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We connect private individuals with advertisers

Problem: Advertisers are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to reach their target markets, but traditional advertising methods are becoming increasingly expensive and less effective.


Agitate: Not only are traditional advertising methods becoming more expensive, but they’re also becoming less effective. Consumers are getting smarter and more immune to ads every day.


Solution: Mobile advertising is the solution! With our platform, private individuals can use their vehicles to advertise companies or products. An LCD panel is attached to the rear window of the vehicle, in a certain area that the advertiser or the company can define, the respective advertising message will be displayed. This is a great way for advertisers to reach their target markets at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising methods.


Product description:

We want to enable private individuals, bus companies, and private companies that own vans, to earn money with mobile advertising and enable companies and advertisers to advertise cheaply and effectively. We offer a platform where private individuals and companies can use their vehicles to advertise companies or products and earn money in exchange. An LCD panel is attached to the rear window of the vehicle, in a certain area that the advertiser or the company can define, the respective advertising message is automatically displayed. The advertising system is based on GPS zones, the customer determines the individual GPS zone in which he would like to place his advertising. If a vehicle drives into this specific GPS zone, the advertising message is automatically displayed. If the vehicle leaves the designated GPS zone and enters a new GPS zone, a different advertisement is displayed. The vehicle owner is paid for advertising. The advertiser or the company can determine the budget individually (hourly, monthly).

In a nutshell

We want to enable private individuals or companies to earn money with mobile advertising and enable companies and advertisers to advertise cheaply in a specific region.

We offer a platform where private individuals or even buses or companies with their vans can use their vehicles to advertise companies or products. An LCD panel is attached to the rear window or rear of the vehicle, in a certain area that the advertiser or the company can define, the respective advertising message is automatically displayed. The advertising system is based on GPS zones, the customer determines the individual GPS zone in which he would like to place his advertising. If a vehicle drives into this zone then it will be recognized by our software as an advertisement carrier and display its advertisement on its screen for a predefined time before it disappears again from view and shows another advertisement. This way we ensure that only those who are actually interested will see your advertisement!

You don’t have time? No problem! Our solution makes sure you get noticed even when you’re not around! It doesn’t matter if you’re at work all day or out shopping – our product ensures your business stays visible 24/7 so people know exactly what they’ll find when they visit your store later on! And because we take care of everything else too – including installation and maintenance – all you need do is sit back and relax while we make sure everyone knows about your business wherever they go! All this means more customers for YOU…and less time spent worrying about how best to promote yourself online!! So why wait any longer? 

Check out our explainer video!


The problem of today’s advertising

The problem of today’s advertising ads and advertising companies is that most of the advertising space is either full or very expensive, or that many customers ignore the advertising.
Therefore we want to create a new way of advertising.

We want to make it possible for companies to place low-cost advertising that also attracts attention. The advertising customers can also determine exactly where they want to advertise and which target group they want to address.

We would also like to make it possible for private individuals to earn money through advertising. Any private individual who has installed an LED advertising panel in their private vehicle (in the rear window) will be paid for the advertising placed on the respective LED panel.

When the ad is running, the person behind the vehicle can read the ad message.

The advertising messages are intended for local companies and local products. GPS zones enable customers to determine exactly in which area advertising should take place.

The advertiser can determine the size of his GPS zone himself. For example 1 kilometer or two kilometers, etc… to your company headquarters or shop.

This is how the GPS Zones are working:

Zone example: Each new advertiser creates a separate zone on the map. The advertisers or companies set a maximum budget per advertisement. A live bidding system selects the highest bidder and places the ad in the rear windows of the car. If two or more zones overlap, it is decided which company or advertiser gets the advertising space based on the maximum bid and daily budget. If a vehicle leaves the zone, the bidding process starts again.

The advertiser or the company can set in which range they want to show there ads. For example, 1 kilometer is the standard. But the advertiser can set a higher zone range. If the advertiser want a 2 kilometer range around there business location, the advertiser has to pay 120% of the ad display price for each shown ad on a vehicle.

Advertisers competing for a zone:
If advertisers want to advertise in the same zone, an advertising auction will happen in real-time. The respective advertiser or company can set a maximum bid that he is willing to spend per vehicle in his zone.

Company A is competing with Company B and Company C: Company A has set a maximum bid of EUR 1, Company B is willing to pay EUR 2 per vehicle for its zone, but a maximum of EUR 100 per day, Company C has a maximum bid of EUR 1.50 Indicated in euros per vehicle but willing to pay a maximum of 200 euros per day.

In this case, Company B will be able to place most of the advertisements, since the bid per advertisement is two euros, when the daily budget of 100 euros is exhausted, Company C will be able to place more advertisements since Company C has a higher daily budget.

Likewise, each company or advertiser can determine the maximum number of advertisements per zone.

What is a zone?

A zone is created by the advertiser. The company stores your address in the system when you register. This automatically creates a zone.

If the company now wants to advertise, the company can set a daily budget as well as a maximum bid for the delivery of your advertisement. So if two or more companies/advertisers are in the same zone, the live bidding system decides which company can display the advertising.

The advertiser can also decide on how many mobile billboards the advertisement should appear at the same time. You can also determine the time/period yourself. The advertiser always has full control.

Bidding minimum pricing:

Standard zone = 1km around the address = 1 minute advertising space = 1 €

Enlarged zone = 2km zone * 1.5, 3km zone * 1.3

competing companies

Example of competing companies

In this example, company A,B, and C are competing for the same advertising space. In this case it depends on which company has given the highest maximum bid.

For example: Company A has a maximum bid per minute of €1.5, Company B has a maximum bid of €1.8, Company C has a maximum bid of €2.0. Thus, company C wins the advertising space until the daily advertising budget is exhausted.

However, advertisers can also state how high their daily budget is, as well as their hourly budget.

led display in car

Everything starts in Malta

The Plan

First, we want to use Malta as a proving ground. After that, we would like to expand the business worldwide with a focus on the United States!

How we protect ourselves from copycats: We have to patent our software and our advertising, worldwide, so that we are protected from competition and copycats.

Marketing: Our product will be marketed through online advertising and direct customer acquisition.

Branding: Every display will be branded with the domain name and the name of the investor; like RSM and/or MaltaEnterprise

What’s needed?

  1. Server and Software
  2. LCD Car Displays
  3. Booking and bidding platform
  4. Transmitting tool and GPS

Server and Software:

In order to be able to operate the system, special software must be developed that makes it possible to track all vehicles in real time and assign them to the respective zones. The software or platform must provide the vehicles or mobile billboards with the necessary graphics and also handle the bids for the ads.

The software must be able to match all advertisers and match the current advertisements.

LCD Car Display:

led display in car

Not the final version of the product!

Not the final version, only as an example!

There are different options here. We can provide mobile billboards for regular cars and we can also provide larger LCD billboards for buses and vans.

The question is do we start with the buses and the vans or do we start with the private vehicles?

Another question is, does the advertiser who places the display in their vehicle have to pay a one-time fee for the system, or do we provide the displays for free?

These questions still need to be discussed and thought through!

All systems can be ordered cheaply and quickly in China.

Booking and bidding platform:

The ads booking and bidding platform is a little bit complex. Here we need a developer that will create the first stable booking and bidding platform. Version 1.0 . After the first working platform is created we will improve the platform further.

The data has to be sent to the vehicles/led-billboards in real-time. Also, the vehicles must be traced in real-time in order to see in which zone they are currently at.

Transmitting tool and GPS:

This GPS tracker shows the position of the vehicle and sends the data to the servers who manage the advertising.

The gps system also registers whether the vehicle is in motion. If the vehicle stands still for a longer period of time, the advertising placement will be deactivated. Since the system is connected to the on-board electronics of the vehicle, the system and the advertising circuit are only activated when the engine is started or the vehicle moves.

raspberry-pi controller

A small computer or black-box is also placed in the vehicle to perform as a controller and image output.

We also have the option of attaching these led-billboards to buses or vans. This increases the advertising space enormously and we can also charge more money per advertisement for the larger advertising spaces.

book your advertising space

If no ad is available, we will show this self-promotion.

Our Competition

TV advertising prices – an overview

100 spots on a niche channel, 20 seconds per spot – €2,500
100 spots on a private broadcaster, 20 seconds each – €3,800
30 spots on a regional station, 20 seconds each – €12,000
7 spots on a public broadcaster, 20 seconds each – €70,000

Stationary billboard advertising

For each poster campaign, the corresponding advertising space to which the posters are to be attached must be rented. The classic, the large format poster, can incur costs of EUR 3.20 – EUR 46.70 per day. Note that billboards cannot be booked by the day, but only in decades (10 or 11 days). The affixing of the poster is already included in the space rent.

What about the costs?

Here is a breakdown of the investment costs and the money that is needed:

  • Website and platform for customers and advertisers, also the page for the people who want to put in the led signs = 20,000 Euro

  • The platform that handles the advertising bidding and manages the distribution = 40,000 Euro

  • Hardware; LCD Panel, GPS, Controller, etc… = 50,000 Euro

  • Development costs = 50,000 Euro
  • Costs of the patents = 15,000 Euro
  • Marketing Budget 20,000 Euro

In total, we need at least 195,000 euros to get started.

Additional costs

  • Employees cost around 15,000 euros per month
  • Server costs about 1000 euros per month
  • Accountant
  • Repair of the systems monthly

Expected timeframe till we get out of beta phase and launch the first stable version V1.0

  • About 4 month
  • Planned test phase to identify and eliminate teething problems and bugs, about 1-2 months to be on the safe side.

Income forecast

Everything depends on the advertisers and the companies how much they are paying for an ad and how much they are willing to pay per day and per month.

Let’s assume we have 100 advertisers paying 1 Euro per zone per minute.

Each advertiser/company has a daily budget of 100Euro.

We can make 10.000 Euro per day with 100 customers. Or 300,000 Euros per month in revenue (before tax).

We have to pay the vehicle owners for the advertising space on their cars or vans

If we pay them 30% of the advertising costs, that would reduce our revenue by 30%.

Each billboard can earn the owner 0.30 Euros per minute.

For example, if the vehicle is in motion four hours a day, the advertiser can earn up to 74 euros.

More marketing options

After we have brought the product to market, we have the option of either going to the USA ourselves or marketing the product worldwide or we can sell it on a franchise basis and thus generate monthly income.

We should use Malta as a development location and proofing ground and test our product there and develop it to absolute perfection.

What we need help with

I need help with funding and I need help with the right contacts, preferably at government level, and also with the right marketing strategy.

We also need help and support with patenting, within Europe, the USA, as well as worldwide patent applications.

Price finding, do we charge the same prices in and out of the major cities?

Problems to be solved

If private individuals or companies register to transport the advertising, how do we prevent the mobile billboards from only being ordered and not being used? Should we take a security fee of 100-200 euros?

Marketing Angles

  • If you’re looking to make a big splash, we can get your message out there.
  • Billboards are too expensive, but if you invest in our advertising system now you’ll save money and have unlimited access to thousands of potential customers!
  • Getting an ad on TV takes too long and is expensive, but with our service, all it takes is a little bit of cash and we can put up your ads instantly where ever they need to go.
  • Large companies are paying tens or hundreds of thousands for billboards alone; why not try something new like mobile billboards for less?
  • Mobile-Billboards offers advertisers a new way to advertise their products
  • Get your company’s advertisement in front of potential customers for a fraction of what it would cost you elsewhere
  • Advertising is done via GPS zones, use our system to track where your customer base is and place ads near that area
  • Our advertising is seen by many people without having to pay attention because a vehicle will continuously drive past those who are seeing the ad.

Are you interested to make an investment and securing your shares in the company?

You can call us or send us an email to get in touch with us!

Call us at: +49 173 833 9882 or email us at: [email protected]

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