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Are you looking for someone to create your new Print On Demand store? Then you are exactly right with us! We develop high-quality Print On Demand stores for our customers.

With your own print-on-demand store, you can sell your own designs very quickly. You have the possibility to have your designs printed on t-shirts, sweaters, canvas, bags, beach towels, mugs, and much more.

we build beautiful print on demand stores

The great thing about POD is that you don’t have to worry about fulfillment. Once you’ve uploaded your designs to a print-on-demand platform and a customer orders an item on your website, the POD provider will do the rest for you.

Vendors print the design onto the chosen product and ship it to your customer. This is how your new print-on-demand store runs almost on autopilot.

We build high-quality Print On Demand stores

For more than 20 years we have been developing websites and online shops for our customers all over the world. The big advantage when you order your new print-on-demand store from us is that we have a lot of experience and provide you with a high-quality result.

we build your new print on demand shop
sell more stuff with print on demand
what is print on demand

From t-shirts, mugs, pillows to posters, backpacks and books, you can give everyday products their own original style and create an online store to sell them. You create the designs and offer these designs on various products.

Print-on-demand services offer an attractive way to eliminate the time, investment, and risk associated with inventory management. With this strategy, you can go from creating to selling custom products at a fraction of the cost.

Print-on-demand is a process where you work with external suppliers. The aim is to customize white label products (like baseball caps or tote bags) with your own designs and then sell them under your own brand on a make-to-order basis.

This means that you only pay for the product after you’ve actually sold it. This means that it is no longer necessary to buy in large quantities yourself or to keep stocks.

In addition, with print-on-demand, all processes after the sale – from printing to shipping – are also taken over by your suppliers. Once you have everything set up, it only takes a few clicks to process an incoming order.

You can then fill these orders from your WordPress dashboard. With just a few clicks you can send the orders to your print-on-demand provider and have them produced there and delivered to your customers.

Here is a sample calculation: Order value $100 – $40 printing and shipping costs = $60 profit for you!

As you can see, print on demand can be worthwhile. All you need is the right design, the right product, and traffic to your new POD store.

Where do you get the best designs from?

The design is the most important thing with print on demand. The more unusual or funny the design is, the higher the chances of sales.

If you are good at drawing, you can of course draw your designs yourself and then scan them later. You can also create print designs with Photoshop.

But there is also Canva. Canva is a platform where you can create and download graphics online.

canva dot com
On Canva you can create your own graphics for your print on demand products.

You can also order ready-made design packages from Fiverr, or you can find an artist on Fiverr who will create your new design according to your ideas.

print on demand design collections
On Fiverr you will find a lot of pre made POD design collections. But be careful, don’t offer the same designs other people are already offering.

Here the possibilities are almost limitless. There are no limits to your creativity! The most important part is, that you create unique designs for your products. Try to avoid designs that are already available.

Why WordPress and WooCommerce as POD platform?

WordPress and WooCommerce offer the great advantage that WordPress and WooCommerce are open-source software. This means that you can design your new store absolutely freely, without any restrictions. Another advantage is that WordPress and WooCommerce are absolutely free. So you don’t have to pay any monthly fees like with other platforms such as Shopify.

There are also thousands of plugins or extensions that you can use to completely customize your new shop and make it exactly how you want it. Every imaginable function is possible, such as contact plugins, license chat plugins, various payment interfaces, upload functions, and much more.

How to get started?

All you need is a hosting contract and a domain name. After you registered your new domain name, you can send us the hosting login credentials or give us access to your WordPress installation and we start building your new print-on-demand store.

If you have specific ideas about the design and layout, you can let us know. We will create your new POD store exactly according to your specifications and wishes.

If you don’t have an exact idea of ​​the design yet, we will make you a few suggestions and you can decide on your favorite design.

What are the main functions you will get?

We create a fully functional print-on-demand online store for you. We will connect your store to any print-on-demand provider of your choice and install the necessary plugins.

When we have finished your shop, we will explain exactly how you have to operate the shop and the backend. A one-hour one-on-one Zoom coaching is included in the price of creating your new store.

  • Responsive Print on Demand store setup and design πŸ’“
  • Integration of Print On Demand apps (Printify, Printful, Customcat, Spod, etc) πŸ’“
  • Premium theme installation πŸ’“
  • Home page, collection page, and products page πŸ’“
  • Legal pages (about us, contact us, returns, policy, terms, etc) πŸ’“
  • Auto Shipping rates & Taxes setup πŸ’“
  • Other necessary plugins installation πŸ’“
  • Shop linking to Facebook & Instagram pages πŸ’“
  • Adding Live Chat πŸ’“
  • Payment gateways setup πŸ’“
  • Coupon & Discount System πŸ’“
  • SEO plugin and optimization πŸ’“
  • Free one-on-one coaching (one hour) πŸ’“
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee πŸ’“

In a nutshell: You will get a beautiful, fully functional, and optimized print-on-demand eCommerce online shop with which you can start selling immediately!

premium print on demand wordpress themes
print on demand shop design

What do you have to provide to start?

We need all content that should appear on your new online shop. Such as images, texts, and your logo. If you don’t have this yet, we’re happy to help.

But you also have the option of adding to your shop yourself later.

Then we either need access to your hosting account to install WordPress or the access data to your existing WordPress account.

You don’t have a domain name and hosting yet? No problem, we recommend you to get hosting and a domain name with Bluehost! Bluehost is cheap, offers good service, and a one-click WordPress installation.

We also need your print-on-demand provider account login to connect it with your new shop.

We recommend Printful, but you can choose whatever provider you like. Important is, that the provider offers a WordPress – WooCommerce integration!

Printful Integration for WooCommerce

What we don’t offer

We do not offer you to upload the designs or configure products. After we have handed over the finished shop to you, it is your task to add the articles. To do this, you must log in to your print-on-demand provider account and design and upload your products there.

All products and designs are then automatically synchronized with your online shop, and you can sell through your shop.

If you have any questions, you can reach us at any time by using our contact form.

What are the costs of a custom print-on-demand store?

We can offer you the offer described here for the creation of a custom print-on-demand eCommerce store for $1250. All features described above are included in the price. (Excluding content creation, logo design, images, and products submission)

The completion time is about 8 to 12 days.

After you have ordered the store from us, you will automatically be directed to a payment page where you can pay the amount. After you have successfully paid the amount, you will be automatically directed to a form page where you can provide us with the required data.

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