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Sell your products worldwide

With your own online shop, you can easily offer your products for sale worldwide. We create high-quality online shops according to your wishes and needs.

Sell products quickly

Our online shops are optimized so that Google and other search engines can quickly and easily add your products to the index. An optimized product page is found and clicked on by potential customers. This is how you can increase your online sales.

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Online Store Creation

Do you also want to sell your products online? We'd love to help you with that! We have been creating high-quality online shops for our customers worldwide for many years. When creating an online shop, it is important that the online shop is up to date and future-proof.

We create online shops for our customers mainly with WordPress and WooCommerce. Since these systems are open source, we have all the freedom to design and optimize the shop as you need it.

Everything is possible! We build your new online shop exactly according to your wishes. The product pages are optimized for Google, so your products will also be found in the organic search results and you can increase your sales figures.

The best thing about WooCommerce is, WooCoomerce is completely free! That means you don't have to pay any monthly fees. You only have to pay the one-time price for creating your shop, nothing more.

You can also manage your shop later all by yourself and add or optimize new products. Of course we will also be at your side afterwards with advice and action.

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Start Selling Online

Start Selling Your Products Online

Traditional retailers who still sell their goods in bricks-and-mortar shops and appreciate direct contact with customers are mostly skeptical about online trading. Newfangled frills, inferior goods, a lack of service - there are many reasons that speak against online trading in the eyes of the "old-established retailer squad". However, it is also a fact that once you take a closer look at the topic, you will quickly notice that e-commerce also has a few advantages.

Expansion of the customer base

This first reason why you, as a retailer, should open an online shop is more or less obvious. By sending your goods to buyers throughout Germany and perhaps also beyond national borders, you automatically expand your customer base - and that in turn also means an increase in sales.

Manageable investment costs

A classic shop costs a lot of money. Money for the rent, money for the facility, money for the utilities and so on. Of course, we cannot fool you at this point that setting up and maintaining an online shop is completely free of charge, but it can certainly be said that the investment costs for this are manageable.

Especially when you already have storage space for your stationary shop and do not have to rent extra space for the online shop, the decision factor of money moves far into the background. Then you can hardly push the budget in front of the hole when it comes to deciding for or against an online shop.

Selling niche products is made easier

Sealing wax, ribbons for old typewriters, sustainably produced straws made of unbreakable glass - these are just three examples of many that make it clear: the more special a product is, the more inclined consumers are to buy it online. There are certainly still stationary shops in many (large) cities where these products are sold in analogue form, but finding them is too complex and time-consuming for most people.

Especially if you specialize in niche products that differ from mass consumption and appeal to a more manageable target group, it makes a lot of sense to open an online shop in addition to the classic business. Your sales charts will thank you.

Digitization is progressing

Anyone who still shuts himself off from "this Internet" is downright presumptuous. Of course, analogue retail will not disappear overnight. However, it cannot be assumed that online trading will lose much of its importance in the coming years.

It is much more likely that the opposite will be the case. As digitization progresses in more and more areas (political efforts to promote digitization in schools, for example, made headlines recently), it is extremely difficult to imagine that retail would suddenly back down and disappear completely from the World Wide Web.

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What advantages do you have if we develop your online shop?


Custom Design: We develop your new online shop exactly according to your ideas and wishes. We build an extremely high quality design that stands out from the crowd.

SEO: Search engine optimization is particularly important in the field of e-commerce. With the right on-page SEO, your shop and products can be found in organic Google searches.

Products and Categories: You can create unlimited products and categories.

Service: If you have any questions or problems, we are always available to help you.

Low Costs: After we have developed your online shop and put it online, there are no monthly costs for you (except for the hosting fees).

Years Of Experience: We know exactly what works and what doesn’t work. As early as the development of your new online shop, we pay attention to the right structure and the right design, so that your potential visitors also become customers. There are many important points to consider here.

Functions: Everything is possible with us! If you are looking for a specific function for your online shop, we will integrate it for you! Do you need specific product filters, contact options or specific plugins? No problem!

Are we able to convince you of our service? Then contact us today and we will discuss all the other details about your new online shop.

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