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Today websites are a powerful link to the success of any company. Online presence is crucial because it gives you access to billions of internet users who spend 6 hours a day on average. However, building a website can be an elaborate and costly process. There is a monthly cost of running and maintaining it. However, certain factors such as the size of the business, web host, and type of website may also affect the cost of running a website for your business, using website builders to build and design a website to avert the high costs of building and running a website.

The average monthly cost to run a website is around $20 to $50. It always depends on which platform you choose to build your website and which hosting company you use.

These website builders are effective, reliable, and safe ways to build a website good enough for your website. Generally, web builders are the most preferred option for a reasonable price for a professional website. This article explores the different website builders and the cost of running and building a website.

Cost for Running your Website

Note that it is mandatory for every website you own to set aside some money for running it. The monthly website cost for running your website should fit between $20 and $50 monthly, relative to the type of website you possess. The maintenance of your website is vital for easy operations and production.

You must work on changing things within your website, especially if you want to attract more people. The subscription plans for hosting are numerous, and you can select any and pay a monthly price. This price can be higher if one uses a web designer monthly; they can spend about $300.

So What is a Web Builder?

A website builder is a platform meant for building a website without the expertise of a web developer. Active website builders found online are countless, but a few stand out. Here we explore some of these builders, focusing on their differences and strengths.

WordPress (Self-host)

WordPress is software used to build, maintain and modify websites. WordPress is known for assisting businesses in coming up with competent and exceptional websites to promote their services and products. Self-hosted WordPress uses a content management system (CMS) that enables you to create and publish your content without specific technical experience.

WordPress is free, but you need a hosting service and a domain name. As the best hosting service, we recommend Bluehost. With Bluehost, you pay just under $3 and even get your domain name for free. WordPress can create any website for your business.


  • Flexibility in functionality
  • No limitation for installing extensions depending on the business needs
  • User friendly in control and functionality
  • Extra storage without spending more money
  • Numerous monetization options
  • Variety of both paid and free themes
  • Create professional websites


  • Unavailability of customer support
  • Responsibility for store maintenance is on you
  • Branding and ads are not allowed
  • Not free


Wix is a platform used to build friendly and easy-to-navigate websites. Users get the opportunity to design websites using powerful features and inherent technology. This way, you create an online presence meant to impact your business positively. One can use Wix for free, but there are payment plans to choose from. The Combo plan for $23 monthly and $16 per month billed yearly.

The Unlimited plan costs $29 monthly and $22 monthly for annual billings. There are no bandwidth limits when using this plan, and it is perfect for handling large projects. The Business Basic plan is $34 per month, and for yearly billing, $27 monthly. When one uses this plan for their websites, they can access persuasive business apps like Wix Bookings.


  • Unlimited template designs
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Satisfactory speed
  • Freedom to choose plans
  • Multiple extra features
  • Easy to market your site
  • Free to use


  • The free plan is limited
  • Interchangeable templates
  • Site not transferable
  • Premium plans only for a single site


Squarespace is a tool that designs and builds a website to offer businesses an extensive online presence. This easy-to-use website builder does not require any experience in web development as there is a wide range of tools and designs at your disposal. With every unique need your business has concerning websites, there is a need for an adequate website builder.

Built-in tools, portfolios, and blogging tools from Squarespace give your business an upper hand over competitors. Sharing content and stories regarding your business pushes your business further into being outstanding compared to others, and it’s why spending money on a website builder should not be a problem. Squarespace does not offer users a free account but subscription plans.

There is a 14-day trial to let users get a feel of the web builder before they decide on it. Averagely, one pays $16 to $54 per month depending on the payment plan they see fit.

Squarespace does not offer users a free account but subscription plans. There is a 14-day trial to let users get a feel of the web builder before they decide on it. Averagely, one pays $16 to $54 per month depending on the payment plan they see fit.


  • Easy to use designs
  • 24-7 customer support
  • Availability of blogging feature
  • Access to Squarespace apps on Androids
  • Unlimited creation tools and templates
  • Flexible templates
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Ad-free plans


  • Expensive pricing
  • No immediate phone support
  • Less control over features

Comparison between WordPress (Self Host), Wix, and Squarespace

Around 37% of websites online are powered by WordPress, while Wix and Squarespace power only 1.4%. WordPress stands out as the most popular website builder among these three. Wix offers users more flexibility than Squarespace, although it does not beat WordPress. Wix is comfortable making portfolios, business websites, and lightweight eCommerce stores.

Wix is considered unreliable in blogging though it enables you to create a blog. Although WordPress started as a blogging tool, it is now a fully developed website builder that can make any website in the book. One can depend on WordPress for Online courses, portfolios, forums, blogs, business websites, etc. This is the preferred website builder for big deal eCommerce stores.

Squarespace does excellent at creating blogs, portfolios, and business websites. Register for an account online to access this website and select the website types you want to make. This is the same process for acquiring a Wix account. WordPress registration is not as easy as these two as you have to purchase a web hosting that will allow you to install WordPress software on the host. Unlike with these two, you are responsible for hosting, whereas, with Wix and Squarespace, the website does it for you. WordPress has over 7,500 plus themes you can use but lack the drag and drop interface. Nonetheless, you can add this feature to your WordPress.

Wix and Squarespace both have the drag and drop interface, but the one from Squarespace offers simplicity and limits you to particular designs. Wix provides you with magnificent options to customize your designs even though Squarespace has more methods.

Both Wix and Squarespace have free plans one can use to build a simple website. Wix has premium options that start from $14 a month. Squarespace has payment plans that range between $16 and $60 per month. The cheapest web builder is WordPress, free to use, but for hosting, the price starts from as low as $2.95, relative to the rest.

wordpress guide

How Much Does Building a Website Cost

Whichever method of building a website you opt for will impact the cost of your website. Free web builders will not require one to pay a lot of money as you need $200 for domain registration and an SSL certificate. One can avoid the hassle of building websites by seeking professional assistance. As flexible as WordPress is, it is time-consuming and requires a hands-on approach, which is not suitable for someone running a business.

One might opt to hire a web designer to build the website even though this is an expensive alternative. Even so, it is the best choice for one who wants to have complete control over the customization and functionality of the website. A web designer will cost about $5000 and above, and anything less than that is questionable. Generally, paying web designers rates between $2000 and $75000 depending on the business requirements.

Best Website Builder When on Budget offers users a free trial plan; it is better to settle for a paid plan as this affords you numerous website features. The free program offers you enough designs and tools to create a well-put and professional website. WordPress (Self-host) is secure for you who want to create unique websites on a budget as the price is affordable. For example, offers you a plan of 2.95 dollars monthly for hosting.

Are Website Builders Worth Your Money?

Shoddy products result from poor tools when building a website using web builders. Be wary of the templates and tools you select to set yourself up for success when building websites. There is no point for one to settle for a free web builder without the required features to save some dollars when it can ruin things.

Spend a little on a web builder and see how worthy it is for all your website needs. High-rated website builders should be the first option for you, as the low-rated ones will not give your money any value. It is better to pay a few dollars every month and be sure your website is professional than sticking to poor web builders that will shame your company.

Reasons to Host WordPress Yourself

Shared web, Do-It-Yourself, and Managed WordPress hosting are options from WordPress Hosting you can use on your website. Among these are cheap and expensive options that you can avoid if you host WordPress. Here are the reasons why one should host WordPress themselves;


A business owner wants to work with the most cost-effective option and managed WordPress hosting is not cheap. One can spend $400 every year for one site and thrice for two to five sites. Costs blossom when the traffic is high, and you can avoid this if you host WordPress yourself.


The simplest method you use to host your WordPress repeatedly becomes easy to maintain and remember. The redundancy one would receive from managed WordPress hosts encourages one to stay away from this unreliable hosting option. Stability is promised when you are handling the whole process of web hosting.

Full control

Owning your server allows you to explore the full potential of being in total control. The root access you possess for using the server, however you please, enables you to increase the server’s potential. You can make exciting customizations for your website without leaning toward being simple. If anything were to go wrong, you are responsible.

Website Solutions for Your Business

Excellence and improvement of your business website are what lure more customers. Over 60% of people expect to purchase a product whenever they search for it online. Seamless experience with your website promotes the possibility of them buying from you. Here are solutions meant to improve your website to delight customers;

Increased readability

Potential customers can purchase from you because of how easy your pages are to read. With individuals having visual challenges, creating a website with large in size text and great font style does go a long way toward improving their user experience. Each website detail should be easy to read and understand, no matter your target audience.

Aesthetical effects

Visuals impact how customers perceive your business, thus improving the user experience. Appealing websites are lovely to look at hence attracting the attention of customers. Removal of unnecessary elements of the website is an act that improves the website’s success.


Over 50% of people online use their mobile phones to navigate different websites daily. With this high number, businesses must create websites that phone users can access. Avoid frustrating customers when they cannot access your website, as this can be a factor for them disappearing on you.

Advanced speed solutions

Website buffering is frustrating, and no one wants to appreciate it. Speed is crucial in developing trust with your customers as they manage to see the images and videos you post. Fast-loading websites attract more people, thus increasing the number of daily customers.

Website builders are practical tools meant to provide businesses of all sizes with tools to design and establish effective websites. You do not have to spend much on building sites as there are other incredible ways. Spend little for more using one of the website builders mentioned above. The above article covers everything about running a website, and the costs involved would be deceiving as there is more online information. Test your limits researching the topic to be content.

What is the cheapest way to create a website?

If you are looking for a cheap way to create your own website, then we recommend using self-hosted WordPress. You just need to find a hosting company that meets all your needs, we recommend Bluehost as hosting is just under $3 a month and you get your desired domain for free.

Then you install the WordPress software, install a theme and you can start creating your own website.

If you want precise and detailed instructions, we have written our own article explaining everything step by step. Click Here To Start Your First WordPress Website!