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Finance, iGaming, FinTech or another YMYL industry – you operate in one of the most competitive industries in SEO. Big brands with strong teams, high budgets and strong agencies in the background fight for every position and every lead.

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Strategic SEO must increasingly be thought of in combination with one’s own brand effect and detached from silos. Findings from SEO analyzes offer a valuable view of your own target group and are still unused in many companies.

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Your Challenges


Competitive Markets

Hardly any other market is more competitive than the financial sector – in search engines and in the minds of the target group. Don’t let the competition eat you up in this shark tank.

Strategic Successes

Are your SEO successes stagnating due to already well-positioned rankings? With a new perspective on the market you will achieve new growth.

Lack Of Measurability

Only with number-based arguments can you be with all those responsible

Our Services For Your Company

Design Of The Entire SEO Process In Your Company


Benefit from established processes, years of experience and number-oriented strategies for more performance, growth and a positive ROI in SEO. As an SEO agency with an industry focus, we are familiar with the challenges in the market and in search engines. We always react agilely to group-related peculiarities.


Your individual SEO strategy is the roadmap for the next few years and works continuously towards the goal of achieving a positive ROI in SEO.


With external technical know-how at the highest level and the necessary (where) man power, you will achieve your desired SEO success and always have your ROI in view.


Findings, patterns and growth potentials that can be read from SEA data are proactively transferred to our SEO strategy and vice versa.


Find out, based on data, where the search interest for your services or products lies – in all awareness phases of your target group.


In order to stand up to your competition in a fast-moving industry like search engine marketing, you need a strong partner by your side.


You know at all times whether the implemented measures will lead to the desired success in SEO and you can make well-founded, number-based decisions.

How do we find topics that help your visitors and give you more authority?

There are various ways to find topics and keywords that will help your users. With our help we will place you and your website as a topic authority.

We want to build a helpful archive on your website that is of real use to your visitors. With a topic archive you can increase your visibility in the organic search results.

We also use different tools to help us identify these topics and keywords.

It’s important to find topics that aren’t as competitive and that allow you to be found quickly in organic search results.

Many marketers think that non-competitive and low volume keywords are useless because they have no buyer intent. But that is wrong. Even with non buyer intent keywords we can gain a big advantage in your industry. For example, we strengthen the trust in your potential customers, but also create authority in your niche. Google’s E-A-T also plays a big role there.

Google trends help us identify the correct search volume. Google trends is mostly more accurate than the various keyword tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush. Google Trends is an awesome tool that can help you grow fast!

Which tools are we using to find the best keywords and topics?

we find the best keywords and topics to go after with various tools

We are using various keyword tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush to find keywords and topics.

Sometimes you can’t rely on keyword tools and you have to do a manual keyword and topic search to find the best low-competitive topics.

We don’t rely on keyword tools! We found our own way to find topics and keywords that allow you to rank quickly in organic search results!

Here we use the combination of Google Tends data and manual keyword research to identify the best keywords and topics that will allow you to rank quickly on page one of the organic search.

SEO And Content Marketing Strategies

There are various scenarios in which we can help you and your business with an SEO and content marketing strategy.

Do you have a new business and want to grow fast?

Fast online growth for new businesses is mostly very important because you want to promote your product or service and achieve fast organic growth.

This is exactly where we want to help you with our strategies for new businesses.

Examples of SEO and content marketing for new companies and websites:

  • Topic and keyword research
  • Development of a content plan
  • Optimization of existing pages
  • Building specific landing pages
  • Writing blog content
  • Paid ads (not organic)
  • Building CTA’s

Growth strategies for established companies

Have you reached a point with your company where you no longer know how to increase your growth and open up new markets? This is exactly what we can help you with.

We have fresh ideas and find new perspectives with which we can help you to make your brand better known, acquire more organic visitors, or find new business angles.

Examples of SEO and content marketing for established companies and websites:

  • Finding new and untapped markets
  • Improve E-A-T
  • Improve trust
  • Building new specific landing pages
  • Extension of the blog content
  • Keyword cannibalization
  • Image Alt Text optimization
  • Finding new ways into competitive markets and topics
  • Optimization of the click-through rate
  • Improve user engagement
  • Build link-worthy content
  • Building helpful resources
  • …and much more…
we have new ideas for your business

How can social media help you?

Social media is also a great way to build trust with your users and to get new users excited about your brand.

Of course we can also help you with the topic of social media. Together with you we will develop a great social media strategy that will help you and your company.

We identify user behavior and can see where your potential customers are. Do you find your potential new customers on Facebook, on Instagram, or on YouTube?

Why should your users come to you? Why don’t we come to your users with our content and inform the users about your products or services on their favorite social media platforms?

We build new social media channels for you or work with influencers in your space to make you and your brand better known and to build trust.

There are of course other strategies that we would like to discuss with you in a personal meeting or call!

Let’s send the signal to the world together that your company is trustworthy, active, and exciting. In this way we can increase the number of users and also increase your sales enormously!

Stop talking… let’s see the results!

Here we have a small selection of our customers who are in highly competitive markets. We were able to help these customers to increase their traffic and thus increase sales enormously.

We’re working with customers and companies all over the world!

Gottfried Schultz

One of the biggest car dealers in Germany.

Website content and social media content.

Enormous increase in website visitors. Increase in leads.

Ingersollrand / GHH Rand

One of the biggest manufacturers of compressors and mining equipment.

Website and content optimization.

Tratos Group

Tratos specializes in the production of cables for various applications such as: energy cables, telecommunication, fiber optic cables and much more. This market is very competitive but also very rewarding.

We were able to place the website in the top positions of organic search results for many keywords.

… and many many more…!

Do you want to be our next success story? Contact us today!



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What are the costs for SEO optimization?

This is usually difficult to answer without knowing your industry, competitors, or market…

But since you’re on our landing page for “SEO for high competitive markets”, we assume your niche is very competitive…

Therefore, we can give you a rough indication of what our existing customers invest monthly for optimization.

Most of our clients invest between $20,000 and $35,000 in our professional website optimization and content marketing (on a monthly basis). But it all depends on what you need, what you expect and what you want us to do!

SEO is an investment, not a burden! Once done, SEO measures last a lifetime and bring you more visitors, leads, and paying customers month after month. The monthly expenses for professional search engine optimization and content marketing offer a high ROI (return on investment) after just a few months!

Don’t get left behind… Invest in aggressive company growth today!



Are you interested in a status quo analysis of your SEO success, would you like to reorganize yourself completely or do you need support with the implementation of individual SEO measures? Master your SEO challenges together with our experienced team of experts. You always have an overview and can report reliable figures.



If you work in finance, iGaming or another YMYL industry, your potential in search engines is immense. How high exactly is shown by the status quo in SEO compared to the competition.


Technical know-how and years of experience in your industry solve recurring bottlenecks and prevent your success in search engines from stagnating.


The number of tasks and challenges can only be mastered with the necessary manpower in order to put you at the forefront of the market.


With goals clearly defined in advance based on your individual SEO strategy, a long-term ROI can be determined in order to evaluate your success.

Are you interested?


Do you want to optimize your visibility in search engines and work towards a positive ROI in SEO in the long term? Then talk to us. Let’s have a free of charge chat for a couple of minutes and we explain to you, how we can help you and your business.
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