversion Rate Optimization With Lead Nurturing

In cooperation with many companies in the B2B and finance sectors, we use methods such as customer journey mapping and personas to understand target groups and sales channels and use this knowledge to design an optimized digital customer experience. Despite very individual insights, we see that some best practices prevail. These are things that every company needs to get right because they play a role in every customer journey and make life easier for all users. What is the goal? It's simple: Regardless of whether users come across a page organically, via Google Ads or the latest social media post - and where they start in the customer journey - the page they land on should offer them added value , meet their expectations and accompany them in the transition to the next phase of the customer journey. If this transition is successful, this is referred to as a conversion.

Define Conversion And Conversion Rate

Unfortunately, things are getting a little more complicated now, because if you want to quantify the conversion in a key performance indicator (KPI) such as the conversion rate, you first have to determine what should count as a conversion. Some examples: On a survey page, the conversion is entering data about gender etc. and answering the relevant questions. On a blog article or a page with help content, it is usually the newsletter subscription. In the online shop, it will be adding products to the shopping cart and completing the purchase using the appropriate forms. From Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes a tool to categorize all sorts of pages and make it clear what their purpose is. This tool is the user intent. A page should always address a clear user intent. The user intents that are particularly interesting for conversions are Do Intent and Know Intent.

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What’s included?

  • Live User Testing 1x(what real customes have to say?)
  • Analysis via Google Analystics (Bounce Rate, etc.)
  • Highlighting the USP‘s (Trust Building)
  • Customer Service Optimization
  • Analyze and optimize user experience
  • Redesign of the product pages (optimize structures, bullet points)
  • CTA Button Optimization
  • A/B testing of the product pages (colors, layout, text arrangement)

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