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mobile scooter web design

Project Information: Mobile-Scooter.com

At the request of our customer, Mobile-Scooter.com has been optimized so that the site can find its place in a very competitive market/space. We built the website from scratch.

The website is based on wordpress cms and has impressive functions. Special plugins have been developed for the website that provide special and unique search functions and search filters. Wich makes this website very special.

In an extremely competitive market, it is important to focus on quality design, best functions and a lot of content. For this website a lot of blog posts were written by us in order to place the site as an authority in it's niche.

Likewise, special attention was given on the subject of search engine optimization for this website. In a saturated market, it is important to pay particular attention to the topic of SEO.

The customer bought a web design packet from us, bought a comprehensive SEO packet and a large content creation packet. This in combination enables the site to rank high in the organic search results for many important keywords.

Project Date:

August, 2021 to November, 2021


Web Design, Content Marketing


Mobility Scooter , US

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What makes this website so unique?

mobile scooter blog content
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