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Do you also know the problem that you want to create a new document in Photoshop and you are not sure how big you should define the document to achieve good print quality?

Since we often create images for various print applications at Datacrypt, we always have to calculate the optimal size. Since this takes a lot of time, we have created a practical image pixel calculator here.

With this calculator you can quickly calculate the optimal pixel size when you create a new document in Photoshop or similar image editing programs.

(The pixel tool is completely free. You can use the calculation tool as often as you like. You do not need to register, we do not collect any data, no entries are saved.)

Pixel Print Size Calculator

Enter the desired image output size:

image quality based on pixel amount in a picture

What does image resolution or dpi resolution mean? What are pixels?

A pixel is a picture element of a digital file and is the smallest part of a digital image. A pixel always consists of ONE colour, a pixel dot can NEVER have several colours. Several colored pixels next to each other then result in a colored image.

The resolution of an image file is defined in more detail by the unit of measurement dpi (dots per inch) and is also called dpi resolution. The dpi is the dot density on an inch length (1 inch = 2.54 cm), i.e. how many image pixels are on an inch.

The higher the number of dpi, the more grid points there are and the more detailed and accurate the visual representation of the subject. A high image resolution usually leads to a sharp print result, but read below about what else is important for your photo print.

What image resolution do I need for a photo print?

How large you can print an image depends primarily on the number of image pixels across and up. If you have too few pixels for the planned print size, the photo will appear pixelated or blurry when printed. For this reason we offer you our automatic pixel calculator, which automatically shows you the best pixel size.

Explanation: dpi resolution

Optimum printing results are achieved with 60 image pixels per centimeter, which corresponds to a pixel resolution of approximately 150 dpi. However, you often get great prints from as little as 25 pixels per centimeter (i.e. around 63 dpi). If you don’t want to convert pixels to dpi, just use our pixel calculator, it will do all the calculations for you.

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