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multi vendor website development

Project Information:

We developed this multi vendor website,, for a customer. This website enables people to open an account and offer camping gear for rent. Users can also register and rent camping gear. This is a user driven website/platform.

This website was developed by scratch and is based on wordpress and woocommerce.

The website is based on a very extensive and development-intensive multivendor backend. The development was a challenge for our entire team. But we are very proud of the result and our customer is very satisfied with our work.

Here we are also operating in a very competitive market. In order to be able to compete in this market, great attention was placed on search engine optimization and content marketing in the development of this. The website has also a blog section for content publishing which pushes the rankings.

In order for this website to achieve a high ranking in the organic search results with the various search engines, a lot of unique content had to be created and written.

Also some plugins for this website have been specially programmed and implemented.

We are very proud of this website! This website is extremely optimized to achieve good results and a quick ROI for our customers.

Project Date:

June, 2021 to Sept, 2021


Web Design, Custom Coding


Gear-Rental LLC , US

Innovative rental platform with its own extensive dashboard for each user. Extensive store management functions. Extensive search engine optimization to enable the website to achieve high rankings in a competitive market. High ROI potential for our customers.

What makes this platform so special?

multi vendor web design
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