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Affiliate marketing has become one of the most lucrative ways of earning money online. It’s a business arrangement where affiliate marketers promote a seller’s products on their sites through an affiliate link. When a person clicks and purchases a product/service through the affiliate link, the marketer will get some commission as a reward.

While you can make a decent income from this marketing, you need an excellent program to support your efforts. Thankfully, the market has many programs that individuals can try. However, this availability could also be a bad thing as it makes it hard for someone to choose the right one for them. Today, we review Lowe’s, a popular affiliate program. Read on to learn about its benefits and whether it is worth your time.


What is Lowes?

Lowes is an American-based company that sells various appliances for home improvement. It was established in 1921 by Lucius Lowe. Although it started as a small enterprise, it has become one of the most established companies today. In fact, Wikipedia ranks it as the second-largest company retailing hardware chain.

Lowes is a global company that ships its products worldwide. However, it has concentrated much of its efforts in North America. This retailer has more than two thousand physical stores in the United States and Canada and some in Mexico. They sell different home improvement appliances like utensils, generators, security devices, gardening tools, etc.

What is the Lowe’s Affiliate Program?

The retail industry is among the best industries for affiliate marketing. And most retailing companies offer it as a way of increasing their revenue. So, being one of the biggest companies, it is not a surprise that Lowes offers such a program for people who want to promote home improvement appliances and make money from them.

Lowe’s is suitable for any marketer with a YouTube, social media, and blogging channel. It’s made up of two categories. There’s the US Lowes affiliate and Canada Lowe’s program. All these are hosted on Commission Junction. Some people believe that the first one has been suspended. However, the company hasn’t made any communication regarding that.

Lowe's Affiliate Program
In order to join Lowe’s affiliate program, you need to register an account with CJ Affiliates.

Anyone can become a Lowe’s affiliate. However, it mostly favors marketers from North America and Australia. So if you are in this area, you can be approved on this platform faster than people in other places. But, it’s crucial that you build a strong audience and have excellent marketing skills to make the most from this program. Bear in mind that Lowes is a big company and thus will only choose the best to market its products.

What Types of Products Can You Market in Lowes?

The best thing about Lowes is that it doesn’t have restrictions on the products you can have. As mentioned earlier, the company sells home improvement appliances and has more than a million products in its catalog. However, affiliates still need to measure their efforts to the 3ps search, which was developed by Emmanuel Sunday. This search means product variety, product authenticity, and product relevancy.

Thankfully, Lowe’s has a wide range of product varieties. Therefore, marketers will not fall short of items to market. As one of the biggest companies in the United States, many products are at your disposal to market.

lowes affiliate canada
CJ Lowes Dashboard

Also, when it comes to product authenticity, you should know that the company has been around for many years. Therefore, they sell tested and trusted products. So you’ll be promoting legit products if you decide to join this program. We cannot conclusively say whether the products are relevant as mostly that decision is up to the affiliate marketer. However, we can say that Lowe’s is suitable for many marketers.

You can promote lawn and garden, kitchen, plumbing, heating and cooling, smart home and security, and other products on this program.

How Much Commission Can You Earn from the Lowes Program?

One of the things you need to consider when looking for affiliate programs is how much commission you can earn from it. Lowe’s gives a 2% commission on all their product marketers. However, this doesn’t include gift cards. The more products you sell, the more commission you can earn. However, note that Lowes hasn’t been upfront on how the commission increases with an increase in sales.

A 2% commission can be discouraging for a person who doesn’t specialize in the home improvement niche and only wants a program to make some cash. Note that most of their products aren’t that high priced. That means you will not earn much from the sales. But, Low partners with Commission Junction to give marketers materials like banners, widgets, links, etc. Thus, you can increase your sales and earnings.

How Long Do Cookies Last?

Unfortunately, the cookie window is not that great. Cookies only last for one day, which is a drawback since popular programs like the bookig.com affiliate and Fiverr affiliates offer more time. However, note that the one-day cookie window period is popular among home improvement programs for affiliates.

How to Join the Lowe’s Affiliate Marketing Program?

Lowe’s is run by CJ. So, you need a CJ account to join it. Once you have this account, you can simply log in, search for Lowe’s affiliate program, and provide your details. Please remember that Lowes scrutinizes every application keenly. Therefore, ensure that you meet the requirements needed to promote the company, which are:

  • An audience based in the US since the company mostly targets people in the United States
  • An active website, which is related to home improvement
  • Promotional content methods, including coupons, loyalty programs, etc. This isn’t mandatory, but it will boost your chances of getting accepted.

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Lowe’s Affiliate Marketing Program?

The main advantage of Lowe’s is that all their products are physical, making them easier to promote. You can catch a customer’s attention quickly with physical products compared to digital ones. Also not that Lowes is a reputable company known worldwide. Thus, promoting their appliances will be easy. Again, Lowe’s is easy to join, and the company offers a larger catalog of its products.

However, most people are disappointed by the 24-hour cookie duration. Plus, their commission rate can be discouraging, and sometimes, they apply geographical restrictions.

Final Thoughts

Lowe’s is a fair affiliate marketing program for people with a home improvement or blog. It is best suited for experienced marketers who know how to drive traffic. However, if you are a newbie marketer, you may take a lot of time to build traffic and make good money on Lowe’s. Thus, it may not be the best option for you.

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