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Are you interested in making money online but do not know where to start? As women, we typically feel that we are the only ones responsible for our families and household incomes, so we have to work twice as hard. It does not mean you can’t make money at home to help pay the bills or put food on the table. But it takes time and persistence in order to turn your online business into an extra income or full-time occupation.

Here are twenty-one legit ways how to make money fast as a woman online!

If you want to do a job online, it’s important that you choose one from this list and stick with it. It’s no use having too many irons in the fire. Concentrate on what you think you can enjoy for a long time.


The digital nomad lifestyle is all about freedom, and if you want to make money as a woman online, blogging is the way to go. This can be done from anywhere in the world and will allow you to work from home, so it’s perfect for anyone who wants to earn a living while traveling or working remotely.

Blogging has the advantage of being an easy way to start making money online with little investment or experience required. You don’t need any special skills, just a computer and an Internet connection!

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process by which you promote someone else’s product and get a commission for your efforts. It’s one of the most popular ways to make money online, and it doesn’t have to cost you anything to get started. You can sign up as an affiliate with ClickBank, one of the biggest networks out there that connect affiliate marketers to merchants who are looking for affiliates. This is where you’ll find products from every niche under the sun. Some examples include:

  • Acai berry supplements
  • Ebooks about how to earn money online
  • Diet plans
  • Fitness programs

Once you’ve signed up as an affiliate, you’ll receive a unique affiliate link to use when promoting products. When people click on that link and buy something, you might earn anywhere from $10-$75 per sale. Generally speaking, these commissions are pretty small—but they can add up fast!

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If you have a product to sell, then e-commerce is an excellent way to make money quickly. There are many ways to do this, but the easiest is through an online store. You can set up your own website and sell products through it, or you may be able to sell your products through someone else’s website. There are several ways to do this:

Create your own website using Shopify or Squarespace. They are easy to use and will help you create a beautiful website without much effort.


Sell on Etsy, which is a marketplace for handcrafted goods. You can sell vintage items here too!

Sell on eBay if you have something that people want but don’t need to touch or feel in person before buying it (like clothes).


Dropshipping is a great way to make money online. When you dropship, you ship products directly from the supplier to your customers without having to hold any inventory. You only pay for the products as they’re sold, reducing your upfront expenses and risk. The most complicated part of this process comes from choosing what to sell, where to find it, and how much it costs. Once you’ve found a good product, the rest is simple!

First, choose what you want to sell. A good tactic is to look for a niche that matches your interests, if possible; that way, you’ll already have an area of expertise in which to market your business.

Next, research the price of that product on other websites so you can set up a competitive price tag for your own site. After you’ve made those choices, find suppliers that are willing to sell the product for less than the price of other websites (or even wholesale value). Many dropshippers use AliExpress or Alibaba because these sites offer access to thousands of suppliers who offer very low prices on their products.


One of the easiest ways to make money online is through micro-jobs. Microjobs are small jobs that often take just a few minutes to complete. They’re available on a variety of sites, including Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and CrowdFlower—you can click on any of the links to sign up for free. If you’re already familiar with how these sites work, it’ll take you less than a minute to get started, and then you can start accepting tasks right away. It’s free to sign up, and while they do charge a commission fee on your earnings (usually around 10%), it’s still a great way to earn money fast if you don’t mind putting in some time.

As the name suggests, these jobs often involve completing small tasks for others—often for businesses or market research firms looking for information about consumers. As an example, one task might be researching the price of certain products online and providing this data back to the company. Some tasks can be completed entirely online, while others will require you to go out into the world and check prices at stores near you. The tasks range in difficulty level and pay, so make sure to read through them carefully before committing yourself to anything.

Being a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is a remote, contracted position that helps clients with basic admin work. They do this by completing tasks via email or phone, and they receive an hourly rate for the work done.

Some virtual assistants will be able to provide administrative services, like making travel arrangements and answering phone calls, while others might have more creative responsibilities like designing graphics or social media posts.

 virtual assistant

All you need is a computer, a good internet connection, and some free software (such as Asana) to get started! If you’re interested in becoming a virtual assistant, here are some resources to help you get started:

Fiverr Gigs

Fiverr is a great way to make money as a woman online. Create an account, and you can do everything from designing logos to editing videos, to writing articles. The great thing about Fiverr is that there are so many different things you can do—and you can do some of them for free! You don’t have to charge for your services if you don’t want to. You can just offer your skills as a way to gain experience and get your name out there.

You can set your own prices, choose what kind of work you’ll accept, and respond only to the jobs you’re interested in. If you’re looking for a quick way to get started on making some extra cash online, this is a great option.

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Sell Services on Upwork

Upwork is an online freelancing platform with millions of registered users. You can list your services and start getting paid by the hour, or even by the minute! If you’re good at anything, chances are you can make money doing it on Upwork—whether it’s writing, graphic design, video editing, translating, data entry, accounting, or customer service. It’s a great way to earn income while working as much or as little as you want.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent way for you to boost traffic, increase sales, and connect with your customers. It’s also a great strategy for getting back in touch with your list of subscribers who have not been active lately.

You can use email marketing to drive traffic directly to your website, or you can use the information you collect from the emails to create new content that will help build your brand and engage with your readers. This will help you build trust with your audience and keep them coming back again and again.

Email marketing software like MailChimp or AWeber lets you set up easy-to-use templates that make it easy to send out mass email campaigns without having to worry about making a mistake. You can even set up an automated email series that includes a welcome message, product updates, promotions, and more.

Renting your House on Airbnb

Do you have an extra room in your house, apartment, or condo? Or maybe you just have a spare bed or couch. If so, you could rent it out on Airbnb. Airbnb is an online marketplace where people from around the world list their homes for other people to rent. It’s super easy and there are no fees.


Just sign up, create a listing with some photos, and get verified by Airbnb. Once you’re approved, you can start hosting guests and earning money!

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Sell Photos Online

With today’s technology, it’s easier than ever to turn your passion for photography into a money-making hobby. If you have a good camera and a steady hand, selling your photos online can be a great way to bring in some extra cash. Just remember to be prepared for the time investment; depending on how many photos you take, editing them could take hours. For instance, Shutterstock has an approval process that weeds out the thousands of photos they receive every day—and if you want to get paid, you need to make sure they accept yours.

How much can you make?

That’s going to depend on how many people buy your photos and how much they pay. As with any business, that’s determined by supply and demand. The more niche and unique your photos are, the better your chances of selling them will be (for example, if you take pictures of old rolling pins or antique typewriters).

Drive for Lyft or Uber

If you have a car and some extra time, you can easily make money driving for Lyft or Uber. You’ll need to pass a background check and be 21 years old or older. It’s also recommended that you keep your car in excellent condition and even consider getting a new coat of paint to look as professional as possible. You’ll need to submit some information about your car so you can drive for either.

While you might not make enough to quit your day job, this is a great way to earn extra cash for the holidays or for tuition.

Answer Professional Questions

If you’re good at answering questions and people trust your advice, you could make a decent chunk of change. Sites like JustAnswer are a good place to start since they allow you to work from home as a freelancer. You can answer questions on topics that you have experience with, though it’s not just for professionals in the traditional sense. For example, if you’re fluent in another language and are able to teach others how to speak it (or even just provide some simple answers), then that counts as a valuable professional skill.

Start Educational Courses

If you are an expert at something, you can always teach people how to do it. This can be a great way to monetize your knowledge. For instance, if you are good at makeup, hairstyling, or nail art, you could start a tutorial video channel on YouTube. If you know how to cook or bake, you could start teaching people through a cooking channel on YouTube. You could also start an online course where people learn from your expertise. You can teach anything from graphic design, web development, and copywriting to photography, coaching, and SEO.

youtube video production

Create an App

Think about the mobile apps you use every day. Even if there are some you only use occasionally, chances are you have one or two that you can’t live without. They make your life easier in some way, whether it’s keeping track of your time, teaching you how to cook something, organizing your schedule, helping you get more done, or something else. These apps all exist because they serve a need. And while they all started as ideas written down on a piece of paper, they wouldn’t exist without someone to take those ideas and turn them into reality. And that’s where developers come in.

If you have the skills and know-how to design and build an app, there’s a whole world of opportunity out there for you. Of course, there are tons of hurdles along the way—think learning a new programming language, registering with an app store, getting approval for your app, etc.—but if you’re committed and determined to make it happen, it can be one of the best things that ever happened to your career as a developer.

Selling Audiobooks

Selling audiobooks is a great way to make some extra cash. If you have a book that can be transformed into an audiobook, you will be able to reach more customers and make more money. Amazon, Audible, and iTunes are the three most popular platforms where you can make money selling audiobooks. You can also sell your audiobook on your own website. There are many people who prefer listening to books instead of reading them and this is how they consume more content. If you want to expand your audience and make more money, you should definitely consider creating an audiobook of your book.

Writing and Selling E-books

If you are a good writer, there are many platforms where you can sell your ebook. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing is a great way to get started. It doesn’t cost anything to upload your book, and you earn up to 70 percent royalties on sales of your work. If you think you have a great idea for an ebook that people would want to buy, then go for it!

You can also sell your ebooks through affiliate marketing ads. This is when an author promotes another author’s books on their website. When readers click on the ad and buy the promoted book, the first author receives a percentage of the sales price.


If you’re looking to make money online, the Forex market is one of the best choices. Forex, also known as foreign exchange or FX trading, is the global market that allows you to trade currencies. At its most basic form, you are buying and selling international money. You can trade on margin, which means you’re only putting up a small percentage of the full value of your position to trade. This can provide significant leverage, but it also means losses will be magnified as well, so manage your risk.

Starting Video Tutorials on Youtube

Nowadays, people can get information in a variety of ways. But one of the most popular methods is using online video tutorials. If you have a skill that you think others can benefit from, it might be time to start your own YouTube channel. You can earn money through advertisements, product promotions, and so on.

Write Articles for Website

A lot of companies hire writers to write articles for their websites. You can either apply for a position or send an email to the website’s editor about your interest in writing for them.

If you want to make more money, consider working with a few different companies so that you can get paid more than once per month.

Build your Store Using Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce online platform that allows you to create a store and sell your products online. You can choose from over 70 different design themes or upload your own designs. Shopify is easy to use, and you don’t need any special coding knowledge to build your store. You only need to pay a month-to-month fee based on your sales volume, and there are many apps that you can use to add extra features to your store. Also, Shopify integrates with Amazon so that you can easily sell products across multiple channels.

Venture in Online Business Today

Hopefully, these 21 ways helped you get an idea of how you can make money fast as a woman online. There are tons of ways to make money and it would take a lot of time if I included EVERYTHING. You need to find what works for you and what doesn’t and start working on your online business!