Cryptocurrency POS Payment Project

We develop an innovative payment system
We develop an innovative payment system

The Most Advanced Crypto Payment System

We develop an innovative payment system with which you have the opportunity easy and safe to pay and service. Our POS Payment System supports all Crypto currencies. An ever greater acceptans increases the need for innovative payment solutions. We, the Team of DataCrypt, develop the payment system of the future. Be there and support us!

Graphic Interface

A simple user interface allows the selection of the desired Crypto currency. The amount to be paid (Euro, USD, BGP) is automatically converted into the individual crypto currencies and can then be received.


All payments are handled through our payment system. The servers are in secure data centers and can not be manipulated. All payments are completed quickly, safely and easily via the respective POS terminal and stored on the blockchain.

Screen Optimized

We want to make it as easy as possible to our customers and users. All processes are optimized to achieve a very low error rate.

Easy handling

Each of our devices is a detailed description. However, if our customers and users have further questions about the operation or installation, trained employees are ready to optimally advise the customers.

Application Security

All devices are optimized and protected, which is always guaranteed a high level of safety. Due to the blockchain technology, a manipulation is excluded. The individual devices are also protected so that no manipulation can take place.

Error / Bug Fixing

We are constantly working on innovations and improvements. As soon as we have completed an improved firmware, all devices are automatically supplied with the latest software version.

Crypto-Payment Made Easy

Our customers include every physical store which accepts payments in cash or card payment. The market for our POS payment system is huge. Crypto currencies are becoming increasingly popular. To make crypto feeds even more popular and easier to make usable, the Team of DataCrypto, an innovative payment solution for our customers. Will support the 500 most popular crypto currencies on our POS payment system. Whether you want to pay with Bitcoin, Etherum or Dogecoin. You can just keep your phone to our payment system, scan a payment code or use your Crypto card. You do not need extra app to your phone. We support all common wallets and Crypto providers.


If you buy your new favorite sports shoes in a shop, the seller simply enter the amount to be paid in, for example, USD into the device and you now have the opportunity to select in which Crypto currency you want to pay. Just choose between the 500 most popular Crypto currencies and send your payment to our system.


No manipulation possible! By using blockchain technology, it is impossible to manipulate payments or operations. So you are and the seller is 100% protected.

Fully Responsive

Device Testing

Easy To Use

Great Experience

How we finance our service and project

The financing of a new project is never easy. Especially with novel projects that work with crypto currencies, financing is always very complicated. For the financing of the project, we have developed our own crypto currency. This supports us in research and development.


We continue to finance our project through the sale of our POS payment systems. Every customer who is interested in a Crypto payment solution must buy the POS system from us. Furthermore, a monthly service fee.


By revenue by selling our systems and the monthly basic price we will be able to cover our expenses.


Furthermore, we will organize a monthly token-buy back through the profits. Every month we will invest the unattended profits in our own crypto currency. So our investors benefit from ours involved in the long term.


We expect a monthly buy-back volume of about $ 300,000 to 1.000,000 USD. This buyback will increase the value of the Crypto Diet DCR enormously.

Frontend Development
Project Management
Application Integration
Custom Application

Accept all common crypto currencies

We make the payment with crypto currency easy and safe. A worldwide accepted Crypto payment system for end consumers. Simply accept crypto currency in your store and receive a payout in Euro, USD, GPB or Bitcoin and Etherum.


Our payment systems are ready for use worldwide.


If you are interested in our payment solutions, you can contact us at any time.


Why investing in our project is a good idea

The investment in our project is worthwhile for you because we reinvest profits that we gain with the sale of our innovative payment solutions in our own token.



All profits left over we are reinvest via a token-buy-back in our own currency named DAC. If you buy the token DAC and keep in your wallet, this token will increase its value over time. All bought tokens are burned by us and are irretrievably removed from the token ecosystem.


Planned buy back volume about 300,000USD up to 1,000,000USD every month.



This reduces the circulating supply of token, which returns to an increase in value of the currency.


By buying our token, you also support our development. Each transaction automatically sends 1% to our Developer Wallet. Through this Developer Wallet, we have sufficient liquidity to propose research and development of our project.

More Infos shortly!