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We Will Bring Your Website On The First Page Of Google


Start website optimization right away by choosing the appropriate SEO plan that best suits your needs.

Do you want to appear ahead of your competition in google search results? We help you to rank for the best keywords on the first page of google and bing. You increase your sales and increase the visibility of your website/company enormously.

With our help, you can attract local clients as well as clients worldwide to your website. Convert more visitors to paying customers.

Simply choose the right SEO package that suits you and your company and we will start the monthly optimization of your website. If you need a free analysis of your website beforehand, you can find the free website analysis here.

SEO Analysis Of Competitor Strategy

Every company has its own specific competitor environment on Google. It is essential for companies of all sizes to know and keep an eye on this market environment. As part of our competitor analyses, we provide a deep insight into the SEO methods and objectives of your competitors, as well as their budgets and SEO strategy.

Our competitor analyzes are possible once or at regular intervals. In the latter case, the close monitoring of your competitors’ market activities means that you are always informed of their actions. Since no competitor usually carries out all optimization measures, but only the analysis of several competitors can deliver a complete picture of the SEO measures that work reliably in your industry, we create intersections and prepare them for you.

In addition, we can externally determine very differentiated differences between your websites and the websites of your competitors and communicate them to you in the form of recommendations for action. Of course, this is possible through a fixed process, so that you are kept up to date on all search engine optimization measures of your competitors every month.

Choose the right SEO package and we will implement the necessary measures to place your website ahead of your competitors.


Search engine optimization is not a one-time job. In order to be able to rank high in the search results on google and co, we have to optimize and improve your website on a monthly basis. Every month we optimize certain pages of your website, optimize keywords, add relevant content and improve your website’s off-page visibility.

You can compare your website to a GYM, if you don’t work out regularly it’s useless. Constant effort is important for the success of your website.


359 / month
  • SEO Keyword Discovery (Deep keyword market research/competition analysis)
  • Target Local Keywords (5)
  • On-page SEO (Up to 5 pages)
  • Website/Blog Content Writing (1 x 1000 Word Article/month)
  • Google Sitemap / Google Analytics / Google Webmaster Tools Integration
  • Website Maintenance (Updates to themes, plugins, security & Spam/Virus Protection)
  • Monthly SEO Performance Reports (Google PageRank, Hootsuite Analytics, Website Traffic)


899 / month
  • SEO Keyword Discovery (Deep keyword market research/competition analysis)
  • Target Local Keywords (15)
  • On-page SEO (Up to 20 pages)
  • Website/Blog Content Writing (3 x 1500 Word Article/month)
  • Google Sitemap / Google Analytics / Google Webmaster Tools Integration
  • Website Maintenance (Updates to themes, plugins, security & Spam/Virus Protection/Backup)
  • Monthly SEO Performance Reports (Google PageRank, Hootsuite Analytics, Website Traffic)
  • Authority Backlinks Creation (Web 2.0 – Yelp, Kijiji,, guest blogs)
  • Video Promotion (4 x 60sec YouTube video creation + distribution, soundtrack, voice-over)

Why People Love Our Services…

We are very satisfied with the search engine optimization. A lot of performance for fair costs. We will continue to use this service for a long time!

Silke F.


Great service. Our company website now ranks very high in google search results for our best keywords, we are absolutely satisfied.

Samanta G.


We were able to increase our turnover enormously. Our online store now ranks on the first page of google and bing. Very fair price for this performance.

Denny L.


SEO Audit

The SEO audit, or SEO analysis, as some SEO experts call it, is an in-depth analysis of your website’s on-page optimization and how we can make improvements compared to other websites in the same market. We will also send you a competitive analysis showing you who your local competition is for the same keywords. No two websites are the same in any given niche, we understand what it takes to get your website on page #1 on Google and Bing and keep you there forever!! So before you start your digital marketing SEO package, get a free website analysis first and then talk to Datacrypt SEO consultants to start your SEO campaign.

Which SEO Package Is The Best For Me?

  • Most businesses usually start out with our “CORPORATE SEO Package” for maximum and effective SEO Results to boost their page rank quickly on Google and other major search engines, like Bing or DuckDuckGo.
  • If your site is a little older (2-3 years), and you are getting found well but still need that competitive advantage, then you will most likely need our “BASIC SEO Package“.
  • If your site is about a year old and you have a tough time gaining ground on your competitors, and your market is fairly competitive, then try the “CORPORATE SEO Package”.

How Do We Start?

Once you booked a SEO package, we just need your URL and Keywords to get started on your SEO Services Campaign. Once the works begins, we will keep in touch on a weekly basis and email or call you if we have any questions.

We still need access to your website to optimize your existing content and add new content. We also optimize, for example, your title tags or the meta descriptions of the individual pages.

Think of us as another team member at your company. We are closer than you think and have nearly a 100% success rate in ranking our clients websites high in all the major search engines for their keywords and market, whether that are in the United States or in Europa.

Content Writing

New and fresh content is very important for your website. Regularly published content is a big ranking factor for your website. Search engines such as google or bing love fresh and informative content that informs and entertains your visitors.

We will regularly publish content on your website that fits your business and is important for your customers and visitors.

Engaging Articles – By researching each topic and creating a well written article that includes your keywords is a great way to inform, educate and build a targeted audience on that web that will make your visitors come back on a regular basis to your website. If we write well written articles for your blog then you will be perceived as an expert in your field. Again, valuable SEO points will be given and your ranking will again get a boost.

Proper Keyword Density – The old school method of SEO article writing is basically dead now. It involved keyword stuffing. Search engines are very savvy these days and only reward points basically if you have just the right keyword density throughout an article. Major search engines will award you with higher SERP rankings if you always think “quality” and not “quantity”.

LSI Optimization – LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) is a term used by Google to describe how related keywords are needed to complement the main keyword phrases. The SEO benefit here is that you will gain more relevance in Google and other major search engines as a result leading to a better ranking for your website.

Guaranteed Zero Typos – Most humans are prone to making mistakes while writing articles. I guess this is why we don’t guarantee 100% perfection. Our articles, however, are proofread up to 3 times before they are published on your blog. It is only then that the RSS Feed and Sitemap are re-submitted for indexing to Google.

What is an SEO analysis?

An SEO analysis is a combination of evaluating the current and target status of a domain with regard to search engine optimization. In addition, the previous development of the domain and the activities of its competitors are analyzed in order to obtain an individual, sustainable strategy.

How fast is an SEO analysis done?

An initial consultation is usually possible on the same working day. This will give you an immediate professional assessment of how to proceed. Detailed analyzes are precision work and therefore time-consuming. Depending on the complexity of the website or online shop, the lead time is at least a few working days.

How much does an SEO analysis cost?

Our initial consultation is free. The costs for a professional SEO analysis vary depending on the complexity of the website or the online shop and whether there is a penalty from Google or not. We offer analysis for a one-time flat fee, there are no hidden costs.

What does an SEO analysis include?

The scope of an SEO analysis is measured directly by the existing website or shop and the objective. Depending on the goal, we analyze the causes of a penalty or the reasons for the lack of growth at Google. In any case, we analyze all pages and all elements of the respective domain in order to find errors even in the lower hierarchical levels.

What is the difference between SEO analysis and SEO strategy?

With us, every SEO analysis leads to an SEO strategy based on facts and figures. Our analyzes include concrete strategic recommendations for action that can be implemented by our customers or third parties. In addition, we also offer implementation and support as part of ongoing engagements.

Keyword analysis for semantically perfect search engine optimization

Contrary to popular belief, the right search terms not only determine the success or failure of a website on Google. On the contrary: Incorrectly selected keywords are one of the most common reasons why websites only pay off late or never at all.

In addition, the right keywords also stand or fall as to whether a good conversion rate (conversion rate from visitors to customers) can be achieved and whether users will find exactly what they were looking for on the website thanks to strict content guidance.

The right search terms don’t just come to mind. On the contrary. They are the result of extensive research, statistical evaluations and a differentiated SEO analysis of the market environment as well as optimally researched competitors. The analysis of these factors, combined with our expertise, results in a particularly relevant keyword pool. As part of our keyword research, search terms are not only listed, but also their possible uses are shown, which in turn go far beyond just being entered into the meta tags. Rather, we provide a complete strategy for the optimal use of these terms:

We develop an individual keyword strategy for you, differentiate the search terms according to their importance in primary and secondary – depending on the size of your website also in tertiary – important keywords. Our strategic keyword analyzes are ideal for both new and established websites and online shops, and show previously unused potential that can be optimally activated on the basis of our search term strategy.

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