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What is Google My Business or GMB?

Google My Business, also known to you as Google Places or Google Plus Local, has incredible potential. Especially for regionally active companies, the tool is the chance to stand out in the Google search results and to do online marketing.

Google My Business is a free platform or interface that companies can use to influence their appearance on Google. In the past, company information was maintained via Google services such as Google Plus, Google Maps and Google Places, but these are now combined in the Google My Business administration tool. Via the Google My Business Dashboard, the user or the company or the supervising agency controls the company presentation and keeps information up to date.

Google My Business is a tool for controlling the company’s appearance on Google. Companies can use a dashboard to manage their data centrally and make it available for the Google Maps, Google Plus and Google search services.

The internet giant Google Inc. owns and operates the most used search engine with a global market share of 87 percent (according to statista). In Germany, Google even has a market share of almost 95 percent. Exceptions are China and Russia, which each have their own search engine leaders. In Russia, the search engine Yandex dominates, in China people search via Baidu. Here we can already see the importance of Google worldwide. We let Google help us every day without always being aware of it. The fact is, anyone who goes to the World Wide Web with us can hardly avoid Google. This applies to both consumers and entrepreneurs. On many computers and laptops, Google is the default search engine in the browser. We also automatically access the Google search engine and any other Google services via Android smartphones.

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Why shouldn’t you neglect your Google My Business profile?

STAND OUT FROM THE COMPETITION: Those who use the potential of the Internet to reach new customers rely on placing their products and services in the top results of the Google search – because this is the only way to bring many interested parties or potential customers to your website . Or do you always click through to the last page of the search results to find a new hairdresser in your area? Exactly not. It is important that you use every opportunity to set yourself apart from your competition.

MORE VISIBILITY & CENTRAL ADMINISTRATION THROUGH GOOGLE MY BUSINESS: Google itself therefore recommends the use of online marketing strategies and thus the placement of your own company in the Google search results. Of course, also to offer our own services, such as Google Plus, Google Maps or the placement of Google Ads (paid advertisements). And this is where we come to Google My Business – the group makes various functions and features available on this platform. With Google My Business you can manage a business listing for your business, get statistics, monitor reviews and much more. An opportunity that small and medium-sized companies in particular, as well as companies with a regional focus, should definitely seize. A big plus: a Google company entry is free of charge. Of course, this does not mean that the creation and constant optimization of the entry does not take some time.

With Google My Business, customers can quickly find your local business

The company data that you enter in the Google My Business Tool is also used by Google for your Google Maps entry.

The entry in Google Maps is super important so that potential customers in the local search come across you immediately. For example, if an interested party is looking for a pizzeria in his area, he simply enters the keyword “Best Pizzeria” or “Best Pizzeria New York City” and he will see restaurants in his area with Google Maps entries at the top of the Google search results.

Of course, his location is also taken into account. In addition, the user can specify the minimum rating the restaurant must have. The star ratings are given by other customers with Google accounts. Here it is of course an advantage if your company is rated particularly well.

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How can we help you to optimize your Google My Business profile?

With our Google My Business optimization service we would like to help you to increase the visibility of your company and to place your company profile as high as possible in the local results.

Did you know that more than a third of all searches on Google are local? More and more users are looking for information about services and products within a certain radius, mostly on their smartphones and while on the go.

Google takes the location of the user into account when displaying the search results. Many companies therefore rely on local SEO measures – including: the maintenance and optimization of the Google My Business entry, which ideally can be seen on Google Maps and Google Search. With a company contribution to Google My Business, you significantly increase your local visibility.

Local SEO means local search engine optimization. This means all actions that have the goal of bringing a website to the top of the local search results – and without paying Google for the top ranking (as with Google Ads).

Since 2007, Google has gradually introduced local search. Instead of leafing through the phone book like we used to, we now open the browser and search the Internet. Accordingly, the Internet giant Google wants to show users relevant content in the search results. In this case, websites, companies and service providers that are geographically close to the searcher or that match their local search query are relevant. There are various ranking factors for the local search – including, of course, the creation and regular maintenance of the Google My Business profile.

How do we proceed with the professional optimization of your GMB company profile?

We have been optimizing the GMB company profiles of our customers for many years. That’s why we know exactly what is important and how we can optimize your company to be displayed at the top of the local search results.

Here we have a short overview of what we can do to help you and increase the number of visitors to your website or GMB profile.

A complete Google My Business profile: The completeness of your Google business profile not only helps Google to rank you higher in local search results. It also increases the number of actions customers take when they find your profile.

A comprehensive & meaningful business description: First of all, it is important to note that the short description that appears just below your company name in your business profile is not really in your control. This is the editorial summary that Google writes to ensure consistency across the platform.
The description you control is the From Business section of your Google My Business account dashboard. This section appears near the bottom of your profile, often under the Reviews section.

Category Matching: Once you select a category, Google provides you with category-specific features that make your profile more attractive and effective. For example, restaurants can include a menu or a reservation button.
Hotel profiles include star ratings and hair salons can confirm they have experience with thin or curly hair. These details can help consumers choose you over competitors.

Matching Attributes: Attributes aren’t specific to the Google My Business platform (review sites like Yelp have them too). But the Google attributes are very detailed, e.g. E.g. “good for working on a laptop” or “popular with travelers”.

Create new Google My Business posts regularly: Just like social media platforms, you can post about announcements, offers, events and products on your Google Business profile. Posts are created in your Google My Business dashboard and appear in the Updates section at the bottom of your business profile. However, depending on the search query, they may be highlighted more.

Leverage product catalogue: Adding products and services is especially helpful when your offer isn’t clear in your company name. Adding this section also adds content to your profile that can help it rank for even more relevant searches.

Use questions & answers: With the questions and answers function, users have the opportunity to publicly ask questions about the company – directly in the respective Google My Business entry. Both the companies themselves and other users can answer the questions.
The new function for users to ask questions and answer the questions of other users can and should be used sensibly by companies. Because if a user has a question, there are bound to be others who would like to know the answer.

Attractive photos and videos: Regularly adding photos signals to Google that you are active with your profile and that it is up to date, which has a positive effect on your ranking. We ensure that your profile is provided with good photos.

We have implemented our Google My Business optimization service in many company profiles all over the world!

Were we able to convince you of our GMB optimization service? For many years we have been serving customers all over the world and optimizing the Google My Business entries. Through our experience we know exactly what works and what doesn’t work. We would also like to help you to increase your visitor numbers and thus your sales.

Just send us a message and we can discuss further details.

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