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High Quality Shop Design:

This online shop was completely redeveloped for a customer from Germany. We created the shop with WordPress and WooCommerce to achieve maximum customization freedom.

WordPress and WooCommerce is the best platform to create a quality online shop. WordPress offers all creative freedom, since WordPress and WooCommerce are open source software. In this way we can optimally adapt the code of the website in order to be able to deliver an optimal result.

Many plugins have also been installed to offer the user a better shopping experience.

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Project Date:

Design: July 2022


Fashion for women, Jewelry


Onaad, Germany

The products can easily be added and edited by our customers themselves. The product pages offer many features that make the customer journey perfect and thus increase the conversion rate.

After completing the online shop, our customer received extensive instruction via a zoom meeting.

Thanks to the search engine optimization, the shop and the products can be easily found in the Google search. The shop can be expanded at any time. It's easy to add new categories, create new products, write and publish new blog posts, and of course add informative pages.

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